Help with a steaming CCTV footage - need help securing a commercial property


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I m gonna try to avoid power leveling.

I ve spoken to an electrician and a alarm company about installing CCTV camera on a commercial building where there's been some drama with both the tenants and possibly some of the site management.

Basically I am worried about tampering coming from people with keys to the facilities. So Ideally I d like a CCTV hard wired into a network video recorder, something the alarm company can do all day long, the snag was with the footage being streamed offsite. So like say a "employee" or tenat goes and just shuts the system off I d like to see footage of them doing that.

Any kiwis have familiarity with these kinda systems

I m trying to avoid comsumer level systems like arlo, ring and such.

Dell Conagher

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Yes, Ive been working with the AXIS solution for a while. but most good enough cameras should provide you with an RTSP link or two. which you can basically stream from anywhere, what specs are you going to run the NVR on? and will it be gnaugh Slash lonix? or do you suck the gates dick?
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How you are able to do this largely depends on the system you are using. But @Dell Conagher is right. The cameras themselves will be streaming to the NVR via RTSP. You can use the same RTSP for the remote viewing. You'll either need to setup port forwarding or use a VPN. And by VPN, I don't mean one you buy for shit posting. I mean you'll need to setup something like OpenVPN on the camera network that you can connect to from the remote location to get access to the cameras. If money is no issue, you can buy enterprise grade VPN gear from Cisco, etc etc, that will rape your wallet.

Some camera systems offer a cloud option as well.

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Epic has the right idea.
If money is no issue, you can buy enterprise grade VPN gear from Cisco, etc etc, that will rape your wallet.
Not necessarily, a nice small business Cisco firewall/router with VPN can be had bought for $250 new or even less. Very little setup needed and with the Cisco client even the dumbest of dumb fucks can connect and start to repeatedly print using office printer instead of the one in their house.
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a lot of chinkmade nvrs have web services you can log into, or have the ability to login with an ip and username/pass. if its a pc based one you can set up a remote desktop program on it. you can also frankenstein the system and get cameras that use onvif with their own app, and have the nvr (with its own app) log into the onvif cameras.

whatever you do, dont forget that cameras use a lot of bandwidth.

youd need to get a second set of cameras to monitor the nvr as well as fusebox that powers it. crafty people will just hit the breaker and say oops wrong one. and they do take a while to boot.


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I mean, I guess it depends on your threat level. I mean, if you have a network video recorder there on site, configured with a password to access it, if someone- whether a tenant or a maintenance worker- wants to do something nefarious, are they going to go into the closet it's in, pull it apart, and smash all the drives apart or melt them with thermite? Because if they aren't going to go to that level, if the threat is 'the power gets pulled/turned off at the fusebox', you'll have exactly the same amount of footage whether it's offsite or onsite. If you want to know when an onsite NVR loses power, and it 's from a reasonably reputable manufacturer, you could probably expose the web interface online and just use web monitoring software to see when that goes offline.

If physical destruction is a threat, then by all means locate the NVR offsite, or install ZoneMinder or something like that in the clown.


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Hey everyone thank you for the advice and feedback. Its been a real help for a starting point.

If you've seriously got renegade employees willing to tamper with your facilities, I think you're beyond the point where a technological solution would help.

Okay I cant power level too much but let me sperg about this fucked up situation.

over a hundred years ago some family had a fucking cow pasture. The boomer decedents of this family sold off parts of the pasture for development and used the money to developed basically a strip mall. The boomer brothers have kids and grandkids ect. One of the brother's die so its a uncle/cousin situation. People get married/divorced interests get split and put in trusts. people move to others states etc etc.


So you got none blood memebers of the clan out of state trusee's with like a 12% stake in the property who I ve been told have same legal standing as those with 50% stake.

Simply put the situation was/has been shit for years since it was just family understandings and promises that kept it together. Now the most senor patriarch is still alive but he s on his last legs and I figure with his passing the shit will hit the fan.

One of the owners a nice lady from church heard about my back ground in real estate and asked me for some help. This lead to a bunch of drama that I can best sum at as this.

You have "manager mark" the self apointed day to day manager whose fee's are double the industry standard. Mark doesnt spend time on the property he Sends "tweaked tom" out to do any leg work.

There was some wooden shed built on the back of the building. It was wired for a light and had a hose bib in it. Well the door on this shed had been broken for years and having a nice warm place with power and water attracted "harry the heroin hobo"

I pulled power and just took the shed down. An oh god that caused a up roar.

I could go on about all the other bullshit. But since you have owners out of state, family issue, tom and mark basically grifting.

The rent income of the building dropping because the restaurant closed. Odly enough I think the smoke shop is selling drugs because they always seem busy etc etc.
I feel bad for the owner I work for and I ve tried to steer her in the right direction and I think if all the family could just look at the building on their phone that might calm things down, but my prognosis is that they need create a LLC holding company buy the lowest % owners out and get their shit together or just fucking sell the building.

Anyway I am gonna consult another security company and your guy's feed back has honestly been helpful.

So thanks

The solution largely depends on your setup and the resources onsite.

Both SANNCE and ANNKE make affordable solutions for recording onsite (NVR) and some of these devices can also be viewed remotely.

Keep in mind if you want to view remotely you're going to need an internet connection on site.