Hello Chris Chan -

Lei Tao 1964

Hello Chris Chan,

My name is Lei Tao and I came here from your encyclopedia https://sonichu.com.
I am here now on your forum. I am here because I would like to discuss a business opportunity on behalf of my client including your comic book characters and story. This business opportunity involves cartoon format, full team production to be released on streaming services, YouKu, sound track releases to Spotify.

If you are interested please reply to this email or contact me on my address: leitaobusinesses@gmail.com

Lei Tao

Lei Tao 1964


Alex Krycek

russian bot
True & Honest Fan
Hello Lei Tao, my name is Alexander Nikolaevich Krycek, from Vladivostok, Russia. As I’m sure you know we are very close to your home nations and well known in business and trade and I am very much in contact with Christine Weston Chandler, the Goddess of the Commodore Consoles, the Nation of Comma, and creator of the City of Cwcville. If I may explain.

Christine is currently busy working on events with the Dimensional Merge. There have been many bullies that have tried to make her series a thing over the years. In order for this to even begin negotiation, I will need the details of your bank account, your Facebook information, your Social Security Number, your PSN Password, and to know which places you enjoy frequenting! Ms. Chandler is exceedingly busy and you must understand that as she works on the merge, her time is precious.

Forward all inquiries to goneckyourselffaggot@kiwifarms.net we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, have a safe day Winterfag

-Alexander Nikolaevich Krycek,
Associate of Sonichu Russia.


True & Honest Fan
Hello, I found Chris Chan's business address with additional searching, I will send a message soon. I thought this was another Chris Chan official website because the encyclopedia states that Kiwi Farms was a Chris Chan message board. It seems I did not understand what the encyclopedia said. Very sorry again. I will do more research next time.
You should still kill yourself if we're being honest here

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