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I nominate the orchestrator of the Cambodian genocide, Pol Pot.

He's probably better defined as a horrorcow, being a paranoid and genocidal Dear Leader. Pol Pot was basically the culmination of many failures of many communist regimes at 10x speed, with his rule only lasting about 3.5 years.

Fun facts:
- Removed citizens from major cities to work as farmers regardless of skillset
- Outlawed all forms of entertainment(sports stadiums became rice fields), being intelligent or educated in any way prior to Party rule, and free-thinking(never go full Orwellian)
- Obligatory purges of those pesky wrong-thinkers. Total casualties of approximately 1.7 million+ of his own citizens, with an estimated 60% being executions.
- Obligatory "my entire nation is farmers and yet there is not enough food" of any true communist regime, resulting in an estimated 300,000 deaths due to starvation.
- Big brain, forward thinking stipulations for the purges: anyone with an educated profession, multilingual people, people with glasses, and literate people are obviously traitors to the Party and must be immediately executed en masse.
- Poor peasants were given standard rations while former urbanites were given half, no exceptions(that includes you, greedy infants!)
- Legacy includes leaving the country in a state of civil war/turmoil and setting it back in every measurable way for decades after his forceful ousting
- This all took place in 3.5 years with a total population loss between 20% to 25%.

The humor I find in this is that his ousting was his own fault due to his paranoid purging. He purged his military of 100,000 people that were protecting the border with Vietnam, allowing the Vietnamese to take the capital in 13 days.

Also, the general humor of what I stated before, that he went full Orwellian very quickly and hit like every stereotypical communist regime failing in record time. Possibly a WR communism speedrun, at least top 5 I'd guess, on EntireNation%
At one point Pol Pot executed every man with glasses or a watch as they were signs of intellectualism.