Historical evolutionary question. Were people in the past who lived in the desert forced to live on looting and warfare for a living -


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They would mostly supplement their lifestyle by being traders, but those were only those societies with domesticated camels. A lot of the desert adjacent nomads would invade and conquer settled civilizations, but that was usually during times of civilizational weakness (ex. the Amorites, Arabs)

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Short answer: no.
Not quite as short answer: raiding is a matter of convenience. Like the other Kiwis said, you can either put in the effort to make land arable, raise livestock, or produce something worth trading- or you can take what you want from someone else. Societies that thrived on raiding did so because it was easier than sustaining their society the hard way.


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if shit hit the fan you could expect them to raid their neighbors instead of starving to death
but yeah... going around killing people in the middle of a bumfuck desert was expensive and dangerous in those days. People mostly just minded their own business and herded camels.


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And in the Bible it said, those who live in these lands in the desert will be in a state of war for all time