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Feb 24, 2019
Featured on Aug 4, 2022 at 2:54 PM: Hollie Dance is entering the final rounds of appeals in a fight with the UK's NHS to gain control of her son, Archie, whose brain stem is necrotic.

Archie has died on August 6th at 12pm immediately after ventilator support was removed.
Lisa Pittaway, now known as Hollie Dance, is the mother of a child, Archie, who appears to have committed suicide though she attempts to blame it on a modification to a TikTok Challenge. She is a recipient of unversial credit which appears to be the UK's version of welfare. Her son has been declared dead as of May 31st by the High Court, but she refuses to allow the hospital to remove his ventilator. She grifts for money even though all legal fees and hospital bills are comped. She has now prolonged the usage of an ICU room for almost two months despite the fact her son is declared dead. She has publicly been asked in interviews if she would want to take Archie home and she has stated no that she feels he should be in hospital. This is not a situation like Tinslee or the others where the parent wants the child with them, she just wants him to be deemed alive for as long as possible to continue this grift.

Majority of the the videos and interviews (Including one with Jeremy Kyle) were done instead of spending time with her son after being given withdrawal of ventilation orders. Here are the orders she was given every time and her and her followers beliefs on them both bad and good. There was also rumor that she wanted to live stream his ventilator removal.

Lisa Pittaway/Hollie Dance

This Video is From Four Years Ago

Hollie changed her name, in 2014, (Have left the picture as is from how Hollie herself posted it on 7/26) it appears to distance herself from scrutiny of her history causing scenes and being an actual violent person. She states name change was easier then a divorce when asked why she did it. Her Facebook before it was sanitized showed that she was a stripper and that she worked at MULTIPLE Gentleman's Clubs. There was also rumor that she may have done work on the side as well. She also worked as a ring girl at MMA fights. It also seems that she had random people on Facebook calling her for phone sex. Katz and Club Tantalize speak about being premiere lap-dancing clubs.

Some of the posts from her now deleted blog have been archived, but many are lost. They show pretty much how little accountability was given to Archie's actions. At 5 years old Archie became a statemented child (In the US this is equivalent to a child being deemed a behavioral issue and given IEP services) Even then she places blame anywhere but her own actions. The only form of punishment she speaks of using on him was public embarrassment and on social mediaYou can see her lovely grasp of the english language in what she has told him to write: "i go explore to learn"

Most of the images posted by Hollie of her son would be considered pedobait style images. These were images she either decided to publicly post in support of him or ones she sent to articles (Archive) to post of her child.

Some of the many articles on her include:

Road Rage Article 1 (Archive)
Ear Drops Instead of Eye Drops (Archive)
Pole Dance Company Article (Archive)
Streaking at a Local Foot Ball Game (Archive)
Older Brother Almost Gets Hurt with Glass (Archive)
Hollie's Brother Goes to Jail (Archive)
After Being Released From Year In Jail He Did It Again (Archive)

Her name seems to be in connection to the fact that Hollie is a pole dance "instructor" or at the very least was one. She had created a business name, but there was some shady shit even in that. She continues to use her email address of poledanceuk @ hotmail.co.uk for court proceedings. Her Facebook before being cleaned showed more ass shots then a cam whores. She also had obvious posts proving she was a stripper and lap-dancer for multiple gentleman's clubs and ran her own sex phone line off Facebook.

There was discussion that drugs are involved with her as well but that is not proven. As part of her deleted facebook she did state that Archie vaped.

In this article (Archive) she advertised her business by stating she was going to fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, but there never was a follow up to state she actually did give the money to the unit. For a woman who LOVES to get herself publicity it seems odd that would not exist.

Her business page has been hosed from the web but the wayback machine lets us get an idea of what it was like:

Her business ended up being dissolved:

This is an example of the type of rants that Hollie posts and then deletes. She admits in here that the gofundme will NOT be used to pay the courts its actually be stated by the court she CAN'T use it for that:

I can only advise everyone on this page to do their own research on brain stem death , if a dead person can hold a body temperature, fight off a bug , fight off a chest infection and fight off sepsis . Can urinate concentrated urine , have a rumbling tummy , heart beat , control its own blood pressure, pick and choose when to reflex ie who's hand it would hold . Hold sodium levels , change potassium levels , poo or not to poo . Open eyes slightly, tears. Absorb food and yes back on 55ml feeds hourly .Not their choice but outside Authority over seeing now .

Important notice This is not a problem with the nurses ( apart from 3 they have all been amazing looking after Archie , I can't thank them enough.They do an excellent hard job and are over worked and under paid so this has never been aimed at nurses.

The gynecologist ( founder of the hospital) who told me whilst Archie was supposed to be in neauro protection that he is brain dead !!!
Course I question how she would know as the CT scan from southend showed blood flow to anterior and posterior brain .Also making own attempts to breath so put in an induced coma. So how would she know day 3 whilst still in an induced coma ? Next why when he was sent from southend to have a procedure to release swelling did she make the choice wait and see decision and do nothing !!!. Why has that gynecologist not been named in court as she was Admitting consultant? How comes she apparently left the hospital no longer works here in April yet ordered the MRI scan and signed her name on 31st May( didn't cover that lie to well did u ) Lol if none of this rings alarm bells
then pls carry on researching for yourself.

Why have we not touched the go fund me? Because we haven't been allowed to move him . Why haven't we had private specialists and blood tests by independent doctors ? Because the hospital won't allow it . The day the brain stem test was supposed to be carried out , why did the nerve test not work on Arch but did the examiner ? Why did that examiner ask the hospital if Arch had been given muscle relaxin drugs 3 times , why did 9 bags of fluid go up that night when I said I want a private blood test done ???? Normal amount fluids bags be 3 / 4 max ? . Why did yhe gynecologist tell me Archie sedation only took 40 minutes to be out his body then she could do brain stem test and it would be her that done it ? Followed by then we will discuss his organs. Yes just 40 min , it took 5 days for his legal limit to drop in the testing bracket! .

No brain stem test has been carried out I repeat NO BRAIN stem test has been carried out because the examiner was baffled by results of nerve test (muscle relaxin drugs ) Right now for best bit ready ..... MRI produced infront of court had no name , hospital number, date nothing on . It was questioned by my barrister. Next day it was produced ( just the 6 pics out of 2500) with details going across the skull only the day before the hospital said the pics had been cropped so details were cut out . OK so how are they now running across the skull when the cropped area was blank.

OK now here's the biggy!!!! How has the MRI image of Archie only got 9 bottom teeth but 3 separate nurses have counted 12 . I wonder why
I'm questioning every god dam thing this hospital are saying about my child . Mri is not a legal way to declare someone dead . Too quick to want him gone and because of these handful of listed things here along with other things I need to be 100% sure before I give up on my son.

Not 51% but 100% .

Also malnutrition causes necrosis so please bare this in mind not just brain stem death of 10% . Dr shemon is 100% more qualified than any doctor on Archies case and did 1 of them cross examine him . Did they heck. Nurse I told today apparently I should be by Archies bedside lol. Her reply is you don't leave his bedside and if you wanted too we are here lol. I haven't been home once.

Interviews are minutes long and needed to stop all things in Archies case being repeated with maybe your child . The online challenge I have never said the name of the app not once " I refer to it as online challenge " if police find different I will name it . It may not be a challenge and may still of been an accident .

Is Archie an unhappy child ? Not a chance . Does Arch have a RIP thing on his tik tok ? Yes it's about his favourite singer xtentation who died .

Did the trolls put 2 and 2 together there and come up with 2500 lol .

Have I got a past ? Hell yes .

Do I consent to you trolls using my sons pics and making up fake accounts about him ? No and it's being dealt with.

Did the court say we couldn't use go fund me page for legal fees? Yes only on 1st court appearance but then it was lifted with some reporting restrictions . Was our legal team pro bono ? Yes just for 2 weeks . Have we used £10.000 towards 3rd solicitor? Yes . How is rest of legal fees being paid ? Christian legal for solicitor and Barrister along with any legal fees that we are expected to pay from just giving page .

If I can move Archie I will use the go fund me. If I'm allowed specialist it will be from go fund me. If the money is not used what will it go towards if all goes wrong ? The best send off ever and the rest in trying to change the laws . Have I even used money from go fund me for so much as a cup of coffee ? Not a penny . I'm so sorry I have to answer this but there really are some incredibly thick trolls under mainly fake profiles and I think they may be losng sleep so there are your next questions to bicker about .

Run rats run . To the rest of Archiesarmy and support pls research and tell me you wouldn't do what I'm doing . The law needs changing " it should be a personal choice made by the parents not The trust , court or guardian. I'm not allowed to use none of this really in court as the case isn't about that bit I will be using it all in the future . Do I have proof of what I aledge? 100% I do . Will I back down ? Not a chance .

Some rather disconcerting messages between her and her oldest son were found by another forum user:

Archie Battersbee

Not much is known about pre-suicide Archie except for what his mom shows and stuff found on a now deleted TikTok where his username was painhub1679. It seems though that he was a depressed child from some of his postings. He also had been excluded (expelled) from his school for 2 years until Hollie forced via court a school to take him in. He required 1:1 while in school due to behavioral issues. His mother has always had inclinations of being quite litigious. There were postings discussing that Archie may have shown signs of being depressed before this happened (Also seems Ella Carter really likes to harass people).

Here is what other users were able to grab from Archie's TikTok as well as archiving the main page.

He also had himself a little girlfriend whose parents made her a part of EVERYTHING going on and have warped her mind with the story Hollie is putting out.

It is known that he was a gymnast and into MMA at an early age. She acts like he is some prodigy in this sport, but videos and images shown in the general tard thread were commented to very poor in form and stuff for his age. There also appears though she states hes in it competitively no rewards except for participation rewards usually given for goals met in the sports club itself. It appears that his first actual competitive fight was booked for the week after his suicide.

Another forum user posted this video where It appears that his mother's profession wasn't really hidden

A few videos from his accounts that show the attitude he would show online and candidly. For some reason most pre-accident videos have been deleted. It is almost like Hollie does not want people to remember her child before the accident.







Partying Two Days Before Archie's "Accident"​

The Accident

There are multiple stories on what happened on April 7th. What is know as fact is that Archie hung himself with a dressing cord off their banister and was without oxygen long enough that his brain ceased functioning. The mother has differing tales of her own involvement, what she saw, how long things took, etc.

Some of the tales Hollie has given for this event include (Up to 11 now) :


M.A.T.I. Image For You Visual Learners​
  • Original story was that she was in the house and didn't seem Archie for 10 minutes or so then came and found him hanging by the dressing cord. She then states she cut him down and he fell 8 feet and she ran out screaming and a neighbor came and did CPR until paramedics arrived. In this original story he was without oxygen for 40 minutes.
  • Later her story would change that he was only without oxygen for about 3 minutes and she did everything herself.
  • Another story involved her walking out of her room about 5 minutes after he played a joke on her to find him laying on the floor at top of stairs where she undid the cord and started CPR there.
  • Another story involved her coming home finding him hanging.
  • Two stories involved no rabbit, but them coming home from dinner and suddenly he's on the hallway staircase. The only difference in the accounts is one she does CPR and one she runs around outside until she finds a neighbor to do CPR.
  • Some stories involve a joke with a rabbit before hand, some do not. They either end with her being all happy about it to her screaming at him about it.
  • “I’ve left the room after a couple of minutes …. well not a couple of minutes like a few minutes. I’d had a phone call and just pottered around really”
  • “A couple of phone calls, well …. uh … two phone calls had taken place. A couple of text messages and then… Sorry, so when I’d made the first phone calls he’d come into my room on the last phone call and then I’d put the phone down. That’s when we had the conversation about the rabbit.”
  • Another version has the bunny story gone and that she was out of the house and came home and Archie was laying on the floor with the cord around his neck.
  • Her newest version of the story is the most perplexing yet. Now it states that he was playing with the rabbit tripped and somehow the dressing cord around his neck attached itself to the banister and hanged him.

Medieval Document Fortelling Final Version of Story
(Some Levity for You All)​

They attempt to state this was due to a Tiktok challenge. Tiktok themselves have made a statement on this and the challenge they refer to does not involve hanging oneself over a banister. The "choking challenge" has existed long before Tiktok existed and the CDC even put out a report (Archive) on it dating back to 1995 stating that its been known of since 1970. Tiktok (Archive) spoke out itself in regards to Hollie's comments.

An example of one of her many stories on what happened:

Another video she states that the morning before she caught him with the ligature and attempting to use it with the doorknob of a bedroom door:


Archie is on a ventilator, feeding tube and numerous medications just so that he is able to be "alive." It was noted that no sedation is required for Archie and this was confirmed by his mother. She does not realize that this actually goes against her case that he is fine since sedation is used since the body's autonomic response to a ventilator done in the way it is in Archie would be to fight against it. Archie has no gag reflex nor any of the normal reflexes that should be shown in even someone in a persistent vegetative state. If you look at the wall during the videos she posts from Archie's room there is a big banner that states "DO RESUCITATE! NO END OF LIFE CARE!"

She had fought for him to be trached by the hospital said no. She also planned to do a vigil to try to force the hospital to do what she wished. She also has broken hospital rules by sneaking the rabbit in. She seems to constantly think she knows more then the hospital and requests things be changed such as REMOVING his TPN. She also admits to video recording the doctors and nurses and has actively accused them of trying to kill Archie for his organs.

After the court date she started stating that the MRIs used weren't Archie's. It is believed she was told to tone this down because much of this was deleted.

The mother posts many conspiracy theories about the hospital itself. She had stated previously that they only want Archie to die so they can harvest his organs. She has also stated that they screw with his feeds and his ventilator settings. Archie is medically fragile and when he has events due to this she has blamed nurses stating that they purposely caused them. She also accused them of letting him bleed all over when in reality it was a line that got jostled and had to be relocated.


Some more accusations she has made against the hospital include (These were made publicly in an article listed below):
  • She stated Archie got sepsis because the hospital refused to clean his room.
  • Now he opens his and eyes and is very drowsy.
  • She states again they are starving him.
  • She wants Archie to not be sedated. (Yet later admits he is not on sedation.)
  • She thinks the MRI is wrong because she only saw 8 teeth in it instead of 13.
  • She thinks necrosis is reversible.
  • She thinks that they purposely put Archie on muscle relaxers so he'd fail the precursor test
  • She equates children being put near the nurses desk as them zeroing out a child to kill not that they require extra attention because they are in a seriously bad way.
  • She accuses the hospital of attempting to cause cardiac arrest by giving him potassium.
They beg for independent doctors and lawyers to do things while posting that the hospital is attempting to hurt Archie. These posts have all been deleted by now.

Hollie fights that Archie responds to her via squeezing her hand and heart rate via his monitor. No one has been able to reproduce these effects and the videos she shows do not show him squeezing her hand at all. She has only ever produced one video to attempt to prove this. Her Army told her to obtain an Apple watch for him to keep tabs since she and they believed the nurses were altering things which she has done. He has had sepsis as well as multiple infections. She also believes the fact he drools proves that his brain works. She added onto this to say she had proof he was breathing as well.

There has been statements by people that she has been harassive to staff and letting people onto the unit. She attempted to make a show of this for her army by making a vague post then exaggerating it up later. There also have been multiple reports of her trying to live feed the removal of his ventilation.

Different med lists have shown up in her postings. It has been stated he is on a lot of pressors to keep his blood pressure up. The hospital states that he will suddenly just lose a bunch of fluid via his urine or diarrhea which causes his blood pressure to drop significantly.

She has posted photos like this to show Archie "opening his eyes" which has lead to numerous chants of "Open Your Eyes Archie" from
her army.

Glasgow Coma Scale discussed in the court documents shows Archie with a score of 3. This is the lowest score you can obtain on this test. There is also a flowchart on brain death as well that is helpful in understanding Archie's state.

At one point Hollie accused them of ignoring the fact that Archie probably had a broken neck and posted about an MRI she saw "bone lump".





Barry is a little stuffed monkey that they bring to all the court appointments as a type of proxy for Archie. He gets stories written about him to show his antics and they went so far as to one time dressing him up in robes and a wig and placing him in front of the judges.



Hollie's Response To Archie's Probable Death In Transport
Hollie got banned from facebook the day before the withdrawal finally took place. The vitrol from her and her army the night before was just what was expected.

She made interviews though that night and a vigil was planned.

The turn out was not what was to be expected by the RSVPs and seemed to mainly be the more obessive AA people.

Spread The Purple Wave/Archie's Army

Spread The Purple Wave began on April 10th and the first go fund me appeared at the same time. The group was originally called Spread The Purple Wave and it involves spamming purple hearts on Facebook and using purple as their primary color for their fundraising. Though the group is private they seem to accept anyone who joins. They also readily boot anyone that doesn't completely state Archie is alive and not brain dead for being "negative". They also request there own users bring them people to support their case. YET Hollie went to and harassed a suicide prevention page of someone who had their sister commit suicide two years prior.

They have flat out told their users to not look at any of the court info or post about it. That Hollie is the only authority in what happens. As of July 21st, they are actively deleting anyone who brings up what happens in court now since it proves Hollie has been lying to the Facebook group.

Multiple followers have obtained tattoos or dermal piercings for Archie as well as his brother with his full back tattoo:

They send messages and for Hollie to read to Archie, Bibles, Huggy Wuggy Bootleg (which caused a tangent about he was a devil toy or something), Gold Pants and scarily post this image about how a man respond to his own on being in this situation. They also have a thread of affirmations for Archie that some of the users read off for themselves.

They made fanart as well as well as altars and creepy family posts:

And the little girls that showed up at the vigil were extra creepy in the way their were photographed by their parents in a message to Archie.

They also attempted at times to discuss ways to barricade the hospital room or have a protest. A vigil was done, but though 63 people signed up there did not appear to be much of an actual showing.

They also had their users spam the UN, a politician and google review bomb the hospital.

Dignity for All

The other Facebook involved in the Archie Debate (As well as Gard and Evans) is Dignity For All. At a glance the site seemed to be just a site gathering accurate information without Hollie's twist on things. On further glance though it appears that they in some sense wish to instigate drama themselves.

As they became a refuge for Archie's Army comments began in a random post with a misspelled version of the admin's name (who was not an admin themselves) that there was a new private group opening up. The only way to get into this group was to message this person. Since it seemed that they were being tricked it was posted about here and this lead to them making snarky comments in a private group in what appears to be an attempt to get a response. The posts were leaked from the private group as well as the info that their new Facebook group is set that your account has to have been active for at least 6 months to join.

They are back to posting now on the main account since it appears the issue was they were banned again due to reporting by members of Archie's Army. The drama and banning of members caused a portion of DFA to make a new group "True4All Truth Respect Unity Empathy"

Archie's Army versus Dignity for All

Stunt pulled by Hollie that lost her a lot of followers

Hollie and her army hate a website called Dignity for All which discusses different cases and situations that involve issues with dignity to those who are dead or dying. Hollie refers to them as hospital trolls and at first truly seemed to believe the website consisted of actual physical people at the hospital. Hollie has also put out large profanity filled rants about DFA. Her admin have actually made comments stating people who are against Hollie should "die."

Hollie and her family are not beyond telling other people to kill themselves on the DFA site. Her eldest son has actually flat out told people to kill themselves which seems to go against his preclevity for happy snowmen. Which should be a reminder to all what you post online never leaves ESPECIALLY if it involves sodomy and a snowman.

Ella Carter has actually spent time publicly finding people on DFA to harass and outting their private lives onto the Archie's Armys Facebook. She then supported people going after these people by contacting their employers.

They have attempted to get DFA shut down and have harassed people there to the point some actually got Facebook banned. One even tried to get the police to get the page shut down. They also do not understand that if you publicly post something saying "Do Not Share" does not make it suddenly a crime to share it.

It appears that the DFA site is becoming a refuge for AA people in the last few days. Numerous people left after Hollie posted this video realized just what type of person she was and that this has been a show for her and not about Archie's interests at all.

These same followers are also heading to here, Tattlelife and reddit as well as they learn what Hollie is really about.


Current Total - £46,002 ($55,720)

It should be noted that the court itself has stated that all legal representation is pro bono and HAS been pro bono this entire time. So these fundraisers asking for legal aid are fraudelent really since she is not paying any of these barristers. The ebegging for legal aid also began before they were even notified that a case was being brought against them. (Go Fund me went up 4/10, letter from hospital about legal proceedings posted earlier is 4/27).

Hollie has admitted plans to use the fundraising money even if Archie dies.

Go Fund Me #1 (Archive)- £35,307 ($42,859)
This one closed on 8/6 to start a 3rd one.
Ella Carter took over this GoFundMe from another user. This requested legal and medical funding when nothing legal would have happened yet and Archie's treatment is free in the UK. His funeral costs will also be covered in part by a government fund set up for just this issue. The total for this gofundme drops periodically as people demand refunds.

Just Giving #1 (Archive) - £10,695 ($13,021)
They closed this one on 7/30 to cash out before it hit its goal.

There was a "charity event" that went on where they gave the money to Hollie herself. £1,000 ($1,200)

Ella has been doubling down on begging for donations as of 7/26 acting as if they funds have run dry. Yet, they do not pay legal fees nor medical fees and shes planning a trip to thailand suddenly. Her boyfriend Hollie's son has also been joking about being able to suddenly put down a bunch of money on the trip.

Miscellaneous Funding
There have been numerous miscellaneous funding done as well. Some have included pretending that Archie's Army is a charity which is against the law in the UK. They also ran raffles with no clear amount given for what was donated.

There is debate on if anything will come out of these, but these items were made and sold/given to other people:

One of the family friends was requesting people give her money privately for fotoball tickets for Archie knowing that at the time he was in hospital on ventilation and not able to attend. These same people also reached out to a charities.

The person who ran the raffle came to the light and realized the shit going on with Hollie. She then started to refund for people who requested and Hollie went insane she was losing money from the gofundme while at the same time her son's life support was going to be turned off in under an hour (She of course got another stay at the 11th hour) The amount that flipped her out equated to £120($145).


Chang.org Petition (Archive)
CitizenGo Petition (Archive)

The court cases seemed to only escalate Hollie's accusations and such on Facebook.
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Feb 24, 2019

The Court Cases - Public Documents Attached


Case 1 - May 12 & 13 - Trust wishes court to allow brain stem test which family refuses - Judgement is that Brain Stem Test is Approved.
  • Lays out what happened as the court knew at that time.
  • Originally testing at first hospital showed him to be unresponsive and that his pupils were fixed and dilated. The hospital attempted what it could and at that point was able to get pressure of his brain enough to restore the pupil reaction to light. (This reaction would then be lost again as he progressed towards death.)
  • He was moved to the hospital he is at now. Testing was done via the hospital itself and independent local hospitals showing that he suffered from a severe hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (brain damage due to lack of flood of blood and oxygen to brain).
  • First case laid out these facts:
    • April 8th - Damage too extensive for surgical intervention.
    • April 10th - Diabetes Insipidus, a condition which is highly correlated with brain stem death began.
    • April 15th - MRI shows full global brain dysfunction.
    • April 20th - No reaction to stimuli at all during EEG.
    • May 9th - Independent Doctor checks for any response from Archie.
      • "Dr Playfor explained that the brain stem is responsible for the key functions keeping us alive, such as controlling the heart rate and breathing. He had examined Archie on 9th May 2022. He tested him for responses. Dr Playfor put pressure on Archie's nail beds and got no reaction. His pupils did not react to the light. There was no response to stimulation of Archie's cornea. He tested Archie's reflexes by pouring 50ml of ice-cold water into his ear. He looked to see if deep suction in the throat would stimulate coughing or a gag response, but it did not. He noted that Archie did not open his eyes and nor did he move. He was "entirely unresponsive""
    • May 9th - Informal Apnea test shows no response.
      • Family will later state that Archie had EVERY possible interaction to this test that could occur without any proof.
        • Consulting doctor proved via notes and readouts that this was a fabrication.
    • May 11th - Angiogram shows no changes to blood flow (There had been no blood flow seen in or out or around the brain)
    • Family refused brain steam death chart stating they feared that apnea test portion of it would cause more brain damage.
      • This test removes someone from the ventilator to see if their brain attempts to breath at all.
    • There is discussion of some instances of a difficult relationship between Hollie and nursing/doctor staff.
  • The reason the US Doctor was denied as an experienced witness was:
    • US has different rules on brain stem death then the UK.
    • He also was using data from a non current study.
      • This study also was regarding Traumatic Brain Injury not the type Archie had.
      • The test it referenced was outdated.
      • The study was on adults not children.
  • Confirmation of no cervical spine injury occurred at this trial. (Hollie's latest thing is that his head is floppy due to a broken vertebrae.)

Case 2 June 6 through 8th - Trust wishes to stop Treatment and declare brain dead - Court Approves this Motion.
  • There is a Reporting Restrictions Order which prohibits the identification of any of the parties by others in the suit unless voluntarily done so by the person themselves.
    • This means that naming nurses, etc by the mother is against this order.
  • Mother tried to say the unofficial brain steam death test caused a hypotension response by Archie.
    • Doctors confirmed no such incident occurred.
  • The test was not able to be performed because Archie did not react to the peripheral nerve stimulation tests which were a precursor to the brain stem test.
    • Archie was too dead for a brain stem death test.
  • The MRI test was done due to this.
    • The mother was against this because she felt it could cause injury to Archie.
      • "This was opposed by the parents who were concerned about the risks to Archie"
  • Archie's parents accused the hospital of using an MRI of someone else to prove their case against Archie and they were starving him.
    • "Mr Quintavalle raised two preliminary matters on behalf of the Respondent parents. The first, was their concern that the scans of Archie’s brain and spine produced by Dr P were not images of Archie but of someone else."
    • "The second was the parents’ concern that the hospital was purposefully starving Archie. He informed the Court that he may be instructed to apply for an Emergency Protection Order in both regards."
  • Both claims were proven false of course.
    • MRIs are linked to patient via their barcode and personal info.
    • His body is incapable of taking nutrients because the minute feeds hit his stomach he automatically has massive fluid loss due to diarrhea. This is because his brain is incapable of talking to his stomach.
      • "Dr F explained the brain injury is a trigger for diarrhea because the brain and gastrointestinal system communicate with each other via the enteric nervous system, throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Archie’s brain injury means that normal signals are not getting to his gut."
  • The justice discusses the mothers issues and that she would rather google and listen to her online group then doctors:
    • "The desperation of the parents is perhaps shown by the two preliminary matters raised. Neither complaint had any foundation. "
    • "The two issues raised show clearly the lack of trust the family has in the very experienced clinicians caring for Archie. I noted from the nursing notes found in the medical records that Archie’s mother preferred to search for answers on the internet or from people who had contacted her rather than accepting what the specialist doctors treating Archie and who have care of him on a daily basis were saying. "
  • The hospital has to hourly change his vasopressure drugs because his urine output widely varies.
  • "The family thought there was a chance Archie would come home again but accepted he may be severely disabled or in a severely vegetative state but this “was better than nothing”. "
  • In regards to religious beliefs:
    • Mother states they were not very religious, but that Archie was becoming so. This is why she had him christened.
  • In regards to the mother stating that she had proof from a doctor of recovery the justice stated:
    • "Examples of ‘miracle’ recoveries again were not helpful."
    • As well as this, the doctor had never seen any of Archie's scans.
  • Timeline:
    • 7th April
      • Archie admitted CT scan shows signs of hypoxic injury to brain.
    • 8th April:
      • EEG shows severe dysfunction caused by injury to the brain but do not show any ongoing seizure activity.
      • CT Scan shows severe hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy.
      • Angiogram shows worsening of cerebral and cerebellar oedema with increasing tonsillar herniation in devastating hypoxic ischaemic brain injury
      • Signs of diabetes insipidus (“DI”) begin which can result from severe trauma.
        • DI causes very high levels of sodium with severe dehydration due to his kidneys excreting a lot of dilute urine.
    • 9th April:
      • Cerebral Function Monitoring (“CFM”) showed changes consistent with right-sided seizure activity consistent with elevation of blood pressure and heart rate.
    • 10th April:
      • Repeat of CT/Angiogram show increased brain swelling compared to the earlier CT scan and further evidence of injury to the cortex which controls most higher cognitive, sensory and motor functions and cerebellum (movement and co-ordination).
        • "Brain swelling is starting to push the brain stem against the base of the skull"
    • 11th April:
      • Second opinion sought states that Brain Steam Death Test should be administered, but that regardless of outcome Archie's should be stopped.
        • "The extent of brain injury is incompatible with any meaningful recovery”."
    • 14th April:
      • Third opinion sought:
        • “Devastating hypoxic brain injury caused by the hanging. His prognosis is very poor and he is unfortunately unlikely to survive”.
        • Advised DNR and palliative care.
      • EEG for 30 minutes showed no activity at all.
      • Archie's mother requests at least one more month to see if Archie recovers.
    • 15th April:
      • MRI and MRA are done showing further deterioration.
        • “Severe hypoxic-ischaemic injury (injury caused by lack of blood and oxygen supply) affecting the entire brain – cortex, midbrain, brain stem and cerebellum. There is associated swelling of the entire brain and the cerebellar tonsils have now been pushed through the foramen magnum compressing the brain stem. On the MRA no blood flow can be detected within any of the intracranial blood vessels. This represents a further deterioration compared to his earlier CT scans."
        • The whole of the brain showed evidence of extreme oxygen starvation. The brain had coned which destroys the brain stem and there was a lack of blood flow to the brain. This was stated to be the point of no return for brain steam recovery.
      • Second opinion sought:
        • Confirms results of first test and states once again that invasive ventilation should be stopped that there is no hope for recovery.
    • 20th April:
      • EEG performed with mother's request of boxing audio and music Archive loved.
        • No response and no cortical activity were seen.
    • 6th May:
      • Neurological Examination:
        • "It is even clearer that Archie has suffered a very severe and, in my opinion, irrecoverable brain injury and is very likely to be brain dead. Even should he prove to have some residual brain stem function, his prognosis remains very poor and he is very likely to remain in a comatose or vegetative state and dependent on mechanical ventilation for the rest of his life”"
    • 9th May:
      • Second Opinion:
        • Supports all said before and that at his hospital they would have done the brain stem test right away.
      • Informal Brain Stem Death Test:
        • This involves reflexes and a two minute Apnea Test.
          • Archie was entirely unresponsive.
        • Dr stated Archie was brain dead.
    • 11th May:
      • Angiogram showed complete lack of flow in Archie's Brain.
    • 16th May:
      • Two independent doctors performed Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Tests on Archie.
        • The test failed and if this test is failed there cannot even be a brain steam death test.
    • 25th May:
      • Information was given to the justice stating that Archie was brain dead.
        • "Taking into account the mechanism of injury,Archie’s unresponsive condition and the severe coning seen on the MRI scans of 15th April 2022, in the view of the professionals in the paediatric intensive care specialism, the nursing staff, neurology, neuroradiology and endocrinology it was likely that Archie’s brain stem had died between 8th and 26th April 2022."
    • 31st May:
      • Final MRI performed:
        • Brain shrinkage and necrosis was seen.
          • "The severe coning seen on 15th April 2022 had not changed. The cerebellar tonsils which had been squashed together with the lower part of the brain stem and had herniated through the bottom of the skull remained but there were signs now of necrosis."
          • Severe damage to the Thallmus.
          • The medulla had shrunken and was showing necrosis.
        • No blood flow in any part of the brain.
        • No spinal injury which is what Archie's mother was using as her reasoning for not allowing certain testing.
          • Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Cord showed necrosis. As well as debris from necrosis of other areas of spine.
        • "He said somewhere between 10 and 20% of the brain stem had undergone necrosis but that damage to the brain stem was over 50%. The necrosis was caused by the squashing of the brain stem and the coning into the top of the spinal cord."
        • "The sort of images he was seeing were ones he usually saw at perimortem or postmortem"
    • 4th June:
      • Doctor determines that the movements made by Archie that the mother stated happened were unreplicable. That there was no reason to believe they had actually occurred.
        • The mother was caught in several lies:
          • Mother stated he cried during a procedure, problem is the procedure wasn't real and he wasn't crying.
            • "I remembered too, the hospital evidence that the ventilator tube is never replaced and therefore would not produce the pain mentioned by the family as possibly causing a tear. I heard too that Archie’s pupils are examined by a pupilometer several times a day and he has to be given eye drops four times a day to prevent his eyes from drying out when the eyelids are lifted and drops put in. There has not been a change in the dilation of fixation of his pupils for many weeks."
          • Grasping Hand:
            • The video shows that she was using the fact his hands had contracted into c shape that should could manipulate to seem like he was grasping and moving his hands voluntarily.
  • Judge's Conclusions
    • Is it probable that Archie is brain stem dead? YES
      • "In my judgment, the lack of the test in Archie’s case caused as it is by his very severe brain damage, does not prevent me from anxiously considering the abundant clinical evidence in these proceedings and coming to a conclusion as to whether I can find on the balance of probabilities that Archie is brain stem dead."
    • Declaration:
      • "I find that Archie died at noon on 31st May 2022, which was shortly after the MRI scans taken that day. I find that irreversible cessation of brain stem function has been conclusively established."
      • "I give permission to the medical professionals at the Royal London Hospital (1) to cease to ventilate mechanically Archie Battersbee; (2) to extubate Archie Battersbee; (3) to cease the administration of medication to Archie Battersbee and (4) not to attempt any cardio or pulmonary resuscitation on Archie Battersbee when cardiac output ceases or respiratory effort ceases.
    • Best Interests:
      • "I must ask myself what Archie’s view might be of the treatment as it is being administered to him today. He is 12 and although he told his mother he would prefer to be on a life support machine rather than dead,"
        that was not an opinion he had come to based on the reality of the medical intervention he receives now and the likely outcome."
      • "The tragedy of the situation is that Archie’s life is unrecognizable compared to the one he lived just nine weeks ago. He cannot eat the food or drink he would have enjoyed. When thinking theoretically about medical support in these
        circumstances, I would not have expected Archie to take into account the many tube and line supports that have to be attached to his body, bringing nutrients in and taking his bodily products away. In terms of not wanting to leave his
        mother, tragically Archie does not know his mother is there and that she has spent the last eight weeks at his bedside when she was not at court.
      • "It is accepted by all that Archie does not feel pain, I do consider, however, that the many medical procedures which are keeping his body functioning are a burden on him. I find that Archie is suffering physical harm from his condition and the extensive medical treatment he is receiving."

Appeal 1 June 29th - Hollie wishes to overrule Case 2 - Hollie wins Appeal
Youtube Part 1, Youtube Part 2 and Youtube Part 3)
  • She was able to appeal on these 6 grounds:
    • Determination of death should have been by criminal standards of proof not civil (This require a more stringent process)
    • Judge was wrong to extend the common law definition of death to include brain stem death.
    • Judge breached their rights under Article 9 by not accommodating the religious/philosophical views of death held by Archie (and his family).
      • "Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others"
    • Judge's diagnosis of death was not compliant with "The Code." (Attached the 42 page document used to determine death)
      • Brain Death requires this to be met:
        • Absence of brain stem reflexes
          • The pupils are fixed and do not respond to sharp changes in the intensity of incident light.
          • There is no corneal reflex – care should be taken to avoid damage to the cornea.
          • The oculo-vestibular reflexes are absent.
          • No motor responses within the cranial nerve distribution can be elicited by adequate stimulation of
            any somatic area.
          • There is no cough reflex response to bronchial stimulation by a suction catheter placed down the trachea
            to the carina, or gag response to stimulation of the posterior pharynx with a spatula.
          • The process for testing the respiratory response to hypercarbia (apnea test) should be the last brain-stem
            reflex to be tested and should not be performed if any of the preceding tests confirm the presence of brain-stem reflexes.
    • Judge was wrong to say Archie is dead.
    • Judge did not make determination in Archie's best interests.
  • The appeal was approved with 2 requirements in place regarding Archie's Parents.
    • They could not appeal the judge’s decision to refuse them an ethics expert.
    • They could not call an expert in natural death at the hearing before Hayden J.
  • In the end they seem to agree that Archie is dead, but the appeal is won on a technicality that the original case should have changed to a best interests not a declaration of death hearing.

Case 3 July 11th- Trust Enters into Best Interests Case - Judgement Approves and States Removal of Treatment to Occur Issues DNAR
  • Doctors were afraid 4/26 to do MRI instead of brain stem test because he was so medically fragile they believed it would kill him.
  • Judge is against appeals ruling stating that legal and clinical should have been hand in hand and that they were attempting a diagnosis of exclusion to state he was dead instead of looking at "reality" (for lack of a better term).
  • No doctor has seen any response from him since that day and he has consistently had a Glasgow Coma Scale of 3 (The lowest you can have)
  • New Medical info:
    • On April 11th:
      • "He has been on CFAM [Cerebral Function Analysing Monitor] monitoring; the raw EEG is currently flat and featureless and the amplitude integrated EEG demonstrates consistently extremely low upper and lower margins, consistent with severe dysfunction or brain death."
    • On April 20th:
      • He had no response to pain or any gag reflex. They suctioned him and got no response.
    • On May 5th:
      • Independent doctor opinion:
        • “entirely unresponsive with absent pupillary, cough, gag, corneal and ocular-vestibular reflexes”. He also found that “there was no respiratory effort during a 2-minute informal apnoea test”.
    • Archie's Current Care Requirements:
      • Standard treatment and care practiced in a neuro-intensive care with round the clock care provided by 1:1 and at times
        2:1 nursing (heavily dependent)
      • Continuous and invasive monitoring to allow target of haemodynamic parameters (monitoring of blood pressure,
        heart rate and urine output and treatment targeted to keep them within a standard range known to be safe)
      • Oxygenation and carbon dioxide clearance by the ventilator (breathing machine) as he is unable to breathe for himself
      • Routine neuro-critical care respiratory management (standard patient positioning, turning, clearance of secretions by suctioning and physiotherapy of the chest)
      • Regular turning and care to prevent pressure areas developing and bed sores
      • Regular cleaning and changes to prevent skin breakdown
      • Support of the blood pressure with medications as needed
      • Treatment for chest, blood or other infection with antibiotics as required
      • Continuous Vasopressin administration to control water balance and salt balance within the body based on hourly
        urine output
      • Fluid boluses due to large uncontrolled urine output despite treatment as needed
      • Feeding via a tube into the stomach to give nutrition as tolerated
      • Loperamide treatment to slow down the passage of food through his gastrointestinal tract due to diarrhea
        secondary to gut failure associated with brain failure
      • Administration of glucose to prevent low blood sugars as needed
      • Electrolyte disturbance corrections, particularly potassium, (body salts kept within a safe range by regular replacement)
      • Active warming to prevent the body getting too cold as needed. (He cannot control his own temperature.)
      • Steroid replacement and thyroid hormone replacement (hormone replacement needed due to brain damage)
      • Prophylactic treatment to prevent deep vein thrombosis (clots forming in blood vessels)
    • New Current Medical Issues:
      • "He has become malnourished and this, along with the necessity for repeated blood tests, has led to him becoming anaemic. (requiring blood transfusions intermittently).
      • "Archie has developed yellow necrotic secretions from the lungs. "
  • Life History (The judge spoke of his life as well):
    • For some reason it came up that Archie had two years of exclusion from school due to behavior.
      • Hollie discussed how she took the case from local authority to Tribunal until she won and got a school to take him.

Appeal 2 July 21st & 22nd & 25th- Application for Permission to Appeal with Appeal Hearing If Granted - Appeals Refused on All Grounds - 2-Day Stay for EHCR Appeal
(Youtube Part 1, Youtube Part 2, Youtube Part 3 & Youtube Part 4)
  • Appeal was started due to statement that the Judge had not kept Archie's best interests BEYOND medical at heart.
  • Medical Issues brought up
    • Archie's brain is dead to the point it doesn't tell his body to remove liquids via uriniation on it's own.
    • Archie's gut has failed to work without medical intervention for the same reason.
    • Archie requires almost hourly blood tests and intermittent blood transfusions.
    • Every function of his body is now done via mechanical or medicinal means.
    • There was secondary spinal cord damage.
      • "‘In fact, the secondary spinal cord damage which was discovered as a result of the MRI of the 31st May 2022 was likely to make breathing impossible and thus invalidated the apnoea test.’"
  • Options being weighed were:
    • “Option 1”, (Trust) was for life-sustaining treatment to be withdrawn from Archie at an arranged time at which family members might be present and during which the process that would then follow would be supported by the presence of all the relevant medical personnel."
    • “Option 2”, (Hollie) is for the current life-sustaining treatment regime to be continued until such time as Archie’s body may give up and he would die, to use their word, “naturally” and, again to use the family’s phrase, at a time “chosen by God”.
  • Hollie's barrister laid out 6 grounds to their appeal and the final hearing 7/25 he tried to tack on a 7th:
    • Ground 1
      • Judge failed to give any or adequate reasons for not accepting submissions made by the Appellants.
    • Ground 2
      • Judge failed to give proper effect or proper weight to Archie’s previously expressed wishes to be maintained on life support (clearly expressed in his conversation with his mother and brother and supported by wider evidence about Archie’s character and ethical views). This approach is wrong in law because it is in breach of the state’s positive obligation, is in breach of Archie’s Article 8 right to choose the manner of his death, is in breach of Archie’s rights and amounts to substituted decision-making on behalf of a disabled person.
    • Ground 3
      • Judge erred in making the following factual findings which materially affected his best interests determination which include finding, contrary to the factual evidence, that “there can be no hope at all of recovery”, accepting the expert evidence of Dr Playfor when this evidence was, as a result of subsequent developments confirmed by the Court of Appeal, entirely unreliable and accepting that Archie could not breathe as a result of damage to his brain.
    • Ground 4
      • Judge erred in fact and in law in holding that Archie’s LST was “burdensome”, was “futile” and “compromised his dignity, deprives him of his autonomy and becomes wholly inimical to his welfare”.
    • Ground 5
      • Judge failed to apply the well-established ‘strong presumption’ in favour of prolonging life and made a manifestly incorrect finding that Archie’s LST treatment served “only to protract his death whilst being unable to prolong his life”.
    • Ground 6 (This was not pursued when brought into question)
      • Judge made a procedural error in taking into account extraneous evidence he found “in the public domain”, which had not been properly admitted in the proceedings.
    • Ground 7 (Not properly put forth, but in the court document it was made into the new Ground 6)
      • Judge deems this "Parents’ Primary Ground"
      • Judge failed to give any real or proper weight to Archie’s previously expressed wishes and his religious beliefs, failed to give any real or proper weight to Archie’s family’s wishes and views as to the continuation of life sustaining treatment, failed to carry out a careful, clear and comprehensive evaluation of the benefits and burdens of the continuation of life sustaining treatment and In making his best interests determination, the Judge fell into error in concluding that Archie’s life sustaining treatment was: (i) burdensome; (ii) futile; (iii) compromising his dignity, depriving him of his autonomy and wholly inimical to his welfare.
        • This is how the judge stated his feelings of this:
          • "Mr Devereux, who did not appear below and who had been instructed after the proposed grounds of appeal and supporting skeleton argument had been filed, in presenting the parents’ case at the oral hearing, chose to devote the entirety of his address to the court to a further ground of appeal which, whilst not expressly pleaded as an amendment to the Notice of Appeal."
        • This was how the barrister stated his feelings of this:
          • "Mr Justice Hayden’s decision was driven almost wholly by Archie’s medical best interests and not by a careful, clear, understandable and comprehensive evaluation of Archie’s best interests in the widest sense."
  • Apelleate Response to Grounds:
    • Ground 1 & 2
      • Denied with no prospect of success and without foundation:
        • Cases presented to support were with adults not children and one case was invalid since the decisions are made on an individual basis. The disability rights were deemed beyond the scope since this is not a case of a disabled child.
    • Ground 3
      • Denied due to letter from barrister stating Hollie accepted her son had no hope of recovery.
        • Barrister was fighting that Trust had told them there was a 1% chance a healthy adult would "recovery" meaning moving to persistive vegative or minimally conscious state.
      • Appellate states that even if he moved up the coma scale all medical records state he still would be dead in a few weeks.
    • Ground 4
      • Denied.
        • "The judge was entitled to find that the treatment carried a burden for Archie, even though he has no capacity to experience pain and no conscious awareness"
    • Ground 5
      • Denied due to their intepretation being not tenable and wrong.
    • Parents’ Primary Ground
      • Judge's thoughts:
        • "There can be no hope at all of recovery. Archie’s mum, in particular, but the family more generally, recoil from this terrible reality. Nobody criticises them in any way for this. When it comes to evaluating the medical evidence, they have been ambushed by their emotions and overwhelmed by an intensity of grief that has compromised their objectivity."
      • Barrister says the judge should have taken these 7 factors into account when deeming life support should be ended.
        • The presumption in favour of prolonging life
        • Archie's wishes and feelings
        • Archie’s religious beliefs and values
        • Family’s wishes and beliefs
        • Fact that Archie does not experience pain
        • Benefit of allowing Archie to die at a random time and in a natural way
        • Prospect of there being some limited recovery.
  • Conclusion
    • "Permission to appeal can only be granted on the parents’ new ground of appeal if there is a real prospect of it being shown that the judge’s decision was unjust because of a serious procedural irregularity arising from the manner in which he approached the decision and expressed his reasoning. After a detailed examination, I do not accept that there is any prospect of the decision being shown to be wrong or unjust, whether for procedural reasons or otherwise. The new ground of appeal relates only to matters of form and raises no matter of true substance."

UN Appeal July 27th - Used to Delay EHCR Appeal Request - Denied

EHCR Appeal July 28th - Application for Permission of EHCR Appeal - They wasted 3 days demanding this and then did not do it.

Supreme Court Appeal July 29th -
DENIED - NO MORE STAYS - Removal 2pm August 1st

  • Skipped ECHR for This.
  • Judge expedited looking at case.
  • Refused Appeal.
  • "Lord Hodge, the Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Lord Kitchin and Lord Stephens have considered the application for permission to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal, who have refused permission to appeal to that court, not to grant a longer stay of the orders of Haydon J dated 15 July 2022 which will result in the withdrawal of life–sustaining treatment from Archie Battersbee."
  • "The panel is satisfied that (if the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear this application – a matter on which the panel has not been addressed) the application does not raise an arguable point of law that the Court of Appeal has fallen into error in exercising its discretion in the way in which it did."
  • "The panel has great sympathy with the plight of Archie’s devoted parents and recognizes the emotional pain which they are suffering. But, having considered the careful judgment of the Court of Appeal delivered by Sir Andrew MacFarlane, President of the Family Division and the application for permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision in relation to the stay, the panel refuses permission to appeal."

Emergency Hearing August 1st - Stop Removal of Ventilator until UN Can Review - Denied - Withdrawal August 2nd at 12pm
  • The reason a stay was allowed was due to the father being put into hospital so he would not miss being with his son.
  • Refusal to allow appeal to Supreme Court was due to the fact they had already denied it and no new evidence had been brought about.
  • The UN wanted admissibility to be September 29th a stay of almost two months (They have a 6 month backlog as it is).
  • April 30th the hospital let all parties know of August 1st withdrawal.
  • Her solicitor wanted stay until a response from UN and the secretary of state to be made a party of the case.
    • Hospital Trust as well as Guardian for Archie were against any stays.
  • Her solicitor said Archie is stable and the Justice put out why this was inaccurate:
    • "His system, his organs and ultimately his heart are in the process of closing down."
  • The justice found that their argument only made the case FOR withdrawal better:
    • "It is not apparent that there is any gap between the provision in the European Convention on Human Rights and the UNCRPD in these two respects. If anything, and this is an observation rather than stating any principle of law, the statement of right to life in the ECHR would seem to be in clearer and stronger terms even than that in the UNCRPD."
  • Justice makes sure to state there was never an injunction there was only a request. (Her solicitor kept trying to state injunction it seems)
  • Her solicitor attempted to fight that it was a breach of international law and human rights to not allow the UN to proceed:
    • The Trust stated her solicitor's arguments had no foundation in law.
  • The justice's decision to only allow a stay until the next day was:
    • In regard's to her solicitor's arguments he got a reaming:
      • "Despite the firm and clear submissions in which Mr Devereux put the parents’ case in the highest possible terms using phrases such as “mandatory requirement” or “the court has no discretion” or “there would be a flagrant breach of international law” by the Court were his application to be refused."
    • To allow them to wait for UN would be against Archie's best interests.
    • He states that they decided to NOT go to ECHR when they said they were going to.
    • "I therefore conclude that there should be no stay granted other than a short stay now for the parents to take stock and consider whether they wish to make any further application to the Supreme Court."

Supreme Court Request for Appeal August 2nd - Request Stay until UN Possible Review - Appeal Denied - Withdrawal August 3rd 11am

ECHR Appeal August 3rd - Requesting Stay on Removal of Ventilator - DENIED - Withdrawal Augest 4th 11am

  • "The European Court of Human Rights (the President) has today decided not to indicate interimmeasures in the case A.B. and Others v. the United Kingdom (application no. 37412/22)."
  • "They argued,among other things, that the State's failure to honour the interim measure given by the UNCRDP breached Article 2 of the Convention, read alone or together with Article 14 of the Convention."
  • "The applicants also lodged a substantive application with the Court in which they relied on Articles 2(right to life), 6 (right to a fair trial), 8 (right to respect or private and family life), 9 (freedom of thought, conscience and religion), 13 (right to an effective remedy), 14 (prohibition of discrimination) and 34 (right of individual petition)."
  • Applicants complaint deemed inadmissable.

Case 3 August 4th - Requesting Allowance for Removal to Hospice Care - DENIED - APPEALS DENIED - Withdrawal August 5th 2pm
  • Hollie requested this case to be private and it was allowed.
    • Media could attend.
    • Hollie attended remotely & Ella attended in person.
  • SIX things were to be addressed brought about by her solicitor:
    • They wished for Archie to go to Hospice.
    • They wanted an independent respiratory consultant's info to be entered (even though they never formally applied for this it was allowed cause Hollie appears to get what she wants)
    • Whether Archie should receive palliative oxygen.
    • Whether the mother's representation of Archie's clinical change was accurate.
    • Further Steps for possibility of seeking treatment abroad.
  • Justice sets out the fact that every one of these stays is not in Archie's best interest.
  • Hospice did exist BUT it was unwilling to take Archie on a ventilator.
    • They would require a team from the hospital to transport Archie.
    • The team would then be required to stay at the hospice to remove ventilator.
    • They were only willing to do this if it was in his best interests.
      • They obviously had not been informed just the state Archie is in.
  • Medical Issues/Risks with Transport:
    • Archie's BP drops if he is moved or turned.
    • Dislodging of tubing by an unfamiliar team.
    • Inherent risks in transfer via ambulance (battery failure, etc.)
    • "Logistical risks regarding transfer of someone in Archie’s condition,including delay and the need for the ambulance retrieval service to liaise with the palliative care team at X hospital, co-ordinate with the hospice as to bed availability, have conversation with the family to ensure understanding intensive care will not be continued and treatment would be withdrawn within a very short time after arrival, usually about an hour. There would also need to be an additional ambulance team involving specialist staff and an additional ambulance to be available. "
  • It takes an entire team to do any movement in hospital for mris, etc.
    • The small team in an ambulance is too small to care for him.
  • Interestingly due to the fact Archie is declared dead they cannot "blue lighting" during ambulance ride. (For US people this means lights/sirens that mean pull over)
  • Medical Update:
    • The "Breathing" was due to physio or another cause and was not independent breathing.
    • Increased reliance on vassopresson (Mother has been lying that it has been decreased)
    • Constipation, the bowels have given up the ghost.
    • "Displaced" line in his neck causing sudden BP drop leading to the line being moved to his groin.
  • Abroad Treatment:
    • Experimental stem cell treatment
    • Logistical risks above.
    • Can't revive dead cells.
    • Has never shown results in someone with lack of brain blood flow for so long.
    • The mother had no idea what the treatment was when asked about it.
  • Ella spoke about the hospice:
    • She is the "family spokesperson and advocate."
    • "Circumstances at the hospital meant the family considered if treatment was withdrawn there Archie would not die with peace and dignity due the breakdown in trust and other circumstances at the hospital."
    • The court reminded her that the plan in the hospice would be that his ventilation be removed within the hour there would be no garden (with the squirrels).
  • Guardian stated:
    • Since parents can't be in ambulance with child on way to hospice and there is a high risk he will die in ambulance that its not in Archie's best interests to die alone in the back of an ambulance.
  • Some other dude is representing Hollie in this a Mr. Bogle:
    • States that the hospital is overplaying the risks involved and that they are not quantified and that if only he could assess it he could find out the appropriate things needed.
    • No one has proven that Archie didn't breath.
  • Hollie found her new expert Dr the afternoon before the hearing.
    • He pretty much gave no info and had no clinical experience in the area he was discussing.
  • Her Christian fakness also caused issues:
    • Chaplain services would not exist in hospice and Hollie has made it clear how important that is to Archie.
  • Decisions:
    • Expert Evidence - DENIED
      • Judge was informed of them wanting an independent expert review 20 minutes before court.
      • He had never seen Archie or even reviewed his records he was only using the Mother's information.
      • He also states that the family has had the oppurtunity to discuss all quesitons with the doctor caring for Archie but has not taken up that option at all.
    • Hospice - DENIED
      • He confirms that August 2nd Hollie agreed to the withdrawal of treatment at hospital and even came up with their desired plan.
    • Pallative Oxygen
      • He leaves this up to the care team since it is believed Archie will not even attempt to breathe making extra oxygen unwarranted.
    • Change in Condition
      • He concludes there was no change in condition beyond him becoming worse.
    • Abroad - DENIED
      • Denied since the treatment itself would require a brain stem test to find if it was possible.

Appeal 3 August 5th - Requesting Allowance for Removal to Hospice Care - DENIED - August 6th 10am Withdrawal

Statement from Hospital Regarding Removal for Hospice Care

ECHR Appeal 2 August 5th - States Unfair Trial and Privacy/Right to Life Denied - DENIED - August 6th 10am Withdrawal

Ella Carter

Ella Carter is the girlfriend (possibly fiancé) of Archie's half-brother and has only been in the family pictures since January of this year. She states she is a law student and the family spokesperson/advocate, though there is no proof that she has any education in law and it appears to be quite the opposite. Prior to Archie's incident she had rarely seen the boy and yet here she is taking front and center seat in the family's affairs. She states she is a law student, but there appears to be no evidence of this. It is also possible that she has already taken funds from the GoFundMe that she set up for Archie. She gains access to court proceedings and such by stating she is Hollie's personal assistant. It was also discussed in earlier interviews that Ella is the one that told Hollie to not do the brain stem testing. At the moment, Ella is once again banned from facebook do to her harassive behavior in public and private messages to other members of Archie's Army and Diginity for All.

As per another users posts, Ella also tends to team up with Lauren and another admin Kelleymarie to harass people with vulgar language. There is something unsettling with them telling people to kill themselves after what Archie has done:

And while Archie's life support was being removed Ella was having a lovely conversation threatening people via text messages.

As one final indignity his "death" was photographed and slideshow live streamed on TikTok:

Christian Concern

Hollie gets a lot of support from an organization called Christian Concern. This same organization also was a part of the Gard and Evans cases. Though not religious before this suddenly she began stating that Archie really wanted to be baptized and become a Christian. During his hospital stay she had this happen and had her entire family christened as well. It should be noted that before the deleting of her facebook she had noted she had no religious affiliations. Though it is possible this is due to just not filling the option out someone as religious as she is attempting to convey herself now would not have made that oversight.


Despite stating she never leaves the hospital room or goes home Hollie has done numerous interviews. After the 2nd case when it was deemed in 3 days time she would be told when her son's ventilator would be turned off. Instead of being with him she went on an interview circuit for two out of the 3 days.

Been informed that her being on Jeremy Kyle while her son was about to have his life support removed is something that should be featured outside the other videos.

There were radio interviews as well but only one has been archived:

She was even interviewing far into the night before knowing he was being withdrawn in the morning:


Interview Within Hours Of Removal

Hollie : Archie passed at 12:15 today. I come to say I'm the proudest mum in the world hes such a beautiful little boy. And he fought right until the very end. And I'm so proud to be his mum.

Ella : He was taken off all medication at 10 o'clock. And his live stats remained completely stable for 2 hours until they removed the ventilator. And he went completely blue. There is absolutley nothing dignified about watching a family member or a child suffocate. No family should ever have to go through what we've been through. It is barbaric.


There are many articles about the case that have shown up over the course of it a few of them are here:

Hollie's Lives

Hollie has done multiple live videos from Archie's bedside:


Cymyom Did No Wrong.​

Facebook (Hollie Dance)
Facebook (Ella Carter)
Facebook (Archie's Army/Spread The Purple Wave) - Private
Facebook (Lauren Summers - Sister)
Tiktok (Archie) - Deleted
TikTok (Lauren Summers - Sister) - Old
TikTok (Lauren Summers - Sister) - New
YouTube (Christian Concern)
Youtube (Hollie Dance)
Instagram (Cymyom - Archie's Rabbit)
Twitter (Fringe Account)
Website - Suspended (Was made by AA Member without permission)


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  • Her newest version of the story is the most perplexing yet. Now it states that he was playing with the rabbit tripped and somehow the dressing cord around his neck attached itself to the banister and hanged him.
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This is sad but good OP and really like how you did the spoiler and breakdown for Court case 1