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High Guardian SpiceTumblr: The CalArt Anime

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by The_Doctor, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. CR is owned by AT&T. What do you think.
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    tumblrkek never gonna make it

  2. Important distinction being were they went legit and now pay with Kadokawa locked down on an exclusive global streaming contract which acts as a significant draw.

    The problem is they're not like STEAM where there's rather strict corporate neutrality the various corporate owners have underfunded this platform for a while, choosing to scalp the profits while they can rather than improve the service to bring in more people as paying customers. They've fucked about with translations, censoring their shows (apparently they pay only for the TV-broadcast version and then cut scenes if they're not to their tastes) never mind the previous near-revolt they had over their shoddy handling of Danmachi Memoria Freeze.

    Crunchyroll easily clears $40m all told as since sale to AT&T they have been ruthless with cutting costs where they can. Their IT services are now handled by a company in Moldova.

    There's some truth to the money and stuff supporting anime... kind of. The majority of the profits handed to anime creators actually go to the production committees pockets instead. This helps keep the lights on for the studios said committees commission, of course.

    If you really really wanted to directly support the actual studios then you'd be better off donating a couple of bucks to Studio Trigger's Patreon.
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    Ponderous Pillock

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  3. I'm pretty sure no Japanese anime companies are doing CalArts beanface garbage.

    They had a reputation as pretty shit to start out with, so I suppose they pulled this SJW crap figuring the people already willing to settle for their shitty service (and actually pay for it instead of just pirating like a normal person) would also eat this turd sandwich.
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  4. [​IMG]
    just kidding Kaiba is great go watch it
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    tumblrkek never gonna make it

  5. This is really why I reckon an investor could seriously clean up if they just challenged them. There's obviously a big and regular pile of money sat there as weebs want to support the industry however they can and it is a convenient site.

    We already know the studios/committees are relatively ambivalent to the global market and sell the shows off with little care about what happens outside of Asia. They're only really paying attention when Netflix or Amazon come calling because they're the guys who take the risks and let the studios experiment.

    You'd just have to trade off a bit of longer wait time to build the business up to the same level as CR's is now. Heck, offer to make some of the better translation groups to go legit, or store some of the cash up to make a very attractive offer for originals then.
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  6. The eternal poison of all CURRENT YEAR media, every single franchise is a Joss Whedon fanfic re-skinned.

    Shat out with all the sincerity of a sulking thirteen year old saying, "It doesn't matter that I failed the tryouts, the joke's on them because I wasn't trying anyway."
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  7. The Twitter thread checks out, definitely from Yaginuma. Here's the image for those who don't want to click the link.

    Think someone in this thread already pointed out much of what Yaginuma says, now that I think about it. But pretty hilarious nonetheless the stuff coming out about CR in lieu of this.
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  8. I wonder how AniTubers would justify this

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