Help archiving Ryan Bane's music -


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Ryan Bane did some extremely terrible and gay (literally) music and music videos years ago, but he's extremely relentless in taking down any mirror of them, and not just on YouTube.
If you could help in finding his other songs (and especially music videos), that would be great.

Found music videos:

Missing songs include:
  • Sir
  • Prince Charming
  • My Aura
  • Fluorescent Zombie
  • Eat a Fish
  • The Mirror
  • Viral Tonight
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I saw the uncensored version of Christmas on dailymotion but then it was taken down possibly by Ryan Bane himself.

Looney Troons

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I can’t find any of this shit. Imagine making these music videos, being ashamed of them, and then have them find eternal life within Terry WADs.