CUCK! Hillary Clinton / Hillary Diane Rodham / "H" - Failed Presidential candidate, actual irl cuck, can't secure emails, triggered by a frog.

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That was pretty much the moment that ruined her chances of getting elected.
I'd agree with that. Then again, she has been a lolcow for many years. Remember her lying about coming under a hail of gunfire when getting off the plane in the former Yugoslavia? Or when she claimed that Bill's inability to keep his plonker in his pants was because of a "vast right wing conspiracy?"


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
I have a hard time seeing America truly being made great again under Trump by himself. I fear the GOP - dominated Congress (House and Senate) are going to ruin this nation more beyond repair than we could imagine.
Don't blame Trump if we end up in a worse spot than we are now, is what I'm saying as bottom line tax here.

I know one things for sure: No. Just NO. Hillary ROTTEN Clinton - this is all your fault. Now please go the fuck away, take your shitty husband with you, and die with the rest of the Dems you propped up and/or encouraged (war-mongering when we've all had enough of that and want to see real positive change and progress ON OUR AMERICAN SOIL.) with your manufactured evil!

- Signed, A concerned and disappointed liberal who wants to see his nation not die but actually be made great again, even though he dislikes Trump royally

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When you think about it, being a cuckquean who loses to a fucking meme who brags about sexual assault, when you outspent him 5x and had the entire media at your back and supported him in his own primaries just to set him up to be a soft opponent... yeah, she's a lolcow.