CUCK! Hillary Clinton / Hillary Diane Rodham / "H" - Failed Presidential candidate, actual irl cuck, can't secure emails, triggered by a frog.

Triggered Fivehead

Intersex prodigy (disabled)
You wonder what Bill and Hillary's second act is.

Do they go back to Arkansas to see their old friends?

They are done as is their foundation. There will be no more Chinese oligarchs or Saudi princes giving them money, because Hillary cannot get back in power to do them favors.

I believe they stay together though.
I can't imagine those two going back to Arkansas or having any real old friends left there. Them poors barely affording a nice house and two cars, no thanks!


Sentry of Asgard


I always find it mystifying that feminists/SJWS never feel a need to justify/explain Hillary's decades long enabling/complicity of Bill's adultery. She is a cuckhold and a cuckhold by choice.

There were likely hundreds of others besides the women in the videos. And Hillary was intimatly involved in blackmailing/intimidating Bill's conquests/ victims.

Why do the SJWS never feel compelled to question her/or fight her on this?

Hillary as a human being I feel is worse than Bill. Bill is just some guy with a massive sex addiction. It is she who enabled his addiction and who served as his "fixer" if he ever threatened to expose himself. She apparently didn't mind being cheated on ( a regular occurence in the Arkansas brothels).

Hillary is not really a feminist at heart, not is she really a progressive. She is a greedy, self righteous hypocrite, nothing more, and now has a lot of time on her hands.


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
How's our future prisoner been doing lately??? By the way, we need to get on convicting her ass for something.

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