Hey - 5/27/21 livestream


Go cry to someone else lol
Amber’s body is falling apart. It’s a slow process but I stand by a previous prediction that she will live longer than most expect her too. People like her always do.

However, in the coming years we’ll see more and more as the pieces are chipped away until the structure finally topples over.


Just watching Fatty on Sinatra. No way in Hell do you just come out of hospital and not get your prescription for painkillers straight away. Apparently Thumby couldn't get them that night, so had to get them the next day. With kidney stones, you NEED them. Not sure how it works in the US, but in the UK, the hospital gives you them, then when you need more, you see your primary care doctor. Don't worry though guize! No painkillers, but Fatty did get an ice machine. Totally genuine guize!


Omfg.. I fucking knew that after Trisha Paytas did/(is doing?) the whole stupid shit with "they" on Frenemies that it was only a matter of time before the Ham would make her announcement (or just incorporate in her life in some way - I guess the thumb counts)

I had absolutely zero opinion on the trans community but can't help but feel a bit peeved by these attention whoring no effort sham troons like Trisha Paytas, that Demi poot bitch, that Courtney bitch whose in that feud right now with John Legend's ho (I do loathe myself for knowing all this).. who all identify as a "they" or a "he" but is doing absolutely nothing else about it. They all continue to dress and act exactly like a female like they've done their whole lives but needs to periodically halt everything and pivot the attention back to them to remind everyone of the "new" life they're living now which happens to look and operate exactly like their old life

And I get it.... I know I know, gender roles something something dismantle preexisting notions about "presenting as male/female" something something sex femininity masculinity its 2021

But I don't think for a minute these vapid bitches are trying to make a statement about these deeper kinds of things. Ill take the hats (and I do want to clarify I believe in lady rights/equal opportunity/anything you're all up to) but this feels like some annoying new white fem trend, to replace whatever the fuck Amy Schumer thought she was doing in 2015/16

Even though the thumb has always acted and looked like a dumpy 12 year old boy whose keeps being held back in 5th grade, I still argue that her/their/his motivation is no different than any of the bitches mentioned above. The thumb has always made her lezbianism her identity and personality, with childish aspirations/pursuits to be different, original, #notlikeotherkentuckyinbreds

Hamber's aggressive blind ignorance is so interesting with her methmom who happened to want a relationship just when the Ham's in a place in life where she's making 6 figures, and a 'long lost' 18 yo brother (btw whose career aspirations are in the arts/fame) who keeps pushing her to talk about him in her channel... prob maybe guest in a vlog? a stream? (fairly splitting the superchats of course).. YOU KNOW, THOSE BROTHER-SISTERLY THINGS YOU DO, YOU KNOW, WHERE YOU AREN'T INVOLVED IN EACH OTHER'S LIVES AT ALL UNTIL THERE'S A TON OF MONEY TO SEE IF IT CAN BE BORROWED/GRIFTED/SPLIT

Don't worry, it's very clear you are seizing on them for being vapid attention seeking dickheads and it's clear you have nothing against people who are affected by gender complications.

I agree very much, especially as I have a special hatred for Trisha. If it was cool to have Cerebal Palsy then Trisha would claim to have it. She'd give up oxygen for another paycheck.

I find her entire existence makes me sick to my stomach. She doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself, doesn't have any working knowledge of anything other than her own G-Spot.

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