Hoarders (and other fun documentary TV shows)

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like a floof bomb in your face
Jan 15, 2017
I’ve seen every episode, this was by far the craziest. I can’t believe the end text sequence where they said Dave is dead and Carol is ex-communicated and they lost everything. Like... what the hell?! From that happy family moment to that!? I was shocked.

Yeah, that was a pretty batshit episode. I'd say that Sandra the mansion hoarder or either poop lady (Shauna and Linda) were also quite out there, as well. Sandra's especially. You know that it's bad when it's the case that breaks Dr Zasio.

Linda the house pooper broke my sister. She would casually watch episodes when she was around until that episode. Seeing all the human shit on the floor and her extreme neglect of her dog basically gave her TV induced PTSD and she refuses to watch it with me now. "Massive hoard" are her trigger words.

Last nights episode was pretty crazy. A codependent man child and crazy mom who had a 6’ high wall of filth surrounding the house. The kid was a total neck beard who hoarded old computers and synthesizers covered in rat feces that he valued at $80-$100k. The daughter tried to help them but ended up getting cut out of the hoarders and man baby’s lives.

Fun fact: Deathfat lolcow LifebyJen lives in the same town as Sherry.

The hoarders with fellow kid hoarders fascinate me. Matt seemed to understand that something was wrong,. But on the other hand he was totally fine hoarding his own shit and got mad at his sister for calling a welfare check on his mom? Lauren deserved much better than her piece of shit family. I hope she's getting therapy and has a better life without them in her life. Sherry already began re-hoarding, so if she wants to die in a fire or not be able to shower or shit in her own toilet again that's on her. Same with Matt.


Jul 10, 2020
So I was bored and looking up old episodes of Hoarders and similar hoarding shows (e.x. Hoarding Buried Alive).

Someone posted the trailer for this earlier, but I think this is one of the worst if not THE worst (there are others that are pretty close, but since they were hoarding human urine and feces, I have to rate this the worst):

Here's a couple others which are nearly as awful (some won't embed, sorry):