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Hero boy dies from crushed skull after fighting rapist beast

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Deven, Dec 6, 2018 at 3:58 PM.

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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/teenage-boy-who-saved-his-mother-from-being-raped-dies-11573257
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    #1 Deven, Dec 6, 2018 at 3:58 PM
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 6, 2018 at 6:30 PM
  2. That boy was more of a man than me.
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    vertexwindi Ohhh~ banana
    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  3. He was more of a man than any single one of us could wish to be.
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    Digital Thunder

    Digital Thunder *obnoxious synth lead*

  4. The people going off on the mom are essentially trying to finish what the rapist started.
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    Testaclese Maximus

    Testaclese Maximus has a full line of candy canes
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  5. Sweet Christ this is fucking tragic.

    If there is a hall of heroes in the afterlife I hope he can join them.
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    not william stenchever

    not william stenchever it depends on the whale

  6. :deagleleft::semperfidelis::deagle:
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    The Great Chandler

    The Great Chandler "Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"

  7. Guys like the rapist need to be skinned burned and then fed to animals in that order. Attacking a woman and her child. Fucking sickening.
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    Al Gulud

    Al Gulud Can't wait for the actual white genocide tbh

  8. Those pictures are heartbreaking.
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    Nekromantik Prepare your anus for Krampus.

  9. Usually I'm pretty resistant to violence a-logging even the worst scum, but this unhuman crosses that line several times.
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  10. It'd be nice to know just what the hell can make people so sick like that rapist.

    But at least there are also people willing to stand up to them.
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    ToroidalBoat Token Hispanic Christmas Friend
    True & Honest Fan

  11. The greatest aspects of the human spirit burn bright into the foul night and will never diminish.
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    not william stenchever

    not william stenchever it depends on the whale

  12. Ruined my day while giving me hope for humanity :heart-empty::heart-full:
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

  13. That poor, brave little boy. I hope his mom can go on with her life.
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    Yaoi Huntress Earth

    Yaoi Huntress Earth My avatar is problematic.

  14. Check out the dome on Megamind here:
    Dude had a previous conviction for murder and yet was free?
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    Sword Fighter Super

    Sword Fighter Super I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
    True & Honest Fan

  15. I wouldn't be opposed to this guy getting a hammer to the face in prison. Tit for tat
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    MeatRokket08 I will make you XS Tech's bitch

  16. A logging weirdos on the internet is stupid, a logging child murderers and pedos is completely natural.
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    Darndirty Just the kink.

  17. I read it as 'rapsit bear' and was confused. Can I get an f up in here for this hero?
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    Cyborg Scars

    Cyborg Scars Adam Sandler's #1 Fan

  18. If we’re going by pure eye for an eye, lobotomiize the motherfucker who did it.
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    Fork Cartel

    Fork Cartel The 1% are literally the spawn of Satan

  19. I think the rapist may have misunderstood young Vanya when the kid asked him for "a little head"
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    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
    True & Honest Fan

  20. This nigga braver than most niggas his age. Still though, the mother knowing that her kid is dead because of some sick fuck has to be heart-wrenching, Jesus.

    Still though, I salute this little buddy for saving the life of somebody he loved.

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    Give Her The D

    Give Her The D aka Race War Johnny
    True & Honest Fan

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