helping becky workout (: - 04/16/19 - Because the only thing more concerning than our gorl's weight, is Necky's

Who is the ultimate fitness guru?

  • Amberlynn Reid

  • Jillian Michaels

  • Richard Simmons

  • Jack LaLanne

  • Susan Powter

  • Becky's python

  • Obese2Beast

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Reservation for one at Yamatos
Amber said:
YouTube is great documentation of that because not only are we documenting our journey but we’re sharing it with others and hopefully inspiring others
Wow Amber, how optimistic of you. Especially if you take into account that you've been on YouTube for FIVE gd years and have only managed to gain weight and a super shitty attitude to boot.

The only people who are going to find Amber "inspiring" are those dumb faggots in her comment section.


Driest of gorls
Love how even virtuelynn has cuntiness seeping out of her laygs every now and then.

"I wanted to help you... I feel like if I had someone doing that for me I would do AWESOME. But I have to be my own coach."
I'm shook at the passive aggressiveness there gorls. I guess being your personal support worker and store runner isn't enough, the people around her now have to take on the role of her personal trainer as well.

Now our personal trainer gorl will be able to take credit for Becky's weight loss because she showed her all of the succesful techniques that "work for her"!

And she says she's doing exercises that Dr. Now has told his patients to do. Anyone remember Dr. Now telling people to do arm-ups?
I remember Dr. Now telling his patients to do those if they were bedbound. Otherwise, he tells them to get off their fucking ass and move.

Noped out of this video the moment I saw the title. It's just dripping with "ohh poor becky needs so much help, look at her she doesn't even know how to work out so i have to coach her (:" Our gorl and savior Amber at it again, swooping in to help Becky so she can look a little less clueless in comparison.

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
And there we go. It actually took a little bit more time than I expected, but we inevitabily got to this point.

This is just Cuntylynn wearing a fake nurse/trainer uniform, and passing the hatred she needs to spit from time to time for genuine 'advices'.

This is the same Cuntylynn that last year claimed to know all about weightloss, enough to give a class about it.

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