hiiii (Amberlynn live) 04/30/20 - April 30, 2020


China incubates plagues.
I posted that account too, but deleted the comment because she looks younger and has thousands of followers... I would think her youtube would also be big, or she would have a common photo as the profile picture... might be a faildox if we pursue that IMO
Well that's why I put the "?"
I can't tell if it looks younger since the superchat pic is shit quality. The thousands of followers would make sense because why would a person who works for money give it to these youtube retards?


I've seen Abbie whaling for months in streams, long before the IrateAlex stream. She used to drop 99 pounds all the time in a streamers chat months ago. Back then she was using a different avatar. I can't provide proof, but I remember a whale of that magnitude stuck out. She looked to be around 50, blonde, wide smile, and she was definitely wearing glasses. She looked a lot like the woman in the background of "Abbie Chapman's" photo