Hilary Duff under e-fire over speculated child trafficking -


A resurfaced discussion on Hilary Duff's involvement in Hollywood child trafficking have sparked a tiny discussion on Twitter
In the thread from Lipstick Alley people are voicing concerns over photos, and now deleted videos on Hilary's Instagram and Twitter.
(Unfortunately the thread don't know how to archive, and there isn't much to go on from the wayback machine. Screenshots, and videos, are circulating.)

The thread starting the discussion came from Reddit, where nothing is archived either.

The ongoing discussion is whether or not the child depicted and publicized is restrained with plastic, and or if the photo is being used as a sales tactic.
People are defending the posts, saying her son is just getting sunblock put on, while others comment on the strange nature behind it. The child's posture is awkward (which can be argued to be due to liquid on arms), laying half-spread like a shy star.
They are also questioning why she would post her alleged naked son online. In any situation, it is strange to ever put up a naked photo of your child on the fridge.
In the "fridge" upload, Hilary comments on how she was getting backlash for supposed nude child, and have drawn over the private parts with purple marker.
The real question is how, and why, she would post twice about her son. Joking about backlash in the latter.

As the threads have resurfaced, different random newsoutlets have started posting about the issue.
There's been no response from Hilary herself.
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I don't know if she is trafficking or not (doubtful) but she is a rare disney star that didn't continue a career in adulthood, or turn into a degenerate drug addict either. Last time I saw her, she was married with kids and living the generic suburban mom life. Which is a great cover for illicit activity. We know that a lot of these people are abused when they come into the industry, and we know victims of abuse often repeat the abuse (aka how gays reproduce). Looks like the swirls are in a child's book, and most of those are degenerate garbage, so that's not helpful. Could go either way, seems unlikely but[ not surprising.

Actual evidence would help, otherwise we're q posting.
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Jesus this is just sickening.....what in gods name could have happened to break Duff so bad she became a child trafficker?

Who could have corrupted this child into such depravity?

What monster could be lurking behind the scenes of childrens entertainment and....oh fuck it yall know where this joke is going


Exterminate Leftists

including Libertarians and big-brained centrists
What do you mean? According to IMDB, she's been working steadily on either TV or music. She's just starred in a show that was on air from 2015 to 2019, and she has a new show coming up this year.
She wasn't doing the miley cyrus thing so I thought she stopped working. My bad.

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I mean, she had a "most wanted" album, and it features the song "The Getaway". 🤔

It was either a slip-up on her part because no one can't go a day without posting on their Instagrams or what, but as a Hollywood celebrity she's going to do something stupid that puts her in the limelight. Sometimes I think she managed to escape from Disney's curse once she entered adulthood, but I dunno. Least of all the Disney child actors, she came out rather normal in comparison, I felt.

But unlike your teenage summer flings, guess she doesn't want to be "So Yesterday".