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South Africa tried this with grievous results.
They are trying to give everyone a plot of agricultural land, not housing. Despite the fact that government polling suggests that something like 98% of people who would be getting redistributed land would rather take a lump sum payment for the cash value of the land instead of the land itself, since it turns out it is remarkably hard work to turn an empty plot of land into a self-sustaining farm. Especially with how little rainfall many of the arid regions in the country get, sometimes it requires a huge amount of grazing land to sustain even a single head of livestock.

I think the homeless situation could be improved by shipping them out to designated quarantine zones like the West Coast cities where the climate is temperate and they will be able to survive all year round without fear of freezing temperature or heat stroke. Plus the social services infrastructure in those areas is probably better funded in order to deal with the public health and welfare aspect of the problem.
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Give addicts a job, instead of forcing them to get clean turn them into what's called "functioning addict" aka they're addicted to drugs but are able to hold down a job.
Nobody forces addicts to get clean, they do it on there own because there really is no such thing as a functional addict and if they want to actually have a meaningful life and keep some money in their pockets, they gotta stop getting loaded.

I'm not talking about the businessman who gets together with his friends on the weekend and drinks whiskey while snorting cocaine, or the construction worker who likes to smoke a little rock once in awhile. I wouldn't call these people hopeless addicts.

Sure, they have a problem but their issue isn't something that is completely unmanageable and will take up the majority of their time.

Being an addict is a fulltime job, that's why it's not possible to be a functional human being while being controlled by addiction. If they want to have a life they have to stop chasing the drugs.

This doesn't necessarily mean they have to suffer for a week with dope sickness, they can get into a detox that will get them off the drugs while keeping them somewhat comfortable. Or they can see a doctor that specializes in addiction treatment and get prescribed something that will somewhat satisfy those cravings. Or they can get into a methadone clinic so they wont have to go without and get sick, thus allowing them to work and function normally.

Point is, there are options that dont require these people to go cold turkey and be sick like you were initially saying.

If you are American it is easier than ever to get treatment even if you live in a state where Medicaid isnt accepted for subutex/suboxone therapy or methadone maintenance therapy. President Trump allocated federal funding that will pay 100% of these treatments, allowing the addict to immediately take charge of their lives and go back to work. It just takes a little bit of effort and willpower.

They can continue to shoot dope and live like a crazy person, spending every penny they make on drugs, or they can improve their situation and get a legal medication for free that will allow them to function, while also making heroin use less enjoyable thus less of a temptation.
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I recently wrote an email to the organization that put up an apartment building (24 units) with 24-hour staffing for chronically alcoholic homeless folks. They rah-rah'ed about the construction and opening then, like all good journalism nowadays, there hasn't been any word about the "success" of the endeavor.
I got a bunch of fluff and directed to a website in response.
The people they profiled that were so excited about their new digs were a young man with face piercings (*ahem* "cranial accessories") and tattoos and an older, frumpy woman in a scooter. I want to know SPECIFICALLY where they work now and how long they've been clean.
Gotta fucking file FOIA requests nowadays just to get simple answers to simple questions.
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Well first you have to look at the points that cause homelessness, one is the ridiculously high price of housing here in the UK my dads house that cost him 3 times his wage over 40 years ago currently is worth 11 times the same salary today. Then where are the causes of higher demand, one is billionaires from other countries buying multiple houses and not living in them just there as a way of storing wealth. Immigration also adds to demand when low end housing is not being created with demand and also divorce/single mothers have created the need for two places for parents to live where there once was one.

Something like 90% of homeless (street) are men, in the UK a man will go to get help and be told basically to fuck off they are so low down the points table they have no hope unless they are disabled. Note between 10-20% of these homeless are ex forces not lazy bums, like suicide one of the large stress points of men becoming homeless is family break down. How easy would it be to create housing at the point of people becoming homeless after all you need small studio or bedsit type units that would be relatively cheep to build. The other thing that could be done is instead of giving people with un used homes a massive discount on the property tax would be to tax them higher as they do have a negative effect on the locality.

As for those that are addicts etc I do not think much could be done for them unless they decide to help themselves.
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