honesty hour - 08/13/20 -

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She gained 0.4 lbs. & is "confused"; why? There is not a strict linear relationship between intake & weight loss; the results of eating less or more may not show up for a few days. How does she not know that after years of exactly that repeatedly happening?

My advice to her if she was asking: "Just do what you're told - Every. Single. Day." She also needs to learn to live with a 'negative mind frame'. You can spend a day living "perfectly", doing everything you should & then some & STILL feel shitty. It's not the end of the world.

She's a month post op - she bloody well had better start getting off the couch by herself. Of course her incision is going to feel like it's pulling. By waiting for help, what she's doing is risking adhesions. SPERG WARNING: adhesions in this context are areas of scar tissue that build up after a trauma or surgery. They 'want' to glue together if you will, adjacent areas of the body what normally aren't... stuck together. By not stretching herself out a bit, there's nothing to prevent scar tissue from happily forming everywhere along her incision line. Not only scar tissue but the healing muscles need to be gently bent & stretched or else they'll also be foreshortened. You can end up, several months after such a surgery, walking hunched over because of all of that. That will put even more strain on already strained to the max joints & her spine.

Not once did she mention that if she didn't have several hundreds of pounds on her, she could get up off the couch & carefully stoop down to pick up the dropped laundry. It might hurt a bit but it's a very necessary part of recovery.

"I felt over-rided by emotional feelings". As opposed to non-emotional feelings?

About her CHOOSING to ignore her daily calorie limit:" Somehow it managed to happen. IT is not a separate entity; IT is an emotion she must learn to master.

The hate she's worried about doesn't spring from transparency; it springs from her once again, not following even as lackadaisical program as NOOM. I'll give her a small amount of kudos for not lying about over-eating. Far more important, what if anything, did she learn from this? What was the thought process that eventually led to her saying: "Fuck it, I'm ordering food."

What happens over the next few days, when the scale catches up to the majority of days when she has overeaten & shows a larger gain? Rhetorical question - she'll order even more crap & back we go, into the endless cycle.


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It's the scale's fault, not Amber's! The scale (and .4 pounds) pissed her off. That's more than enough reason to send Thumby out to 4 different restaurants (+coldstone). Transparency haydurs!
Also, Al couldn't bend over to pick up those washclothes before her surgery, I shudder to think what crap she leaves in her wake for the Thumb to pick up. Folding two towels and two washclothes winded her, that's enough work for today; let's eat. (again)


I mean what has it been a month or so, and she’s still around 490 lbs, when at that weight, just simple changes can drop elbees real quick. I guarantee, she’ll be admitting to 500 lbs+ by January.

She simply doesn’t want to lose weight because if she did, she’d be accountable. She can’t even stop herself for one day without take-out or fast food. She doesn’t even realize that if she can’t do that now she shouldn’t expect some miracle to drop and keep the weight off in the future.

People who lost a ton of weight have a hard time keeping it off, because they have given up on declining their self the luxury of eating poor quality foods and not doing the same physical activities that lead them there.

If she wants to keep it off for good, she needs to learn this is forever, and you can’t just eat fast food or junk twice to three times a day, it doesn’t work like that.

I’m a semi-active viewer of obesetobeast and after just a few vlogs of his life, I can say for certain, and use him as an example. He keeps the weight off because he does a ton of exercise and watches his food intake. When he did stop his diet efforts and focused solely on physical activity he regained some weight but manage to lose it after some time, by tracking his food. Just remember that this is forever and going back to old habits will make you end up where you were before or even worse.

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Amber: I think it’s healthy for me to weigh myself everyday!

every healthcare professional, licensed professional, dieticans, fitness folks ect: no don’t do that it will trigger emotions and you’ll become discouraged

Amber: I know what works for me!

Also amber: this video after gaining POINT 4 pounds

Lmao. This is why people think she’s trolling.
She will be done with noon by the end of August.


>ate 1700 calories yesterday
>gained weight

Well obviously this means she should keep eating over her calorie limit like she did on the days where she lost weight the next day.

Wash that thinning mop on top of your head, fatty.

"I'm not gonna do calories". You can refuse to count them but you're still doing them if you put them in your mouth.

"I know I'm not gonna lose weight every day, that's just not realistic. At 2380 calories a day? Yes, Amber you would lose weight every day.

Holy shit this was a lot of rambling about "why I'll get hate even though honest" "I'm totally honest!" :story:

Is everyone looking forward to her totally necessary candle haul?

Wtf does she mean “it’s not realistic that she loses weight every day?!”

Given how turbocharged her metabolism must be at this point, anything else is pretty much a scientific impossibility. As long as she stays under 2000-2300 calories that is, OH! There’s the rub!


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I’m already sick of the “muh incision” excuses. She can’t bend over or get up off the couch because she’s too fat and lazy, point blank period.

I thought her and Becky sat down and planned out dinners for the week. So much for that. I’m at the point where I think Becky agrees to go get food just so she can get away from the Beast and her stench for a good 10-20 minutes.

She’s been on Noom for 7 days and has eaten a massive amount of take out food at least 3 days that we know of. To the surprise of no one, this ain’t working sis.

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Absolutely riveting content! We got towels dropping on floors. We got a new candle "flavor"--not to be confused with a candle scent, which might be more appropriate in context, but way less fun. :tomgirl:

Does anyone remember her Marker ASMR video from a couple years ago? That one was notable for being mind-numbingly boring and an obvious cash grab. And yes, it was both those things, but at least it pretended to have a point.

She doesn't even have the pretense of that, anymore.

I hope Amber writes a book one day and titles it, "Babe, Can This Go In The Microwave?" because that just seems to perfectly encapsulate the emptiness of her life. Amber loves pretending to be the dummy in the room, while she cunningly sucks the life force out of anything and anyone in her periphery. She's horrible at losing weight, but she's really good at pretending to have these little flickers of insight, and especially good at pretending that she's teaching us something in the process.

Bitch, it's not that complicated. Move more and stop eating out of casserole dishes.

This whole post-"cancer" saga could have been an opportunity to course correct. She could have channeled the good will of her audience into something positive, but that sounds suspiciously like work, I guess. 🤷‍♀️