helping becky workout (: - 04/16/19 - Because the only thing more concerning than our gorl's weight, is Necky's

Who is the ultimate fitness guru?

  • Amberlynn Reid

  • Jillian Michaels

  • Richard Simmons

  • Jack LaLanne

  • Susan Powter

  • Becky's python

  • Obese2Beast

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I stand corrected. "You mus do tirdy arm-ups dis munt or dis will be a very bad sichuashun." - Dr. Now, probably.
In a recent M6PL episode (Maja?) Dr. Now told her to get up and walk as much as she could until exhaustion and to repeat this up to twenty times throughout the day. Also keep in mind that she was at least 100 pounds heavier than AL to begin with...but remember AL is our special, dainty princess who "doesn't workout to sweat!!!1"


Ordering pizza at the Weight Loss Clinic
Amber might be beyond waddling out of the house, but she can step in place. Maybe she can't do as much as she used to (she did "exercise" like this a while back) but she can work up to it. Put something on Netflix or Youtube and get moving!

Becky can walk farther, and if she doesn't want to end up like Amber, she should. There's a bunch of junky restaurants just over a mile away from her house. She could start with that and work up to walking to Walmart, which is a bit over twice that distance.

AL is teaching Becky her "exercise routine"??? Anyone person under 500 lbs can do AL's workout, it's arm punches and walking in place...... Jesus Christ Becky. Becky is 1/2 AL's size, why doesn't she stand up while doing the arm exercises? Hambeast acting like she's Richard Simmons now.


I resigned up for weight watchers
This has to be a joke. Showing someone 300 lbs less then you how to walk in place? Becky needing Amber to show her how to lift 2 lb weights above her head? When are we turning in that wls paper? to be honest becky probably burns more calories taking care of her then anything...

At the rate amber is moving is her goal to lose 10 lbs a year? she's moving her arms 20 times and walking 1 minute a day while binging at night so what progress are we moving towards here.

Noped out of this video the moment I saw the title. It's just dripping with "ohh poor becky needs so much help, look at her she doesn't even know how to work out so i have to coach her (:" Our gorl and savior Amber at it again, swooping in to help Becky so she can look a little less clueless in comparison.
She loves to make Becky look like a complete moron. Becky can do that on her own. She doesn't have to have Amber help. But Amber lives for it. Like when Amber was like "oh I have to count calories for Becky because she doesn't know how to!" She's such a nasty bitch.

I brought that movie up when I first met Hamber, we're actually the audience in it in a way.

The premise is this guy is a feeder, but to an extreme. The guy doesn't just feed them..he's actively measuring their vitals, and runs a web ring where people bet on their deaths.

I don't think the guy was even a feeder in the movie so much as a twisted fuck who found a niche to make money off of. He ran a deathfat gambling site basically. Which..we could be doing here almost. I mean we do constantly guess when Hamber will die, thus why I ever made the comparison.

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At least that... marching in place is something resembling a mild cardio workout? It probably is an actual workout for Hamber because just breathing under all that fat is a workout for her cardiovascular system, but Necky should take a few laps of the block instead.

listening to "accelerate" by Christina Aguilera gives you supernatural fitness powers (she literally looks like she's drowning in her own chins and tits)View attachment 727906
Jesus Christ imagine how hard is must be to breathe while lying down. Hamber's diaphragm must be buff as fuck.
Oh gag. Considering there aren't a whole lot of people less mobile than BigAL, I wonder how big (heh) of a niche this idiot thinks exists.

Oh my god

Literally Amber transforming into the Michelin Man. I just realized she's bigger than the man made out of tires so she's probably evolving into the Stay Puft Marshmallow
I'd say she's gone beyond the Stay Puft guy and is well into Hindenburg territory.
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