helping becky workout (: - 04/16/19 - Because the only thing more concerning than our gorl's weight, is Necky's

Who is the ultimate fitness guru?

  • Amberlynn Reid

  • Jillian Michaels

  • Richard Simmons

  • Jack LaLanne

  • Susan Powter

  • Becky's python

  • Obese2Beast

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I went to college for pre-law

  • ALR is convinced people are doing the dainty air punches along with her and that she's motivating people
  • therefor our Gorl is now a weightloss guru, and passes those savings onto Necky
  • ALR showing Becky how to incorrectly work out but she said "don't hurt yourself" so it's going to be fine
  • Twinkie Storr once again being a mood by looking unimpressed
  • Necky taps out after 25 reps
  • "I feel like you're definitely like a coach"
  • more incorrect punches
  • Necky starts dancing "NO YOU MESSED IT UP BAYYYBE!!!"
  • "I notice for me, walking in place I walk faster, I lift up my layyygs more"
  • Necky tries to beat ALR's 2min
  • we get to see Necky's huge cawk n bawls bouncing while she's walking in place
  • "we're at 2 and a half min and I'm starting to feel jealous"
  • "I'm like SHOOK" re: 7min of walking
  • "let's come back in 6 months and I'll show you my new regimen!" (it's more likely in 6mo our gorl is up another 50lbs and has restarted this process 2-3 times but here's hoping!)
  • listening to "accelerate" by Christina Aguilera gives you supernatural fitness powers (she literally looks like she's drowning in her own chins and tits)
  • can walk 50sec more than she could a week ago "50 seconds, in the grand scheme of things, is actually quite a lot"
  • "I'm not dying, I'm fighting to stay alive"
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EH 110

If Becky listens to anything Amber says, she's the biggest moron in Kentucky. Amber's dieting advice helped Becky balloon up 30+ pounds last year. I wouldn't take exercise advice from a 600 pound hippo who swings tiny weights into the air and calls them "arm ups." LOL

Chía P.
Becky marching and both of them taking this as an effective way to work out is hilarious.

Hey Becky, you're a natural. Why don't you get into the army? They'll take care of your expenses, you'll get in shape, you'll make yourself useful and, best of all, you'll have someone to boss you around and belittle you, just the way you love it.


What a situation
just did. tbh I don't think even the recap is worth the attention lol this video is a step above her talking about looking too yellow for 8min but a step below a torrid haul
Yeah, I agree. Thank you for your patience with the recap btw. I'm just blown away, a few days of arm ups and all of a sudden she thinks she can coach Becky.

What they both need to be doing is motivating each other to walk. Even if it's only for 5 minutes at a time. That is what she can use her great coaching talent for.

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