hiiii (Amberlynn live) 04/30/20 - April 30, 2020


I wish there were more questions like the ligma thing, that shit was hilarious. She couldn't figure out it wasn't real even after googling. How can you not know who Ninja is? How do you avoid it?

And why she must lie about stupid shit. First she commented she was tricked into watching the video, now she says it was recommended to her but also later someone sent it to her. Then Eric asks so it was recommended to you (because someone tricked her), and she says yeah. :story:


Gorl, GTFO, no producer from MSHPL was telling you, you couldn't be on the show because you were losing weight. That's a straight out lie; that girl from Catfish was on the show and she was nowhere near 500 lbs. You didn't want to be on the show and have to give up Youtube and your easy, lazy ass job.


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I was bored earlier and googled " can super morbidly obese people wipe themselves? " The results were all over the place as far as sources, but a running theme from fatter individuals was that most could not wipe without a special tool by the time they were 300 lbs. Many who stated they were short and had short arms were under 300 lbs at that point. Amber is short, and she is 500 lbs. The real question is whether the tools available are adequate. She can probably wipe herself with the an xl bathroom buddy, but she isn't going to say that.