honesty hour - 08/13/20 -

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>ate 1700 calories yesterday
>gained weight

Well obviously this means she should keep eating over her calorie limit like she did on the days where she lost weight the next day.

Wash that thinning mop on top of your head, fatty.

"I'm not gonna do calories". You can refuse to count them but you're still doing them if you put them in your mouth.

"I know I'm not gonna lose weight every day, that's just not realistic. At 2380 calories a day? Yes, Amber you would lose weight every day.

Holy shit this was a lot of rambling about "why I'll get hate even though honest" "I'm totally honest!" :story:

Is everyone looking forward to her totally necessary candle haul?
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Too busy having nightmares at 4 AM
Honesty hour?

More like peppering the truth with lies hour.
hehehe pepper, hehehe

Sitting at the kitchen table/island like Chantal.

“I wanted Coldstone more than I wanted to breathe...”

is this the “I’m quitting noom” video?

Waiting for that incision pic.
she‘ll show the layygs before she shows that incision.