Hi (Livestream - 06/07/2020) - YOUR GORL NEEDS MONEY, NOW!!!


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A livestream in which the asspatting is in full swing and the host talks about her vagina the whole time.
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Claims Destiny's mother is wrong about her alleged Stage 2 diagnosis. According to her doctor, there are three levels of uterine cancer. She has "the middle one, before severe".
Someone asks her to repost the rebuttal vid to Kasey, she starts crying.
Anyone recording this?
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shameful existence

i have sinned and so have you
Doesn't know what stage her cancer is, but her doctor said it was a "middle level" one.
Doesn't know where her orbiters got the information about it being "stage 2".

Still pushes the "go to a gyno" message, instead of the "don't be 600lbs" one.

More "I don't like penetration" TMI.
Says she was molested as a child.

She still DOES NOT have diabetes.

Two years ago, her cycle got so bad she had to constantly sleep on/ sit on towels. She had a designated blanket for said purposes. She bled constantly for almost two years.

She will be posting "prerecorded, prerecorded, prerecorded" mukbangs.

The chat looks very positive overall.
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  • blames her uterine cancer on her unwillingness to visit a gyno
  • blames her unwillingness to visit a gyno on her being molested as a child
  • his disdain for penetration is caused by her molestor
  • someone asks her to reupload the Kasey rebuttal video and she starts cryeen
  • someone is spamming "paypigs in full effect" in chat
  • blames her odd periods on her weight
  • it became normal for her, thus she ignored it
  • a few years ago, she could not stop bleeding
  • she was bleeding for a month straight
  • she slept with a pussy towel (not a tampon, A FUCKING BLANKET)
  • she brought blankets and towels everywhere she went
  • she bled for 1.5 years in a row (changed the lie)
  • her ever-bleeding coochie rendered her bed-bound
  • laughed it off as endometriosis (totally normal you guise)
  • she filled the toilet with blood every time she peed
  • she sent videos and pictures to her female friends of her blood-stained toilet over Marco Polo (the app, not the explorer)
  • muh anzyahtee
  • she does not want to go to the hospital closest to her for reasons redacted (MAYBE IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING SUED)
  • the doctor "stood his ground" and did not deny her treatment
  • not listening to commenter's advice
  • putting her life in the hands of her doctor
  • if you were NORMAL, you wouldn't talk about me
  • period comes from my "period hole"
  • "sugar feeds cancer"
  • I heard it a lot, so it MUST be true
  • she has some restrictions in the chat, which explains the positive tone of the chat
  • she will be paying out of pocket
  • Kentucky can fast track you to insurance if you are uninsured and have cancer
  • she feels extra bad for Becky
  • "im not used to all this talking, if you will"
  • plans to upload soon
  • my hymen is still healing
  • i regret doing this livestream

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I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
you have to be a absolute numbskull to think that doctors have never tried helping her. This is her doing.

also im screaming that she was planning another hotel glutton bonanza

She has a designated blanket to sit on at beckys moms house so she doesn't leak on the furniture.

She calls her vagina her period hole.


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Don’t expect anything informative about anything she’s been told about her supposed cancer. She’s too dumb to understand details, if the doctor is even providing them.

Doctors get a good feel for what level they need to explain things on to patients and being 500 lbs is an obvious signal to a doctor someone has a low IQ or is very mentally ill or both.

Im going to guess that Amber has the same fat barren lady cancer as Jen and Chantal and it seems rather non-life threatening since it took Chantel a good six years to get a hysterectomy and Jen still hasn’t bothered. Expect Amber to milk a cancer saga for years and remain very fat - just like Jen and Chantal.

She could also be lying out her ass. She was getting desperate for views so just doing what Jen and Chantal do and claiming some abnormal uterine cells is cancer seems on brand.


She was bleeding for a year and a half and no one raised any questions? She was bleeding though her pants, towels, etc and no one said. "Maybe you should go to the ER?" Didn't she go for UTI's? Why didn't it come up there? I'm baffled.
Her friend has endometriosis so she thought she has that and doesn't have to do anything about it, Jesus this woman!

It still makes no sense, that disease is still very dangerous, and women often need transfusions.
Yea I know, but this is the thinking of this damn girl. She assumes she has this thing, dangerous or not (if she isn't lying her friend might've mentioned that it is not deadly) and decides because she is now "diagnosed" she doesn't need to talk to doctors about it.
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