Homosexual men and anus

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Stranger Neighbors

Mondo Bizarro
True & Honest Fan
Dec 24, 2018
If Trent took a girl penis in the ass would it be heterosexual?
I believe it depends on what we are talking about exactly. It has been established that Traps are indeed gay if they are laying pipe but if the trap recieves pipes but does not deliver= Not gay.

Now as far as I know if a woman were to insert a Phallic representation or symbol into the Holey anus of Trent by my calculations it would not be gay and it would be heterosexual to the point of solving all war and famine, a globalist wet dream we would all be reduced to singularity. Trent I don't think would allow that to happen. His anus only prefers cock that can cum... So me thinks maybe a double trap might need to be implemented, biological woman who looks manish, wears a convincing strap on and seduces Trent to give up the nectar of anus, by the time he realizes it will already be too late


Aug 1, 2019
The destiny of all men lies in Trent's anus

Men have a destiny. Sometimes a mans destiny becomes intertwined with another man's destiny such as Trent. Trent's destiny is to receive as many cocks as possible. "Multiple cocks for my anus" says Trent. One day while Trent was receiving multiple cocks in his ass a man asked him "hey Trent why is it so necessary to receive so many cocks in your ass at the same time all the time?"

Trent stops and begins to deliver a lecture. "There once was a man Magellan who decided to sail the seas to look for new land. Why he did it? Risked his life and wanted scurvy so bad an all as such? He could not explain. He did not understand. Then there was Julius Cesar who said after winning a battle "veni vedi vici" which means "I came I saw I conquered." Then numerous others. The Vikings would travel to far lands thrusting oar their only goal to reach a Western shore. Well I feel the same way about my ass. I empower men. Men need to feel as though they are here to conquer. To find conquest. To explore new lands. My anus provides that. In other words you could say..... ANUS PROVIDED. These may indeed be my last words. They are powerful words of course. Find. Discover. Conquer. Be that who is he. A conquestador. Those who look for anus will find. Will find the anus. Anus provided. Make sense?"

The man looked confused. Baffled if you will. Simply the hella blatant his mind was not prepared for such a complex understanding of the nature of things. He simply understood one thing. To slam his cock multiple times in the anus of a man named Trent until maximum pleasure was attained. At which point he ejaculates then passes out as another man falls in formation to take his place as multiple m3n slam multiple cocks in the anus of a man named Trent. Trent smiles with such confidence however. Wether the man understood or not. Trent feels he understands. Trent feels he has a destiny. Trent feels he has fulfilled his destiny. Trent feels he has helped men fulfill their destiny.

Simply speaking, anus provided.