World Hong Kong protesters hit pause to mark 9/11 attacks - Aww

Peter Lalor
True & Honest Fan
Oh boy don't get me started on the state of Manhattan's rubbish problem. The streets in and around winter are covered in trash, turns out after 200 years the city never invested in snow ploughs.

Anyway, 600+ people were knifed to death just a few years ago in Xingjiang by salafists o fthe 9/11 variety. I guess hong Kongers don't care to slow their rampage to show consolidation with fellow Chinese. That date came and went. This misplaced virtue signalling is just digging them deeper in the eyes of the only people who matter when it comes to the future of hong kong, the rest of their country.
Hong Kong is not Chinese, they're Cantonese.

Freddy Freaker

Herald of the Superior Future
Why are you unironically parroting the exact same "systemic racism" arguments that most of the other people who regularly post in this subforum would laugh at?

And Hong Kong is more or less independent from China, so there's no treason to be had.
Because Chang here is a blatant shill. He's talked before about how China is totally a Fascist ethnostate that Huwhite countries should emulate while turning around and using SJW talking points for why the west is bad.

We must ensure the existance of organ donors for the Party and a future for dog eating subhumans


True & Honest Fan
I just want to know why you ostensibly live in Australia but shill this hard for another country. Either you're a Chinaman working in Aussieland, a Chinaman in China pretending to be huwhite, or you hate your country so much you spitefully cheer on an equally or more shitty country. You do this in every thread with even minor criticism of China doing dumb shit. Like, come the fuck on.

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