Here's what an article SHOULD look like - do's and dont's (REQUIRED READING) -


Compare that to Gamerfood's version and you will immediately notice massive differences. Important things to notice in the new version:
  • The LolcowWiki author never attempts to be funny or provide running commentary, because the author knows that when it comes to lolcows, nothing they could come up with would be funnier than the objective facts of what happened. This is the most important part. Write like a historian, not a stand-up comedian. Jokes in wiki format always feel really forced and unfunny, and generally erode the quality of the article by shifting it's focus in the wrong direction.
  • The LolcowWiki article is updated regularly to reflect changing circumstances. The TeamGamerfood article still refers to Tyce as if the Tyce Takeover is still happening - that was one full year ago.
  • The LolcowWiki article is organized effectively into different sections, and formatted in a logical manner. The TGF wiki's sections are totally arbitrary and poorly named, and the formatting is all over the place.
  • The LolcowWiki article is about the person themselves, whereas the TGF article consists almost entirely of a rambling scattershot description of events tangentially related to the person in question.
  • The LolcowWiki article's writing is dense, succinct, and summarizes all available information without wasting words.
  • On the The LolcowWiki's article, everything is cited (even though my citation format sucks dick, no claims are made without evidence and timestamps to back them up) The TGF article makes several claims without backing them up. Even if a citation seems self-evident, remember that nothing is self-evident to a newcomer.
I want every single article on our new site to look like this new one. I think that's totally within our reach. Not all of them have to be as exhaustive in detail, not by a long shot - Tyce is a main character of the Jace saga, of course his article is going to be 50 pages - but they should retain to the same standard of quality and the same writing practices.

The golden rule:
If you aren't willing or able to put in the effort to write an article the right way (following these bulletpoints) don't write anything: you will save people like me time re-writing and re-formatting your draft. It takes less time for me to just write an article like this from scratch than to correct a million tiny mistakes.
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