Holly Bone ("FuturisticHub") v. Wyde, et al (2021) -

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Unfortunately my actual PACER account is currently having a major case of the gay and not letting me in to see the actual documents, but the PACER monitor link in the OP shows it dismissed:


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Seems like "Holly"s channel has taken off recently https://socialblade.com/youtube/c/wildcraftanimations, possibly why they decided to drop the suit (maybe fears of burning the bridge with YouTube).
What bridge with Youtube? Youtube said years ago that any channel connected to Brian would be terminated. It's pretty safe to assume they would include shit hiding behind spouses. They don't have to prove shit.

Also what the Youtube lawyer had said about looking at who the adsense was paying out to is fascinating. Co-mingling funds when you have a $20 million judgement hanging over you opens up oh so many doors.

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Is this bitch a trans?
To answer your question

no but he should be so he could off himself in minecraft from having to look into this channel

Imagine getting harrassed by the dude who spent his life making this

edit: spoiled this to avoid future cringe