Henry Joseph Thiel / summercat / Bengaley - EX-Furaffinity admin / Maker of "FurryFuel" / Furry Librarian & Fetish Porn Author / socjus

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Henry Joseph Thiel / summercat / Bengaley


in order:

Bengaley Summercat, born August 28th, 1985, is an ex-administrator of furaffinity (disgracefully de-opped), maker of "FurryFuel" (The ONLY energy drink of the furry fandom! Made by furries, for furries!), a furry "librarian", a smut writer, a dogpatch press contributer, and a leftistfur.

First up, his explanation for his name:

And this is how he sees himself as his otter fursona compared to his real life appearance above


FA shenanigans

Summercat was an FA hotpocket for awhile until Dragoneer couldn't handle summercat's bullshit and petty harassment of users and had Sciggles (Dragoneer's ex) de-op him



On a funny note summercat is such an annoying fuck dragoneer personally blocked him not only from messaging "dragoneer" accounts, he blocked him from messaging site mascot accounts



He's gotten multiple site bans for harassment of users and it just so happens that the ones he whines the most amount (and therefore screencaps himself being "wronged") are the ones for harassing nazis because he claims to be jewish.


here he is pulling the jew card on dragoneer who tells him "you should of known better" regarding another ban for his #bashthefash / #killanazis antics


and here was the response to his appeal:


naturally he is pretty assmad about this and loathes dragoneer rambling about him being spineless while not @ ing him on twitter dot com



the "mungo" they are referring to is quoting_mungo a now de-opped FA hotpocket who was primarily the janitor of brony shit on the site:

quoting_mungo had some drama last year where #wokefurrytwitter called for their head on a pike because they closed trouble tickets on stupid shit #wokefurrytwitter filed without doing what #wokefurries wanted (ie banning all dissent on FA). So the #wokefurries went beyond just calling him a nazi and spiraled into orchestrated harassment across the entirety of his online accounts and irl contact. quoting_mungo hid all their social media and locked their twitter for the time expressing suicidal thoughts and eventually accepted a resignation. After they unlocked their twitter where was summercat? Mocking him ofcourse! Directly @ ing one of his suicidal feelings tweets:



for real this is some mhirtes tier shit.

impressively he has been capable of more than just getting banned from furry porn sites he has gotten banned for the past 8 years from paypal as well:



He sells an energy drink at furry cons called FurryFuel. Yeah, really.



https://squareup.com/market/furryfuel - http://archive.md/0weeW
https://twitter.com/FurryFuel - http://archive.md/5m70o
note the "like" by dogpatch. What an endorsement:




in order:


Summercat has a passion for the written furry world and wants to collect as much furry literature as possible.



furry porn mags:

and furry stuff popular outside the fandom:


He tries to attract popufurs to see his library irl like the cartoonist behind phoebe and her unicorn who does not take the bait:




Summercat has uploaded 739 things to furaffinity. The vast majority of them are commissioned pornographic artwork, but what is more interesting is he writes his own fetish porn:
(red border means porn)

Here is some copypasted works:
"Come on come on come on come oonnnn~" the ferret bubbled with
excitement towards his friend, "You've got to try some of this,
it's awesome!" Psi shoved an unopened can into Mile's paw. The
blue otter looked up at his friend.

"What is this stuff...?" he asked as he looked at the can.
"...Furry Fuel? Energy drink? You've got to me kidding me. Dear
god, it even has a red rocket on it..." The otter groaned. Only
two hours into the convention, and after a three hour car trip,
and Miles was already exhausted - a condition made worst in
contrast to the effervescent Psi.

"It's magical, Miles! It's like weeeee and tasty! It's like like
like like..." the ferret skipped a few beats as his mind went on
a broken record before jumping tracks, "It tastes like liquid
pixie sticks! You've got to try some!"

Miles sighed inwardly. He recognized Psi's mood, the ferret was
latched onto the shiny of the moment, and wouldn't let go until
he was satisfied. "Fine," the otter said, opening the can easily
with a claw, "I'll try some of this Furry Fuel." He lifted the
can to his nose, taking a sniff. "Not bad," he thought to
himself, before taking a deep pull from the can.

A strong sweet fruity flavor rolled down the otter's tongue into
his muzzle - not too strong, but just right, and not with a kick
in the face like other energy drinks Miles had tried in the
past. One swallow, then two, and the next thing Miles knew, he
had drained the can dry. He looked down at it, shaking it a
little, before turning to Psi.

"So so so it's good right? I knew you would like it!", the
ferret bubbled in delight. Psi wrapped himself around the otter,
giving Miles a hug in sheer delight, then just abruptly uncoiled
and grabbed Miles' paw and started dragging him away. "Come on,
we've got more stuff to do!"

Miles gave a weak grin. Hopefully the energy drink would kick in
and he would be able to keep up with his friend.


Miles flopped onto his hotel room bed, the blue otter exhausted
from the last few days. Sure, the convention was fun, and even
with drinking Furry Fuel the entire time - empty cans scattered
across the hotel room attested to that - he was barely able to
keep up with Psi. The ferret seemed to have boundless energy,
bouncing from event to panel to dance to party, and dragged one
bedraggled and bemused blue otter along for the ride.

Miles closed his eyes for a moment, missing the quiet opening
and closing of the bathroom door, and the soft impact of a
nude body onto the bed next to him. He did not miss the warmth of
a ferret's head against his belly, nor the ferret's deft hands
unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He peeked an eye open at
Psi, who winked back at him.

"You've been a good otter, so I figure I would help you relax
now that the con is over," Psi said, slowly drawing Mile's pants
and underwear down, exposing the otter's soft member, and gently
nuzzling it, eliciting a soft inhalation of pleasure from Miles.

Psi gently ran his fingers through the fur of the otter's
thighs, small claws raking through and gently stimulating the
skin, causing Miles to let off a small coo of delight, before
letting his warm breath fall onto the otter's rapidly rising
member. The ferret took a few tentative licks at the head of
Mile's cock before slowly sliding his maw down the pole.

The otter shuddered in delight as his raging member was thrust
into Psi's warm muzzle, grabbing the sheets tightly as he felt
the ferret begin to bob up and down on his cock, Psi using his
tongue to stimulate the head on the up swing. Miles let out a
sharp gasp as he felt himself reaching a peak - so soon- then
felt his balls draw up as he shot load after load into Psi's
mouth, almost too much for the ferret to handle.

Psi slipped off of Mile's member, seed dribbling from it and the
ferret's muzzle as he swallowed the load. It had tasted...
sweet? And so much of it, too, but the otter was still hard.

Miles found it hard to think - he had just had one of the best
orgasms of his life, and he was still hard and horny - but he
had found his second wind, and pulled the ferret up along side
of him, nose to nose, muzzle to muzzle, before the otter went to
kiss Psi deeply, regardless of the ferret's muzzle still full
and tasting of his seed... which tasted like...

Miles started to laugh. He had drunk so much Furry Fuel during
the con, his seed tasted like it now - he was even ready for
another go right away. He looked at Psi, and said "Ready for
round two? Looks like I've got some 'furry fuel' to give you."
Jason was shoved roughly into the metal Transmogrification chamber, turning around to protest only to see the thick glass door slide down and lock into place. He beat and yelled onto the glass, the otter quite vocal in his anger, but he knew it was futile; the glass was only one way - in - and he wouldn't be able to hear any responses.

With a soft hissing sound, the chamber began to fill with a visible vapor, pooling down at Jason's feet and slowly rising upwards. The damp particles clinged to the otter's fur and sunk through to the skin, leaving a tingling feeling behind. Immediately noticing the tingling in his feet, the otter stumbled back in what little space he could, kicking up the vapour. Not before long, he felt the sensation spreading to his other limbs and he shivered, expecting the first changes soon.

The vapor continued to fill the chamber, growing thicker and denser. While those outside could view what was happening to the otter, he could not see out, or hear anything but his own breath. Jason started to breath in the vapor, unable to hold his breath forever. He spluttered as the vapor caught in his throat and tingled in his lungs. His panic started to subside as the sedative effects of the vapor took hold, the otter starting to care less about his fate. A feeling of excitement started to fill him, his heart started beating faster as the tingling across his body increased and the vapor continued to absorb into his skin and system.

The vapors began to sink into the otter's body, making his fur look thicker and fluffier, until it became obvious his fur was growing, changing from the dense but short fur into long fluffy coat, the color changing shade to a deep red. Jason's gaze roamed his body, exploring his new pelt with his paws. His chest rose and fell with every breath, growing a bit larger as he breathed in the thick vapor. His shoulders felt tense, the otter letting out a low snarl as he flexed and sretched his arms and shoulders, a popping sound coming from his back as the pressure forced his shoulders wider, growing further and further apart to match the ott'ers barreling chest. Looking down, Jason noticed his feet slowly sink from view as the feeling of mass on his chest increased, his pectorals first gaining visible defifinition, then surging into massive shelves of muscle, making the otter's eyes widen with disbelief as he could no longer see his feet standing up. Clenching his stomach, Jason's shivered as the changes ran down his back, doubling over with his core feeling like it was tightening even as he felt it widen within his arm. With each small cramping feeling, his abomdinals defined then grew into thick cobblestones, showing through the thick red fur of his belly.

The otter's thick rudder tail raised up against his will, becoming both thinner and shorter while developing an upwards curl, Jason's new appendage permanently lifted above his now fluffy rump. His ass grew larger as the otter's hips cracked and widened to better support his now huge torso, the muscles of the butt swelling and filling out into a perfect bubble booty. The shifting otter's thighs started to ache as they swelled with their own muscularture, the thick cords flexing and tensing, growing larger and more defined with each movement. His thighs grew so large around that even with the wider hips, they started to rub against each other. Jason adjusted his stance, shifting and adjusting stimulating further growth, the bones and muscles growing longer and pushing the otter to 7 feet now. His feet, unseen beyond the barrier of his jutting pectorals, cramped as they began swell, growing longer and wider, growing thick as they became meaty to support the weight of his massive form, giving him another inch of height by themselves.

The pumping of Jason's heart grew stronger with his chest growing wider and deeper, so wide he would have to enter most doors sideways. The feeling of growth filled his upper arms, the biceps and triceps first swelling, then ballooning out. The otter felt compeled to flex as he grew, feeling his range of motion decrease as his flexing further stimulated the growth. The strength flowed down to Jason's forearms as they became long, thick, and meaty to match his upper arms. His hands started to tense, unconsciously working and rubbing them against his changing form as they swelled into thick clawed canine handpaws, Jason's ottery webs being subsumed into the fur and rough paw pads.

A feeling of pressure grew within Jason's skull as the otter's square muzzle pulsed and stretced longer, the nose staying the same size but the rest growing and swelling into a proper canine shape. The pressure simply increased further as the former otter's head continued to shift, the short round ears growing longer and wider, resembling the husky he was turning into. The scents of the vapor hit Jason's new senstive nose with a kick, overwhelming him with the new sensation and making it hard to think. His eyes begin to feel weird as the color slightly faded from his vision, his irises change color into a light steel grey.

The former otter clutched his head aspressure in his skull and in his mind did not abate. A hissing sound announced a new gas introduced into the chamber, a thick demanding scent that Jason couldn't recognize but filled his nose and filled with him with an erotic energy. His still lutrine cock jerked to sudden attention as his new body reacted to the scent of a female husky in heat, and Jason found it even harder to think. Jason whined, the sound reverberating within his deep chest and shifting as his vocal cords transformed and made him sound like the muscular canine he now was. The former otter's hips began to instinctually buck, and he felt a growing need and heat within his balls as they swelled from the size of cherries to that of eggs, an increasing density and sized as they grew to larger, jerking larger with every beat of his heart, into kiwis, then apples. The feeling of lust started to pound at Jason's mind as his sack started to feel tight, the mass of his now orange-sized balls puling him further forward as they continued to swell, growing to the size of softballs.

Hormones rushed through the new husky's body, Jason's sex drive going wild and adding a new point of attack on his already overhwelmed mind. Testosterone flooded through him, pumped by his still rapidly beating heart, and in response his muscles swelled even larger, visibly defined even through his thick red fur. Jason began to feel like his cock was going to burst as it flooded with blood, the former decently sized 6 inch member swelling wider and thicker with each thrust of the husky's hips grinding against the glass of the transmog chamber. First one inch and then another was added to his member, growing even more sensitive as it's head altered to become pointed. His giant meaty paws roaming over his new 12 inch cock, Jason felt like his world was encompased solely by it and his balls, his new knot swelling as it felt like his entire personality and memory was being placed in there, dragged by the hormones and need within him.

A strange feeling started to well up within Jason, and the former otter tried to resist it as it burbled from his stomach to his chest. The feeling only increased with every stroke and thrust of his cock against the smooth glass, his tounge hanging out of his mouth as he panted, breathing in even more of the scent and vapor. Jason took an unconscious deep breath right, then the feeling he had been trying to resist broke loose as a loud howl, the otter's control lost. Jason's cock shooting the thick husky seed, his balls slowly shrinking down a tad as they empties both their contents as the former otter desperately tried to resist the sensation of fading away, but with each jet husky seed Jason's memories and thoughts grew further clouded, wiped away and replaced by a blank pleasure, forgetting his childhood, schooling, his time swimming, or even that he had been anything other than a large husky that would put bodybuilders to shame. With one last spurt, he forgot his name, the former otter's personality and self spirling down the drain at the bottem of the chamber.

He leaned against the glass of the chamber, panting as he felt the waves of orgasm rolling over him. His ears perked as they almost heard something, a static voice speaking to his subconscious, telling him what he was, that he loved being muscular, and he loved his master, and his master loved seeing him big and huge, which is why he was always working out and rarely wore clothing, that he was well trained and obediant to his master's desires.

A small object dropped from a vent at the top of the chamber, onto the floor. The husky looked down and saw a collar - the staticy voice told him it was his and he needed to put it on. He couldn't read the name of the tag, but that was okay, he didn't have to. Master would tell him his name. He put on the collar, and things just felt right as his flagging cock started to tingle back to attention. It felt right, he said to himself, it felt so good to be a big dog, obedient husky, to serve his master. It felt good to be a Good Boy.
Hero defeats the villains army of dogmen, manages to subdue the villain but doesn't realize he accidentally stepped into a magic ritual circle, villain starts messing with the hero magically and subtly, causing an arousal alongside fake whimpers, and upping the hero's libedo. Then suggests via "oh no, don't do it" that the hero force the seemingly helpless villain give him a blowjob.

Villain does so, continues to focus on messing with the hero's sex drive, constantly increasing the need and sensitivity but also blocking the orgasm. The roles reverse as the hero begins to beg the villain for release, then says he'll swear to the villain.

On doing so the villain finally allows the hero to cum, but he keeps going, the ejaculate forming into a magically enhanced ball, while the masculinity drains from the hero, his shoulders narrowing, stomach smoothing out, his limbs deflating and his chest slowly sinking in from its barrel shape to a smooth one. His balls shrink down to nearly nothing as his cock also shrivels, each pleasurable pulsr of masculine-laden seed becoming weaker and weaker, until with a cry of pleasure they fade away entirely and a female passage forms. A pair of breasts swell slightly, just enough to be noticed as the hero pants from exhaustion, then realizes what happened. She tries to subdue the villain again, but can't move when he says "stay", a strange pleasure jolting through her body with the word.

The villain summons his last dogman soldier, a lanky gshep male that looks young and like the runt of his litter. The hero's jizz envelopes the dogman, the villains magic causing it to flow into his soldier's mouth and up his rump, filling him from both sides and giving him quite the belly.

The belly doesn't last long as its contents are digested and absorbed rapidly, the dogman yelping in surprised as his form jerks and swells, muscle mass piling on and stretching his meager clothing before bursting out, gaining over a foot in height, body developing to be a massive muscular beast, his balls dropping then selling rapidly, from grapes to eggs. The dogmans high pitched yelps deepen as the become low snarls of pleasure, his orange sized balls swelling to the size of softballs, then cantaloupes, the pressure causing his small dick to burst in size, thick and long, before a low vibrating howl emits from the formerly tiny dogman, and he comes. all.over the hero.

The hero makes sound of disgust and tries to wipe it off, but the villain says "i bet you liked that girl, didn't you?" The strange feeling washes over her again as the warm liquid on her face and body feels comforting. "Go on, lick yourself clean, i know you love the taste". The hero tries to resist the alien thoughts, but the dogmans thick jizz just smells so good, licking up the seed on her body, feeding a warmth in her belly as her eyes changed from a bright blue to a dull brown. Her body starts to changed shape, her hips widening slightly and her breasts growing. Her face grimaces a moment before it pushes out into a muzzle, her ears extending upwards. Fur covers her body rapidly as her spine extends out, her tail happily wagging behind her. The heat in her belly grows larger as she feels more excited, more needy.

The villain waits a moment, letting the former hero's needy heat build up and up, before commanding her to give the dogman a blowjob,, which she does with gusto. The male quickly gets into the dominant role before filling her muzzle with seed, each blast down her throat causing her hips to swell just a little more, two more sets of breasts grow, each just a little smaller than the top, which had grown large and round. The male pulls out and let's the last blast hit the hero's face just as the villain allows the hero's mind to surface.

"You killed my dogmen army. Only just that you help in their replacement" he says to the horrified hero, before ordering the dogman to mate with her. The hero tries to resist but her body betrays her, giving into the heat, and the sex driving nearly all other thoughts out. She feels a magical tingle in her womb as she's tied, and her mate fills her with seed, her belly bloating with the fluid.

The male pulls out, and watches his mate intensely, her body still developing motherly curves. The tingling in her belly grows stronger, her breasts start to ache as they swell larger. Her paws gently tap one of her nipples and finds them milky, the true meaning dawning as her belly cramps, then begins to swell through a magically fast-forwarded pregnancy, feeling immobilized by her brood. "Good, sextuplets! And after draining your milk, they'll be magically matured to full in a day. And you'll be ready for the next batch"

Feeling the first pangs of labor, her overly taut belly feeling the pressure of six active pups that would be destined to be bigger than their father, the former hero whimpered as the villain finished, "and eventually I'll have a new dogmen army, with you as the broodmother"

The end.
Jason wakes up, the muscular husky groggy but then rapidly wakes up when he realizes he's totally naked and restrained on a bottomless chair of some sort. He is restrained at the wrists, arms, ankles, thighs, chest, and even his tail is strapped down, pulled behind the chair, exposing both his cock and his tail-hole.

The husky looks around the room; it's a small room that's maybe 8x10 foot, a door facing him, no windows. There's a few cameras that Jason can see. LED strips give the room a low level of illumination. He's only able to see a portion of the room to his front, but he sees some machinery above him, and some sort of cabling or tubing running along the ground to his table.

Jason tries to struggle out of his restraints and calling for help or some sort of response, but aside from his own movements, the room is silent. He feels like there's some movement on his leg and arm restraints, as if they're meant to move up and down. The straps themselves are fabric of some kind, but the muscular husky either can't get the leverage to break them or they're stronger than he is.

With a snap, a low level electric hum fills the room, machinery starting to come to life all around Jason. The husky shouts for help as the machines continue to come online, the one in the ceiling turning out to be a waldo of some kind, revealing a collection of what looked like medical probes, including a big needle. Jason's rack started vibrating softly, coming to life as motors start to adjust the table, spreading Jason's legs and arms farther out. The Husky whines and groans, straining his muscles against the machinery to keep from being forced into his new position, but even the husky's powerful muscles are unable to hold back, and with a grunt his limbs give out, his feet now set wider than his shoulders, the canine panting from the exertion.

The chair hums and slowly reclines to a 45 degree angle before stopping. Jason whines and struggles, then yelps as he feels the prick of a needle on his butt and the feeling of some fluid being injected in him. He feels a cool fluid sprayed on his tailhole, and tries to flail as he feels something hard and firm probing his anus, but the movement he's able to make does not prevent the tip from poking into his tailhole and squiring some fluid in. Jason yelps as the cool liquid quickly becomes a dull warmth, his tailhole relaxing despite his best efforts, the probe sliding slowly in, squirting more of the fluid along the way. The husky feels an unwanted twinge of pleasure as the probe puts a small pressure on his prostate, then yelps as the probe begins to vibrate and somehow tingle like a low level electric current, both heavily stimulating Jason's prostate.

Jason tried to resist, trying to think of the least sexy things he could think of, but despite his best efforts his body started to respond to the anal stimulation. His sheath started to fill out, the tip of his cock first peaking out, then slowly sliding up his thick abs, the tip drooling thick pre as it went, making a sticky mess of his fur as reached its full length, just above his belly button, before slowly rising up as it fully engorged. Jason alternated between whining and moaning, his entire body feeling like it was tingling. His mind became soaked in the sexual bliss, his cock somehow feeling so good without even being touched. Panting with short rapid breaths, the canine's will to resist crumbles slowly under the avalanche of the most intense sexual experience he had ever undergone. Jason felt his balls start to pull up against his body and his thick knot fill out. The prostate stimulation seeming to edge him, the rational part of Jason's mind muttering "No, no...", unable to stop his hips from bucking, or his ass from trying to milk the vibrator in his ass, his eyes squeezed shut from the effort of trying to resist.

Jason whined, his face grimacing, then letting out a cross between a snarl and a large howl as white hot pleasure washed over his body, his cock erupting in what seemed like gallons of thick husky cum. The pleasure drowned his rational mind, the husky only feeling the physical bliss of an orgasm that seemed to last forever. Jason was only able to squirm a little, whine, and moan, panting as eventually the pleasure began to recede, feeling weak from the orgasm that wracked his body, before opening his eyes and yelping.

The husky's once muscular body had shrunk, now merely lean. The feeling of weakness wasn't just from the orgasm, but from literally becoming weaker. While still lean and masculine, the body Jason had worked hard for was gone, his stomach now merely flat, his shoulders and chest sunken in, his once thick biceps and thighs now less than half their original size. Even his cock and balls seem to have shrunk down from massive to merely average. The restrains had tightened to account for Jason's decrease in size, and now the husky could not even feel the machinery move has he tried to pull out of the restraints. "What, no, no!", he cried softly, looking down at his seed-covered form. "What's happening... what are you do-"

Jason was interrupted by a sharp jab in his buttocks, another injection, quickly followed by the vibrator in his tailhole turning on again, this time an even stronger sensation as his cock rapidly sprung back up to it's now full size, well short of the husky's bellybutton. A warm and strangely tense sensation filled the husky's body alongside with the pleasure of the building orgasm, but this time it felt different, and while Jason was unable to resist the building pleasure he was still conscious and aware of what was happening, panting and whining before letting out a soft gasp as the orgasm washed over his body.

Jason felt the changes spreading through his body with every pulse from his cock; his muscle tone further fading, his chest becoming more shallow and his shoulders pulling in, his middle pulling in a tad, making his hips seem slightly wider. Jason's moans pitched higher, the deep masculine baritone becoming a light alto, a pressure in his face and muzzle as it subtle shifted. The husky whined, seeing and feeling his cock and balls shrink down even further, still feeling hard and needed but now way under average, yet somehow feeling even more pleasurable than they were at full size.

The orgasm faded and the now even more shrunken husky went limp, feelings of humiliation washing over him. He'd been so big and strong and manly, and now he lost it all, and along with it the confidence he had. Jason sniffed, then chocked back a sob, the feeling of being so weak and tiny washing over him, tears welling up in his eyes as he thought about how he'd never be what he was again.

Jason's thoughts were interrupted, blinking tears from his eyes in surprise as something is lowered onto his head, a thin visor covering his entire field of vision and what felt like headphones on his ears, but otherwise open to the air. The husky tried tossing his head, but the visor was well secured and did not move.

While Jason was distracted with the helmet, he did not notice a new waldo raise up from below and position in front of his muzzle, but he felt a squirt of liquid get his attention, his eyes suddenly focusing on what looked like a rubber dog cock, the tip dripping some fluid. It prods at his muzzle, but the husky kept it shut. Jason felt a sudden sharp jolt in his rump from the probe still lodged deep inside his ass, letting out a yelp and letting the rubber dildo into his muzzle. The dildo's knot quickly expanded just inside Jason's teeth, locking it in place, drizzling fluid in the husky's mouth. The sweet musky taste combined with the dildo nearly to the back of his throat made Jason gag a little, but his gag reflex faded as the fluid dripped down his throat. The husky tried to twist and shake the dildo out, but its waldo was flexible and moved with him.

A soft hum started to fill Jason's ears, a subliminal tone working to calm the distraught husky gently massaging his brain, making it harder to think, while the visor suddenly erupted in translucent colors, covering everything that Jason could see. The husky tried to close his eyes but opened them widely again as he felt new new injections, one into his abdomen and one into his chest, and was unable to keep his eyes off watching what happened to him.

A pleasure built up inside Jason's body again, his resistance nearly gone from the subliminal messages from the visor and the headphones. The vibrator began to activate again, the sensation feeling different this time. A moan escapes his lips as he enjoys the building warmth in his middle, cut off as he remembers he needs to try to resist. The warmth builds higher, Jason's body becoming tense and oddly energetic. His hips give out a pop, the sensation of swelling pulsing as the bones themselves reshape, becoming wider. His nipples ache as they become rock hard, a tingling running over his smooth chest adding to the erotic sensations washing over his body.

A feeling of pressure from his insides grows along with the warmth, paradoxically as his middle pinches inward. The husky's chest and shoulders shrink down further, now completely feminine in frame. Jason groans, moaning with the pleasure as for a moment he gives in to the changes happening to his body, the pleasure washing over him in pulses.

With a low moan, Jason's much shrunken cock erupts with fluid, his balls shrinking as they empty, eventually dwindling away entirely as the fold of his sack tightens, then smooths out completely. His cock continues to dwindle, tiny spurts of what was left of Jason's male seed dribbling from its tip as a new opening forms, the orgasm covering the strange sensation of a vagina forming and the husky's cock becoming his clit. HIs chest tingles, fatty deposits slowly forming under his nipples as he grows two breasts, only a-cups, but the sensation of extra weight on the chest enhances the pleasure Jason was feeling.

Eventually the pleasure from the orgasm fades and Jason is left panting, seeming given time to recover. He starts to worry about the changes made to his body, and how empty his head feels, and starts to get concerned he can't remember anything before he came into the room, but the colors and audio intensify, and Jason relaxes, letting go of his resistance finally, and enjoys the afterglow of her first female orgasm.

However, the sensation of warmth in her middle does not abate, growing higher and hotter. A tense erotic energy fills her body as she begins to squirm a little, still not used to her new anatomy and feeling confused about a building need. She does not struggle or flinch as she receives another injection into her belly, then one big one to each breast.

Jason begins to pant, first slowly, then heavily as the heat in her middle continues to grow larger, taking up more and more of her thoughts. The visor increases its intensity, the husky's mind too occupied with a growing need in her nethers to offer any resistance, slowly changing her thoughts and memories, and altering her personality. Without realizing it, she begins to softly suckle on the cock gag in her mouth, rewarding her with more of that sweet liquid dripping from its tip down her throat, the sensations making her feel good and wanting to suckle more.

The husky's squirming intensifies, a full breeding heat having come onto her, her slit dripping with fluids and her strong scent quickly filling the room. She begins to thrash against the restraints, she needs a cock down here but ANYTHING will do!

The husky did not have to wait for long, as a vaginal probe shaped like her old cock lines up against her nether lips, rubbing and teasing, driving the husky mad with need and desire and allowing more of the programming to set in, before slowly sliding in and hilting. The husky writhes with pleasure on the pole, but it needs more, and the probe pulls out part of the way, then slides back in, piston-ing in and out of her slit at a faster and faster pace.

The husky's hips pop and crack again, spreading even wider. Her breasts tingle, the nipples inflamed and swelling larger, then rapidly followed by the flesh underneath. Her breasts rapidly swell from A-cups to Cs, the increase in weight matched only by the increase of the pressure inside them. The rate of growth slows as they approach Ds, but the warm erotic tingling remains.

The vaginal probe's base begins to swell, rubbing and stimulating the husky's clit before finally catching inside and slightly tugging. Noticing the resistance, the probe adjusts its position and resumes, now going to very fast and short strokes to account for the reduced movement. The husky moans into her cockgag, suckling on it even harder, her eyes eagerly watching the changes to her body while they also take in the swirling colors of the hypnosis.

The husky orgasms, a brief fluttering feeling running from her nipples down to her clit that was made even more intense as the probe continued onward. A brief mis-tug of the dildo jolts the husky, and Jason looks down at her changed body, feeling on the edge of an even strong orgasm and trying hard to resist, before a simultaneous jolt from the cock gag, the anal probe, and the vaginal probe zap her, pushing the husky over the edge as a tsunami of white hot pleasure washes over her. All three probes shoot thick liquid out of their tips, the white milky fluid overflowing the husky's rump and slit and back-flowing out, while the sweet liquid from the cockcag is expertly swallowed down.

As the probes finish squirting their fluids, they slowly retract, leaving the husky whining for more attention as the burning heat inside her slowly fades along with the pleasure from the orgasm. The restraints disengage, but the husky is enjoying the afterglow of what happened to her too much to get up. The sensation of the fluids inside her feel, and the visor continues to reinforce those feelings, guiding her thoughts that it feels good to be filled with fluids, to suckle them from their source, to feel them fill her up, to have her heat hosed down with seed and left gravid.

As her thoughts went to gravid, her breasts begin to ache a little again, slowly swelling and feeling full, her nipples aching as a white drops of fluid begin to bead from their tips. Her middle starts to feel bloated, and she runs a now free paw over her stomach, now not looking so flat and trim anymore. A soft pleasurable sensation fills her rump and thighs as they become more padded. The husky brings her paws to her breasts to gently massage them from the aches, the visor reinforcing how good it feels to rub them and feel their weight.

The husky grimaces as the bloating feeling in her belly continues to grow. She brings a paw down to it again and feels that it's firm, not flab, then feels it swell under her paw. Using both paws to rub and admire, she watches her belly continue to swell, a pregnancy rapidly growing and progressing. Mental images of beefy canids flicker through her head, prompted by the visor, and associated with the good feelings she has now. Big beefy canids, with big cocks and balls, being nuzzles, suckled, and ridden, the appeal growing along with her belly. Big beefy canids, servicing them, and bearing their litters. Big litters. Lots of big litters. Lots of big litters of big pups.

The visor and headphones continue to reinforce the feelings of contentment as the husky rubs her huge belly. The skin grows taut and tight, and a strange feeling washing over her as her belly button inverts, popping out from the pressure inside her womb. Her belly slows in its growth, looking huge, almost to full term with six big husky pup boys, who begin to squirm and become active inside, causing a soft rippling of pleasure over the husky.

The visor retracts, its job done, and the chair the husky was restrained in tilts back upright. She steps out, stumbling a little due to her awkward load, huffing a little at the feeling of the weights on her chest and middle, and whining a little at the slight ache in her swollen paws. Her boys squirm some more but then settle down as she gently strokes the taut surface of her belly, "Soon, little ones..." Maybe in a few days.

The door slides open, and the husky cautiously walks out, first hesitant, then with a growing confidence, heading to the suite where all the expectant mothers are waiting. As she looks down at her cum-matted fur, she sniffs at it, then wonders whose seed it was, as it doesn't smell like the Masters, but mentally shrugs it off. She waddles on down the hallway to the suite, intent on a bath so she would be presentable tonight to pleasure the Masters.

She knows the way down all the familiar corridors and pathways, the strange sense of being in an alien place quickly being replaced with the comforting knowledge of home, her steps eager. After all, this was her home.

There's a lot more out there, but you get the picture.

On another pornographic note he has another fursona besides his otter and its deliberately obnoxious:

Uriel is this monstrosity:

and thats not even his final form:

naturally it has nazi punching art


and then in a bizarre crossover imagine sending JUNIUS_64 your fursona dickpics for her approval


Dogpatch contributor

Summercat has written articles for dogpatch.press such as this @14⚡⚡ weev ⚡⚡88 crossover:

I'm not going to fullscreencap the whole article but the working archive is below


http://dogpatch.press/2018/03/09/altfurries-nazi-leader/ - http://archive.md/tx9JM

Leftistfur crossovers

So you've already gotten a taste with him sending skunk dickpics to JUNIUS_64 and him writing for dogpatch.press, but he runs in the same circles as a lot of the people in this thread and other threads of animal control:

I mean check out this visual form of autism:

and note dogpatch LIKED IT

valentine's day meme:


whining just yesterday to dumpstercryptid






and there is more out there


Summercat has a fiance they traveled crosscountry from California to Manassas, VA for: Schmozy

Schmozy is a possum furry and in real life he is Mohamed K Hassoun:



Summercat recently had some drama he enjoyed over some random furry thirsting over his fiance:




Lastly, he claims to be a good cook so I'll let you guys be the judge:



Now for the link dump:
http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Bengaley_Summercat - http://archive.md/6Ody0
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bengaley - http://archive.md/wAQmz
http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/BengaleySPage/ - http://archive.md/WEIIy
https://www.youtube.com/user/Bengaley - http://archive.md/MxuBk
https://twitter.com/Bengaley/ - http://archive.md/2t8P5
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/summercat/ - http://archive.md/Oj5ym
https://www.furaffinity.net/journals/summercat/ - http://archive.md/rv06J
https://furryarchive.librarika.com/ - http://archive.md/2bpLJ
He has a patreon for his furry library:
https://www.patreon.com/posts/18670486 - http://archive.md/awHRh
https://steamcommunity.com/id/summerotter - http://archive.md/BcHhk
https://summercat.sofurry.com/ - http://archive.md/wRNXP
https://inkbunny.net/summercat - http://archive.md/1IrqE
https://www.weasyl.com/~summercat - http://archive.md/3NLr2
email - Bengaley.summercat@gmail.com
Telegram - Summerotter
AIM: bengaley2
Skype: bengaley
https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/results?name=henry joseph thiel&citystatezip=virginia&rid=0xl
oh and last thing I found it funny summercat's personal facebook which has his family friended on it, he doesn't have any photos of his face. Just his otter fursona. https://www.facebook.com/henry.j.thiel - http://archive.md/Q7z2Z
I can imagine them viewing him as an... otter failure 8)

and his fiance:
https://twitter.com/Schmozy/ - http://archive.md/b83xA
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/schmozy/ - http://archive.md/PDIaj
https://www.twitch.tv/schmozy - http://archive.md/lw0DP
https://www.weasyl.com/~schmozy - http://archive.md/NfE4z
https://www.paypal.me/Schmozy - http://archive.md/WcpiP
https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/results?name=Mohamed Hassoon&rid=0x0
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May 15, 2017
I wonder how toxic "Furry Fuel" is, I sure wouldn't let that near my body.

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Feb 11, 2016
As shit as nazis are how else would this idiot think people would interpret "this group is a threat and needs to be exterminated" as anything other than homicidal? If a nazifur said "the Jews are a threat and need to be exterminated" Henry would rightfully recognize that as being homicidal and genocidal.

"I don't want to kill anyone" my tail spots you dense motherfucker.

FP 208

He's been busy tweeting


Followed by this retweet of hysteria:


This and one other potshot at dragoneer (also what happened to not advocating for violence?)


Then he immediate posted his gay rainbow skunk nazi punch art:


retweeted another potshot at dragoneer this time bring up the zaush business:


As I said in the OP this guy stalks Dragoneer so much he had to be blocked not only by dragoneer, but from messaging the furaffinity mascot accounts (owned by the site) because he took every available avenue possible to try and contact dragoneer since he got de-opped. He will never get over it and will passive aggressively fling shit at him till he dies. :story:

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I think the question on everybody's mind that nobody dares ask is:

Does Furry Fuel taste like dog semen?
You asked this before but with a more vague wording.

I am going to tell you again, do you REALLY WANT TO KNOW if that's true?


Sep 10, 2017
I will note that as cringey as Summercat is, he's not wrong about Dragoneer or Sciggles. Sciggles has held personal vendettas for anyone who's spoken out about her or mod antics, and Dragoneer is a simpering pussy who kowtows to everyone. The fact he's still allowing Sciggles to be an admin after she cucked him with a brony is proof enough of that.

Summercat seems to be falling into the leftistfur trap of never knowing when to shut the fuck up.

FP 208


I felt creative so i made a collage of the keywords he added to the smut he wrote to give a better understanding of his fetishes. Also, i attached a .zip of the stories in .txt files in case he deletes shit


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