War Hong Kong Garden Takeaway (Megathread) - Time to kill some fuckin' ugly reds


So many brainwashed little sheep. The re-education back to reality is always difficult, but it has to begin somewhere I guess.
The white guy shilling calls himself a British Citizen at the start because he thinks it helps him make a point. His North American accent immediately gives him away as a faker and as someone who is being disingenuous by identifying with Britain. (In other words, you'd have to be a brainless overseas Chang with little understanding of the English speaking world to not immediately be suspicious of this guy's motives.) His name is Malcolm Clarke and he has made some other films, including one called Being Homosexual, another about how bad it is that Americans have guns and another about a stunning and brave Holocaust Survivor that won an Oscar. Here's The Times of Israel on this happy event.


Funny how you keep turning out to have more and more things in common with SJWs, Tickles.

Every. Single. Time. That a white guy says "trust me, my fellow whites, China is based and the future" it is either A) an active communist shill or B) a guy whose business/book is too exposed to China and he does lots of pro bono shilling because he is worried that the commies may just decide to steal his shit off him or C) a Chinese guy pretending to be white on an anonymous Internet forum. Everyone who has dealt with the mainland Chinese knows that they are in general the most predictably dishonest, amoral and untrustworthy petty conmen that you will ever meet and takes an appropriately firm tone when speaking about them. I have even heard super liberal Democratic Party member corporate stronk womyn who have dealt with the Chinese privately say things like "I'm not racist, but I make exceptions for mainland Chinese".

Because he thinks that if he's a good gwailo Jingping will spare him when the gooks try and invade Australia.
While I suppose it is technically possible that Mr Tickles is, as he claims, a white "surveillance/security" professional that also works part time for a high end engineering/robotics firm in Shanghai that has super secret tech that he recklessly brags about on the Internet while also picking up $30/hr giving handies outside Shanghai clubs AND still has plenty of time on his hands to neurotically shill brainlet-tier Communist Party talking points on the Internet... I think it's far more likely that he's an overseas Chinese rich kid that had all the privilege Daddy's ill-gotten gains could buy in the world of education - so is able to write passable English and live in Australia - but never really fitted in so resentfully takes the side of China, inanely gloating on the Internet about amusingly unrealistic hypothetical futures in which those goofy geriatric commies with ridiculous shoe-polish black bouffants will strut around the white man's land as the new masters and then Cindy Lin will realise that she should have chosen him instead of Chad (or indeed a beardie dungeon master from the local Warhammer shop), who is now hopefully dead or at least a slave.

It's so hypocritical and pathetic when these overseas Chinese cheer on China attempting to take away the rights of Hong Kongers, even though they themselves literally fled China to have more rights and a better quality of life. If you're a patriot that chooses to leave the land you are patriotic about so that you get to have a comfier yet meaningless material existence, then you are no patriot at all. Even genuine political dissidents who flee for their lives or are forced out quickly lose touch with the heartbeat of the lands they care about and if they ever return often come back a little too Western and preachy for the liking of the locals. If Solzhenitsyn's gulag experiences and international literary success weren't enough to make ordinary Russians enthusiastically take him back as one of their own, how do you think the average working class Wang on the streets of Zhengzhou sees a spoiled overseas rich Chinese kid who claims to be a big Chinese patriot and is free to say what he likes yet cheers on communist repression while living off Daddy's loot in a better country and not having to deal with the day to day misery and frustrations (as well as whatever positives people find to bind them together) of living under the commie mafia-bureaucracy?

Going back to Hong Kong:

I recently was privy to a private conversation in which some Chinese businessmen basically said that it was a mistake to take Hong Kong back.

China could not pass up the propaganda win of telling the Brits to leave in 1997 but they made a huge mistake in emphasising the same-ness of Hong Kong to them and attempting to force Hong Kong to be more like the mainland. Chinese shills can lie all they want but this very obviously represented and represents a major regression in both political and economic terms for ordinary Hong Kongers and was never an idea that they would be able to sell the city at large. It seems that the Beijing leadership has genuinely forgotten how unreasonable what they implicitly demand of Hong Kong is.

Hindsight is 20/20 but what would have been a better play is to emphasise how different the Hongkies are, imply that being a British colony had given them some silly ideas inappropriate for Chinese society. After the Brits had gone, the PRC should have basically said "we guarantee the security so nobody should invade, but that's all we'll do" and let HK get on with its business. This is basically what Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao (both smarter than the arrogant and rash Xi Jinping) did and Hong Kong ticked along, not freer nor significantly less free than it had been under the British. A status quo that worked. And that way, if a push for true universal suffrage came (as it inevitably would in that educated former British colony if they ever felt the commies were trying to take away the rule of law they have) then any fuck ups could be pinned on the local goons' failures (instead of the situation now where Hong Kong kids are pulling down PRC flags and openly calling out their communist overlords). If you got pushed in to conceding elections, you could probably even tolerate them, having established the groundwork on the mainland emphasising the different-ness of Hong Kong and reminding everyone that the repression network of fear and informants is still alive and well on the mainland so don't get any ideas of copying them - they are different, remember. You could have all your media and Internet shills poised to roll their eyes at Hong Kong's nascent democracy and carefully emphasise failings and minimise successes, concluding that the whole thing was an embarrassing waste of time and effort. You could even shill the line that Hong Kong's local democracy is nothing more than a slightly larger version of the powerless "village democracy" system that exists across China.

But instead, the PRC emphasised the same-ness of the Hongkies, even though are obviously very different in mindset and mores to mainland Chinese. And not only did the PRC do this, but Xi Jinping has taken an active role in meddling. The first really big thing was when he found out that some booksellers were writing Jezebel-tier gossip books speculating without evidence about the mistresses of the red elite and suddenly the PRC was abducting Hong Kong nationals in the middle of the night like bad guys in James Bond films. This would have been bad enough, but the PRC had signed a public document basically letting Hong Kong be Hong Kong for 50 years and to violate it so brazenly showed the true face of the reds (and it was fuckin' ugly) for the first time in Hong Kong since the handover. That essentially set in motion a chain of events that basically led to where we are today.

In conclusion, Xi Jinping is a mediocre leader who never had the ability to successfully rule over Hong Kong. His three skills are 1. being born in to the Chinese elite 2. knowing how to navigate the hidden Byzantine structures of the Chinese elite and 3. being predictable enough that he didn't unite too many of the various factions of the Chinese elite against him in a way that the far more talented Bo Xilai did. A guy like that has no ability to effectively oversee a more sophisticated society like Hong Kong's but unfortunately enough arrogance to think that he could. Rumours are that Xi is also facing some internal backlash for repeatedly underestimating Trump's resolve to not let the Chinese publicly rip the US off so badly on trade. Xi's attempts to renegotiate a deal at the last minute (the kind of thing that Obama predictably said "sure, fine, whatever" to) have cost them the latest round of tariffs. And what's even more ironic here is that if Xi had just been prepared to play fair (or even just fairer) with the Americans, then Trump wouldn't be laying the smack down on him the way he is now (while he repeatedly pledges friendship in public). So Xi Jinping is basically getting owned for refusing to play friendly on any game that isn't rigged in his favour. It was also under Xi that this island building in the South China Sea got going in earnest, not to mention the reckless lending that is going on under the OBOR boondoggle. It looks increasingly like Xi has drank a little too much of the China propaganda Kool Aid himself - like he believes a little too much that everyone is as stupid as Chinese propaganda says they are and there's no point at which China's reputation for being a poor partner will catch up with them - and it's starting to cause the problems to mount up for China.


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Your fantasy threads annoy me.

You just ensured you would have people going into this thread will now specifically pot-shot you specifically because they know it angers you.

....Which wouldn't be anywhere near as hilarious as it currently is if you hadn't gotten schooled repeatedly in this thread up until this point, completely ignored basically every piece of evidence that contradicted your talking points and are now pretending you somehow have an intellectual leg-up on everyone else.

By all means, continue, we don't get this sort of surrealist humor on other forums. :popcorn:


Why doesn't China have proper African American representation in it's government? Someone should probably fix that, they can't just have one race monopolizing everything. Africans have made up many major parts of China's history like China's introduction to Islam.
No that was Syrian merchants.
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You just ensured you would have people going into this thread will now specifically pot-shot you specifically because they know it angers you.

....Which wouldn't be anywhere near as hilarious as it currently is if you hadn't gotten schooled repeatedly in this thread up until this point, completely ignored basically every piece of evidence that contradicted your talking points and are now pretending you somehow have an intellectual leg-up on everyone else.

By all means, continue, we don't get this sort of surrealist humor on other forums. :popcorn:
Agreed. What other forum could you go to to find a self-identified Fascist Pikachu shill for a Communist, er sorry "State Capitalist" totalitarian state that gives zero fucks about it's subjects because "muh homogeniety"


do you are have stupid
The fact that the modern green movement is obsessed with carbon over everything else makes it immediately suspect as a measurement of anything meaningful in environment impact to begin with. In the same vein that modern social justice obsesses over women in tech (a problem in some places, in some ways) instead of the broken judicial system leading to mass incarceration of black youth in inner cities, carbon is simply easier to talk about over the heavy-metal strip-mining that China has ramped up considerably to support carbon emission reduction. Anyone still shilling carbon as a viable metric of "green"ness is someone who is ignorant, willfully or not, of the irreversible damage that China's production is causing. It is incomparable to anything else seen anywhere in human history.

... but ya know, muh carbon.


My skin crawlith
@MrTickles don't know why youre even bothering to shill for a country's government that would kick you shit in for not being Han at the first opportunity. you understand that you can do business in and for a country without sucking gov dick publicly on a fucking lolcow website right? just comes off like Big Boy job larping.

let me know when it becomes illegal for you to view this image so I can spam it at you to reduce your social ranking


Ducking Fegenerate
^ Actually believes Winnie the pooh is banned in china. :sighduck: Its a syndicated cartoon played across different networks. The latest film was banned because it didn't make the foreign film quota. Western media invented narrative.


Also there is no such thing as a 'social credit score' being kept. Another invention. But you're far too deep into the brainwashing to do your own research or care.


do you are have stupid
^ Actually believes Winnie the pooh is banned in china. :sighduck: Its a syndicated cartoon played across different networks. The latest film was banned because it didn't make the foreign film quota. Western media invented narrative.


Also there is no such thing as a 'social credit score' being kept. Another invention. But you're far too deep into the brainwashing to do your own research or care.
it read like hyperbole to me; the joke is that winnie the pooh will eventually be banned along with whatever else they deem offensive and/or bothersome. it's obviously difficult for you to see the humor there because pooh's resemblance to xi gets you too rock hard to think of anything but sucking that chinese dick you faggot. how the fuck can you seriously say that the social credit system is fake when the government has discussed it openly? or do you think that the dozens of the world's most reputable news sources made it all up, including the quotes from members of the chinese government?

obviously you aren't being paid for this, you're shane holmberg-tier stupid. i just hope you aren't this way because you're similarly trying to pedo an underage asian girl.


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@Jaimas @Senior Lexmechanic @Freddy Freaker @AnOminous @Jan_Hus @Rausch @Marissa Moira @AlexJonesGotMePregnant et al.

What @MrTickles has said in this thread is nothing compared to the China-shilling and utter exceptionalism that @Smarty Pants has done in this thread.

Brackets edited in to provide further context as to what he is saying.

The difference is that whatever they may or may not be doing to Uyghurs is in their own country. That being said, the claims made about the re-education camps are unsubstantiated.
Yeah [China taking over Hong Kong] would [destabilize Hong Kong], but they're not trying to do that.
[Police brutality in Hong Kong is] the biggest reach you could make, and by now you should've realized you've fallen victim to media hysteria about PRC.
The United States is an oppressive totalitarian government.
You've falling for the media meme that Hong Kong is under chink martial law.
[The US] literally have more people in jail than the chinks. Not even per capita. How do you have the balls to call any other country authoritarian?
I don't need a refutation, I don't have a problem with whatever you may think is "totalitarian". You never refuted shit famz. And yeah, you are falling for media memes like an exceptional individual.
The fuck does that mean? All those peaceful violent rioters that you love so much actively attack the cops. What the fuck do you expect to happen? How would the chinks even incite police brutality? Fucking conspiracy theorists, man.
Chink communism is unironically a better system than neoliberalism.
China is by all accounts morally superior to the US.
I have and I have dismissed it. The fastest growing economy in the world is China, which does not subscribe to liberalism. That and living standards in Western Europe are declining and Eastern Europe is worse off after getting "liberalized" than it was under communism.
This but unironically. [said in response to the Mongol Empire, Pol Pot's regime, and Nazi Germany being sarcastically joked as being "small fries" compared to the US]
Capitalist imperialism bad.
Oh poor Russians, got mass-educated, industrialized, urbanized, went to space and turned into a global power because of ebil gommunism.. Dawww...

Russian population increased under the based regime, by the way. Don't let that fact stop you and the rest of you lot from talking crap, though.
Eastern Europe was objectively better off under "communism", "communism" is a better system than "capitalist imperialism", Hezbollah and Hamas are not terrorist groups and the US is the worst empire in history. You're a truptard NPC that marks "20 miles of wall by the end of 2020" as PROMISE KEPT!! and believes that something will be done about tech censorship anytime soon.

The only reason that you're back to this is because you lost all arguments and you know it. You live in a lie, fams. It's sad.
More first-week /pol/tard memes. What you call communism turned a mostly illiterate, pre-capitalist agrarian society into a nuclear powerhouse in a few decades.

Yeah, you are a liberal. Conservative, republican, or whatever you call yourself - that's a subset of liberalism. You've been shilling for liberalism throughout this thread.

My ideology isn't communism, by the way.
I'm not defending communism because that's exceptional. There's never been a worker's paradise, nor could there ever be. What I would be defending is the international structure(s) of the USSR and the Eastern Bloc. Just looking at it as a collection of political entities. I don't give two shits about Marxist ideology, neither did a lot of the communists running those countries for that matter.
As an anti-liberal, the empire most successful in promoting liberalism is the vilest regime on Earth.
Balls to the wall state capitalism* has literally never failed. If you're at the point where you're the second largest economy in the world, I'd say you're not being propped up by liberal 'societies'. FYI it's not societies, it's states and corporations. You, your family and your social circle had nothing to do with US - China trade relations.
Didn't I say that unironic chink communism is better? There you go.
Funny things in context:
Political ideologies are a spook, man.
I just don't you I don't care about labeling myself. I'm certainly not any kind of anarchist or libertarian by any means. You just want to put me in a box so you can hurl adhoms at me. It really bothers newcomers to politics when someone doesn't identify their political ideology.
I don't believe in immigration. It would be difficult for a person such as yourself to understand, but working towards building up your own nation is more fulfilling than leeching off someone else's work. Liberals such as yourself don't value work and strive towards a world of instant gratification.
Morality is a spook.
And the absolute best shit:
This is the most pathetic part about people like you. This vicarious nationalism that you people have is the most cucked thing I've ever observed in human beings. The only reason why you let Israel get away with so much is because of your repressed desires to do it yourselves.

>inb4 that's a point made by Chomsky
And he's right. Republican neocon Israel-supporters are actual political cuckolds.
The United States and China aren't equivalent. One is the most evil empire that has existed in human history, the other one is the People's Republic of China. Jewish subversion is a problem for Americans. American cultural, military and economic imperialism is a problem for everybody else.
See, I'm not making an argument that China isn't a totalitarian state. I'm not interested in that. It's a exceptional debate only brainlets like you are interested in engaging in. [The US] overthrows governments, funds terrorists, starts wars and shoves liberalism down everyone's throat while its citizens are convinced that they're doing the moral thing. This is far worse than anything the Chinese are accused of doing to their own citizens as far as I'm concerned.

Liberalism penetrates every facet of life just like any other ideological regime does over time - including people's sex lives, family structures, behavior at work, etc. Totalitarianism vs non-totalitarianism is a stupid thing to argue, and it's a losing issue for you given that your country propagates the most intrusive, dehumanizing, self-contradictory ideology that has ever existed.
The best exchange:
It's never been a secret that Hezbollah is funded by Iran. The reason for that is that they share common interests. The same way they work with Hamas. It's solidarity against Zionist terror.
And against the US. But since you say the US is an "evil empire", if not "the most evil empire ever", I assume you think that's a good thing too.
*>state capitalism

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