Hitlerpool - Let's bet who will be the next stalin/hitler


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Well great. What the hell are retards like me supposed to do if we can't buy real estate outright?

Assuming a "Great Man" of this type appears roughly every 200 years, and Hitler and Napoleon were born 120 years apart, then Hitler's birthday + 120 years means that Neo-Hitler is currently 12. He's probably a Zoomer slowly going mad from being socially isolated from his friends.
Or her friends. Girl Hitler. Imagine

Ok in happenings section we have a deadpool betting thread.

In this thread we guess who will be the next great caesar/napoleon/hitler/stalin ect.

Who do you nominate and why?


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I agree with people saying that the next Hitler is likely still young, but if I had to pick someone who is currently known, it would likely be someone like Kyle Chapman who started out with pretty mainstream political views and then got pushed into Natsoc ideology by a combination of controlled opposition leadership (Trump) becoming more self-apparent in their unwillingness to support their own people, and oppositional groups becoming more aggressive.

Wilhelm Bittrich

Stupid fucking ape cunt!
Nick Fuentes
The German "Der Führer" translates literally into "The Leader" and not into "The Clown". Just sayin'.
All i see when it comes to Fuentes is a poor José Jimenéz parody.

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There's still time for Greta Thunberg to amass power.

All jokes aside, in her megathread I actually theorized that in the future she may very well do a 180 and become a young far-right white supremacist if she ends up receiving legal punishment for meddling in India, the result of which causes imprisonment in a 3rd world shithole that ends up redpilling her into a female 2017-era Richard Spenser who resents brown people and their disgusting ways.

I mean, Adolf became the Adolf we know when he was arrested for being a political prisoner, so if lil' Greta gets a few years in Pajeet prison, then, well, who knows...


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I am not like you, Dana.
There's still time for Greta Thunberg to amass power.
I too see it being some sort person motivated by ecologically minded concerns. In which people are forced to die in order to "save the world.'" Whether that be through freezing, starvation or some other sick way to get to net zero.

These narcissists think they can control everything.


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The next Hitler will be a christian furry, who will unironically lead the nation into a furry crusade against Communism and Islam to institute a world-wide theocracy based on Lion Jesus and a neo-fusion of tradcath and NatSoc ideology. Choose your fursona and favorite Bible verse now, while you have time.
This is your future.

Are you ready?
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