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Jan 12, 2017
Do you hate a work more if Jacob likes it?

I've liked the same anime that Jesu likes since before I was even aware of her existence, and it hasn't changed my opinions in the slightest. I don't give a shit if the world's most despicable person likes the same show/manga/music/whatever that I like because there's millions of people already liking the same thing. Self-projecting aside, I don't care that Jesu still likes Digimon and Fruits Basket, it somehow manages to mean a lot to her even if she's never taken their messages to heart. Although I never listened to that Fruits Basket radio drama project or whatever she did years ago, I do care that she has a terrible habit of abandoning projects midway and tries to make excuses for why she distances herself from them and leaving all the fans in the dust in the process.

Like I'm fairly certain she abandoned her anime video reviews for some petty reason and not because she got bored or because real life was getting too much for her to handle, I don't remember what reason she claimed it was. But she still could've done video reviews for ANN, I don't think they would've had an issue with it (Zac could've pulled some strings for her anyway). Whatever it was, she literally ditched her watchers for dick (and she still had more viewers than MarzGurl at the very least).

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Mar 16, 2019
Hope's going to need a new number one top favorite anime once they see that Elon Musk's new profile pic on Twitter is Edward Elric.

It's coincidental and most likely by chance, but I'm rather optimistic that Elon has been catching up on the Weeb Wars and is in support of Vic Mignogna.


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Mar 11, 2019
He/she's not alone:


There's nothing Abrams, nor anyone else, could do to make me see this turkey. The franchise is dead to me, and Rey's character is already irreprably preposterous.

But just to piss TLJ's champions off, I hope at least one of Rey's parents is revealed to be a deity.

And seriously Hope, how did you find it meaningful? Wasn't the whole point of Rey's arc in TFA supposed to be getting over being abandoned by her parents? meaning Rian Johnson's such a pathetic writer he had to rip-off a script co-written by J.J. Abrams? which is only slightly less pathetic than making a beloved hero an impotent hermit who shows no remorse attempting to murder his own family?

Jun 14, 2017

This is how Zac ended his marriage thread and likely the truest reveal about why they divorced we're gonna get. You're young, you're healthy, and you're married to a 39 year old man who despises himself, who writes an entire website about self-hatred- that's gotta be a drag. No matter how well you got along initially that sort of person will unintentionally turn you into him. If she was kinder she would've left when it would have left less damage.

You forgot the best part, the tweet that ousted the truth.

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This man is 39 years old.

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He was going off a while back about what a monster abuser Johnny Depp was. Now that he knows Amber Heard was the abuser, he's not so fully brainless that he'll ignore the evidence entirely, but he's been programmed to always believe women and hate the abuser- this is his compromise, where he still hates the man but pretends it's about watching Alice in Wonderland or whatever.

He's pliable- he doesn't come across as the scheming male feminist archetype but more the people-pleaser, switching his sexuality around to please his lover, getting into SJ garbage despite being too old to truly believe it. Hope may play at being a man but she'll never get away from being a woman at heart- she wants a man she can respect, and Zac ain't it.

[EDIT]: I want to commend Zac for losing all that weight. I hear it requires extreme dedication and I hope he's strong enough to keep it away after this blow.

Pedro Sanchez
Jan 28, 2019
Wow, amazing. Hope dumped her boss and will most likely still keep the job she slept with him to get at Anime News Network because he's a spineless coward who probably still thinks if he keeps her around she'll come back to him or something. Or she'll cry transphobia if she gets fired.

Zac mentioned he's a recovering alcoholic. Let's see how long that lasts, along with his weight loss. I'd be surprised if he didn't dig out his old wedding vows to wallow in while also chugging down a Budweiser.

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Feb 4, 2018
You forgot the best part, the tweet that ousted the truth.

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This man is 39 years old.

Hurry up ladies don't let this catch get away


This whole thing is a trip. Their drama needs a thread. Lol

He's such a dishonest asshole about his relationship with that thieving tranny. She gets to live her best Boku no Sexual Harassment fantasy then they split. But I want to know more about her side. Because while Zac is an insufferable twat, Hope is fucking worse.

In the end Nash got some retribution though I suppose.

So will ANN still be up after this?

If the SLA were still a thing and Patty Hearst was still in their employ, they could simply firebomb their offices. Although apparently it's all controlled by a guy living in Canada?
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Rihanna Ikari
Jul 5, 2015
Fucking hilarious. I started doubting my sleuth skills from a month ago, but I was right!

That whole Twitter thread is one of the most desperate, "oh yes I'm definitely moving on we're still friends though and if you, uh, wanted to take me back I definitely wouldn't say no" things I've ever seen in my life.

I'm also not sure that Twitter @ing the person you got divorced from is appropriate.