War Hong Kong Garden Takeaway (Megathread) - Time to kill some fuckin' ugly reds


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Well this seems to be a long story with no immediate end, so let's talk about the pro-democracy protests in the city state and the resulting ChiCom crackdown here.



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good that there's a thread about this. i think things will only get worse in the short term. bj's hope is to wait it out until at least september when school starts up, as most of the protesters are high school and college aged.

another funny sub-story from the other day is that a local newspaper doxed a US diplomat. lol.

edit: so as not to doublepost

chinese state media now calling for boycotts of hk firms. bj is really doubling down on the "violent, radical extremist separatist" rhetoric to paint all protesters in a broad brush so they can deal with them in the only way they know how: through violent, uncompromising oppression.

edit2: hey @CWCissey might want to add this channel to the OP:

they generally have livestreams of the protests, usually multiple at a time if the protests are in different parts of hk. there's chaos atm in fact!
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I have no clue what the protests in HK are even about, but I'm ok with it if it gives us Saitama as One-Gun Man

Basically, the Hongkongers (lol) don't want to be part of the glorious PRC.
Hong Kong still enjoys basic human rights like due process, fREEEEdom of the press and no censorship that are certainly not a thing in any great socialist nation like China, but Beijing is trying to take away their status as "special administrative region" and make them suffer like the rest of the Chicoms.

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