Horrendously bad music -


Walking that line between victim and ex-lover

A seven-minute, star-studded, joke-free, comedy-rap charity single about animals being disgusting and Li'l Dicky failing to rap.

Li'l Dicky is the least-talented music artist who ever made it big: he can't rap, he can't sing, he can't write jokes, and the only reason his career took off is because he worked in marketing before inflicting his new career on Our Gay Planet. Even the people on the track who only made it big because they can take dick (Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes), or because they can take bigger and blacker dick (Rita Ora, Justin Bieber) are more respectable than people who made it via marketing skills. At least taking dick brings happiness to at least one person.

AF 802

Songs that profit off tragedy. Like look at this shit, Lonestar profited off the fact that 9/11 families use this garbage "Nashville country machine" song all the time and made a video with military families coming home put throughout. Like, I appreciate the effort, but it just seems a little heartless to profit off tragedies.


Inflatable Julay

stop posting grandpa

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