War Hong Kong Garden Takeaway (Megathread) - Time to kill some fuckin' ugly reds


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What @MrTickles has said in this thread is nothing compared to the China-shilling and utter exceptionalism that @Smarty Pants has done in this thread.

Brackets edited in to provide further context as to what he is saying.

Funny things in context:

And the absolute best shit:

The best exchange:

*>state capitalism
You didn't mention me? How sad.
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Heather Mason

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During pro-PRC protests in Canada, a popular destination for the children of China’s rich, Chinese students chant ‘poor cunts’ 穷逼 at the Hongkongers. The rich mocking the poor. Chinese socialism truly has unique characteristics.

Not surprised. Chinese international students are notoriously cunty and materialistic. They're the same at every university they infest


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George Galloway on Chinese state TV straight up lying about UK riot policing to defend Hong Kong riot cops.


do you are have stupid
It seems to me that whenever a journalist gets attacked, its a clearly foreign, white journalist.
From a Chinese point of view, I can see how people can be ok with this.
are you serious? There are a number of native HKers getting fucked up through this. don't conflate your inability to speak chinese with the reality of the situation. just because you can only see english-speaking shit doesn't mean that native HK protesters and reporters are getting fucked over hard. there are white western journalists involved in both sides so your statement is stupid anyways.


Now they burned the Chinese flag:

Protesters burned a Chinese flag and police fired pepper spray during a march Saturday in an outlying district of Hong Kong in renewed clashes over anti-government grievances.

Police accused protesters of spraying water at officers during the march by several thousand people in Tuen Mun in Hong Kong's northwest. Reporters saw at least one person arrested.

The event was relatively small compared with previous demonstrations that have taken place every weekend since June. The protests started with opposition to a proposed extradition law and have expanded to include demands for greater democracy in the semiautonomous Chinese territory.
Speaking of flags, for your entertainment here’s some rant video about those protesters that keep waving the British flag

Don’t know who this is but he sounds angry and not a very good singer.

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