Hey - 5/27/21 livestream


It's gay af for a man to take a nap

Amber is live after a health scare.
  • Her "flanks" were in such intense pain she was shaking, so she went to the ER
  • They took blood, urine, and she did her first CAT scan and miraculously fit
  • She got an IV drip with morphine
  • She threw up at the hospital
  • She has kidney stones, the biggest is 4 mm
  • She slept the whole day yesterday
  • Is very proud she kept to her promise to livestream on Thursday
  • Is afraid to eat junk food, candy, and soda because she associates it with kidney stones. Is afraid to drink anything other than juice or water. Doctor recommended cranberry juice to keep a UTI away.
  • Believes she has always had kidney stones
  • Becky needs Amber's social security member to pick up her meds. Becky tells Amber to text her ENTIRE NUMBER. She says she'll delete the text after so it's okay. :story:
  • Amber says she has an easy to remember and cool sounding social security number.
  • One of her younger brothers messaged her on Facebook asking about their mom. She didn't reply because she didn't know who it was. Months later he surprised her with a video call. He really wants YouTube clout and begged her to talk about this, apparently. He is 18, a good artist, and a singer. He's also bisexual. He wants to meet Amber in real life.
  • Her 29 year old brother Anthony is still in prison. She calls him a good person who made bad choices. He's getting released in June.
  • She has not met her 19 year old brother Jonathan/adopted name James, after being adopted. She doesn't think he'll reach out because he probably doesn't know he's adopted.
  • Amber talks about people comparing her and Chantal. She says Chantal is the queen of Haydur Nation but she doesn't want people to watch both of them for drama.
  • She wants to meet Chantal irl, beeze, and vlog it
  • Already saying she won't take the narcotics prescribed to her because they freak her out
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Just a reminder, we are almost 1 year out from her bloody ER visit where she received a D&C and a hymen repair.

From May 29, 2020:


Imagine if she'd taken her health seriously and started properly dieting after her diagnosis- or even after the hysterectomy. She would have easily dropped 30-50lbs a month if she just stuck to it.

I doubt she'd have been at the ER with kidney stones if she had taken her health seriously a year ago after a literal cancer diagnosis.

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Who could have ever, in a million years, guessed that shoveling sodium into your gullet at unprecedented rates, all while refusing to ever drink water in case you have the unfortunate need to get up and use the restroom, would lead to kidney stones? It's really a medical mystery as to how she developed them.

She may have been given morphine at the hospital, but doctors don't often prescribe anything for kidney stones. They'll give you a script for Tylenol and send you on your way. Amber's in for a rough ride when she realizes that the next few days aren't going to be any less painful, and I can't wait to watch it.


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Weird that this one triggered her. No one would even notice it in the ZOO that Chantal's chat is.

Oh and Becky is half way there. Predicted by absolutely nobody of course. First time I hear that, not sure if news though.
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It is kind of funny to read their chat in Lemongrab’s voice though. Anyways, this half ton bitch is about to become the laughingstock of her new local hospital. She’s in the ER at least thrice annually and there’s no doubt the staff would remember a heffalump her size after the first time, even in a fatass state like Kentucky. Probably more so since bigger cities tend to create fitter populations (not in our gorl’s case I guess).


Just catching up... So her brother turned up on May 1st at Methmom's house and hasn't left. So we definitely know he's a Reid, then.
He apparently 'has his demons'. He's 18 FFS. Typical fucking substance abusing Reid.
He's 'so talented with his art and singing'. So he's stupid and will never have a proper job then.
These fucking Reid's all need to be neutered. We've already managed it will Fatty, so just the rest of the trash to be dealt with.
EDITED because I cannot believe all Big AL's bullshit.
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Kidney stones are pretty rare in young people... unless they have untreated high blood sugar.
Insulin resistance from diabetes (when your cells stop responding to insulin) can raise the levels of calcium in your urine. That can make kidney stones more likely. When you have type 2 diabetes, high levels of insulin can make your urine more acidic. That could lead to a special type of kidney stones called uric acid stones.

There are other things that could play a part in kidney stones, including:

  • A diet high in protein, sugar, and/or sodium
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Certain diseases, including those that affect the kidneys
  • Family history of kidney stones
  • Intestinal surgery
  • Some medications

Yep: https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/diabetes-kidney-stones

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