Hobart RPG/Board Game Shop has a "Female Only" Event Night, Bans Males - NO GROGNARDS ALLOWED

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So question: What are your thoughts on banning all men from stores so that female-identified patrons feel comfortable?
I really don't give a shit to be honest, I'm completely okay with women-only or men-only events but I am willing to bet any money that this game store will be up in arms with a men-only night (even if they're claiming that they'll be okay with one but lets be real, they're just trying to make the backlash as less severe as possible).

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I think I'd be funny if a gay black couple called them out on this being discrimination.
More common than you'd think. Half the regulars at my Pathfinder game are some flavor of queer. For a while, nerd shit like this was the only place certain people fit in.

It's why tabletop nerds are so hostile to this kind of shit. Tabletop was this embarrassing sideshow for decades, all of a sudden it's cool to play, and now you have people coming into the space dictating how it's to be run.
They set it up as a gender/race/whatever divide, but the reality is, even back in Gygax's day? There was at least one person in the room of white neckbeards who had to be an asshole about everything, and you didn't want to play with him.
It's literally a meme.

We don't need fewer men at the table. We don't need fewer women at the table. We don't need fewer minorities at the table.
We need a reduction in the shithead population at the table.


What'll it be, boys?
This makes sense. DnD is known to have players imitate rape fantasies or make a female player uncomfortable.

The shop has said that if men want a boys only night, they'll allow it. So no big deal.
Holy shit, it's common for games of D&D to include rape? I was playing it all wrong. I had the players killing Vroks instead of fucking them at knifepoint.


I think one of the commentors in the facebook post hits it right on the money.

It's not about it being a pro-women event, it's about it being anti-male. If they had a section of tables "for women only" but men were allowed to come in and participate in their own activities independently, then I don't think anyone would feel excluded. But that's not acceptable to many probably because they want the segregation as retribution for their own perceived segregation. And any criticism of this plan means you hate women.

At the end of the day a good LGS makes everyone feel welcome every time they open shop.

And fuck off with this "oh now I feel safe in the store" bullshit. It's a hobby store, filled with on-the-spectrum weirdos touting hentai shirts and spewing Rick and Morty memes. Throw women in the mix? You're gonna get people who don't know what the fuck to say or not say. Can the collective human race just fucking accept that these places are not going to draw in the most socially conscious people? You are going to run into people that make you uncomfortable because they are just fucking strange. As a man, there are plenty of people who make me uncomfortable by either smell or sight alone. Just accept that they're weird and move on. If it is a consistent problem then talk to the management and help improve the space for everyone, not alienate their core demographic.

An LGS should be removing toxic people if it's such an issue that they need a "no men night" to make people feel safe

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So I take it this store is in Hobart, Tasmania? How do they expect to do any real business with practices like this when the city has like 200k people? Transporting goods is expensive as fuck there so they need every dollar they can get or they'll quickly fold.
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The only thing wrong with this is letting troons attend. If people enjoy this and it helps their business then more power to them.


So I take it this store is in Hobart, Tasmania? How do they expect to do any real business with practices like this when the city has like 200k people? Transporting goods is expensive as fuck there so they need every dollar they can get or they'll quickly fold.
Zero competition, for a start.
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