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She referred to the term ring bearer as the "Ring Barrier" . . . Apparently we only see her as "being bigger than she really is" and that being OVER 500lbs, "is what it is." And poor Becky, Amber clearly hates the engagement ring, going as far to say she's embarrassed to wear it (allegedly because it is too ornate); she said she is going to have TWO engagement rings now!
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God damn her chat is absolute cancer lol why are people so desperate for her attention? Do the people spamming in all caps even realize how retarded they look? I find it extremely hard to believe that the majority of her audience is “haydurs”. These people are absolutely obsessed with her and they eat this shit up. Imagine repeatedly begging Amber to tell Becky you said hi. Imagine begging hundreds of times for that or asking about her thoughts on ANTIFA.

They act the way they do because it’s embarrassing for them to be freakishly engrossed in the life of a 600lb troll that has no intelligence or personality. Their compulsive consumption of this garbage content reflects badly on them and they know it.

At least most kiwis are observing and lol’ing at most. These people on her YouTube, the Reddit, FB groups and her comments are on a whole other level.

Chaos Is Me

Amberlynn just set her chat slow-mode down to 3 seconds and didn't want to increase it to 45 seconds because she thought that meant she would be seeing 1 message every 45 seconds, despite still complaining that people are sending messages so quickly. She is so freaking dumb. "Why is chat still moving so hella?" And finally upped it to 20 seconds.

Edit: someone had to send her a superchat for her to finally understand that if she set it to 45 seconds, each person could only send a message every 45 seconds. FUCKING HELL.
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Good Christ. Popped in for a few minutes to witness Amber eyefucking herself and declaring how "ugly" she thinks she is. Where is Becky? Poor Amber is apparently starved for attention.

ETA: DoctorLynn, Medicine Woman just said her dark knuckles are a "health defect"

Edit #2: Someone asked her how she knows for certain that she's in remission if she can't fit in the scan. Very smugly she barks "because that is what it's CALLLLED when you no longer have caaancer????!!!" She's not... brilliant.

Edit #3: JFC she's pulling out all the stops tonight, crying and wiping away her nonexistent tears because she's sthooo scared the cancer is gonna come back. She wants a wedding and children (by "sara-get", she's decided) and she's totally terrified y'all. I mean, not scared enough to drop the weight needed to scan her ladyparts or decrease her actual cancer or other imminent health risks, but you should definitely throw money her direction and feel rully sorry for her.

Edit #4: Gorl is getting sassy and talking smack about Charlie Gold not losing weight and not paying her rent. Love to see it. This Amber is actually pretty entertaining tbh

Edit #5: Just checked back in to catch a viewer asking Amber if she believes in Allah, to which she responded a puzzled look followed by "I don't know what that is".
Becky shouts from somewhere in the background that "it's the Muslim god". Our gorl reflects on this, then informs us that "I believe in the universe... I duuunooo" and treats us to this lovely look of existential confusion.
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LMAO. "No, this ring was not $44."

>proceeds to go on a rant about how it's the thought that counts and even if the ring were a penny, it wouldn't matter because she gets to spend the rest of her life with Becky

Okay, gorl, we get it: your ring cost $50. :story: