Hobart RPG/Board Game Shop has a "Female Only" Event Night, Bans Males - NO GROGNARDS ALLOWED


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Wow guys some actual original news straight from a kiwi's beak.

Having trouble archiving the comments from the facebook pages, if anyone has a suggestion. It's incredibly stupid so you should definitely have a look at the comments (they can't disable comments because they don't know how :story:) If anyone could help please do.

But this has caught the attention of Australian D&D fans, an independent game store is banning males from entering the store every fortnight for Women-Presenting only. Males are not allowed, but are allowing transgendered, non-binary, a-gendered and other non-binary genders.

Also I think FtM or Male-presenting trans people aren't allowed in too.

So question: What are your thoughts on banning all men from stores so that female-identified patrons feel comfortable?


As a certified aussie legbeard (that's a female neckbeard for all you normies) who has been a /tg/er and rpger for a majority of my life, I had to deal with guys all the time. It's a normality, just like in real life. Nerdy guys are chill but you get a weirdo out of a dozen. To deal with these weirdos you just confront them, if they can't accept it 90% of the time they will leave the store to avoid further embarrassment and avoid you fully. The other 10% is when you get the manager involved and they will deal with it their way because generally disrespecting women in a LGS is immediate bans in many cases. If the manager is lazy or stupid, they wont do anything.

Example? My friend was getting upset that a guy on the table kept slut shaming her high charisma druid. She complained to me after the game and never approached him about it. In private I did have a bit of a chat with him and offhandedly mentioned the situation, immediately he thought about it and said he'd never do it again. Sometimes guys are just stupid. Another time was when I was playing in a youth campaign, character had a Rapier and a 14 year old kid decided to make a rape joke after a character pulled it out. Instead of beasting him out, I kindly said "Be aware that there are some people here that won't approve of jokes like that." I think he understood what I meant.

Now, The current rise of 5e DnD newcomers has brought in a lot of new players, especially other women and transgendered people into a community of mostly blokes and old grognards. It happens to be that a lot of interest is coming from RPG podcasts and shows, which are very popular on tumblr, which is why recently there is a lot of women joining in.

Now the thing is, most people (especially people from tumblr) who pick up DnD are losers or nerds (like me) with no social graces and sometimes there are situations where people aren't challenging these weirdos, not telling people to stop or don't even report them to the managers, thus making their envionment shitty for everyone.

But oh jeeze there was something lost in translation when possibly a small vocal group of people in the Area 52 demanded a Female-Only night and segregated Males (including FtM) Basically, the ones who complained created this environment themselves and this is just a stupid way for the store to fix things. Remove the source of the disease, don't keep patching up for the symptoms.

TLDR: Girls if your getting slacked on by nerd bois, just call them out on it. They will shape up or be done in by managers. Don't hide from them.
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My first thought is "who's running the games?"

Not because women can't run games, but I get the feeling most of the people who would be happy about this are probably new to the game, which means now you're going to have groups of new players run by DM's who likely don't have half a clue what their doing, and that just a recipe for disaster right there. A good DM can really help ease new players into the game while still making it fun for experienced players. Instead here you'll get people who try it, have no fun because thier DM has to leaf through a book every two minutes to figure out if X can do Y, and give up D&D as "boring and dumb" which is just sad IMO.

As to offensive humor and stuff like that? In the store I go to where two tables, one which is mostly older, and one younger. funny enough both ended up split pretty much evenly between genders. And the girls who have stuck around tend to give right back as good as they get.


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This operates on a faulty presumption that male players are a threat to their comfort and fun.

Shouldn't we aim for a more egalitarian environment where both sides learn from one another instead of resorting to this?
That would be too logical and require effort and lead to the occasional misunderstanding that would have to be worked through!


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Example? My friend was getting upset that a guy on the table kept slut shaming her high charisma druid.
Everyone knows my High Charisma Half Elf Bard is swimming in STDs, he's visited every Tavern up and down the coast. I was wondering if I could ask my DM if he could be hired out as an Assassin and kill people by having sex with them. And how many STD's it would take to overcome a Greater Restoration spell.


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Why wouldn't it just be better for everyone to erase that nonsense from their A-board and write "ALL are welcome". Then toss the people who are genuinely causing a problem. I don't see how artificially creating division is better than nurturing an environment where people know that when they walk in the door they're going to be given the same respect as anyone or they can fuck off back to wherever regardless of their skin pigment or what's hanging between their legs.

Doing it the other way eventually just fosters thinking that some are of a protected class and can just act however they want then go and hide behind it crying when someone else calls them out.

Good post, OP. Keep rolling 20s.

EDIT: I just noticed they included the hashtag "LGBT" in their Facebook post. Guess gay dudes don't count as men either :story:


I was phone!
I'd be more worried about troons around me then game shop guys to be honest. Those guys just want to play Settlers of Catan or something. Troons are much more sexist, always screeching about being moody because they're so on their period, am I right girls, and if you don't call a troon MA'AM they're very likely to trash the store.

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