World Horrific child abuse video shows woman smother sobbing toddler with her backside -

Wow you are on a roll today @Kill all whales two stories already about children being treated like garbage. O.o Shit like this and the other about the Taiwan couple really makes me lose faith in humanity.

Sorry I'll tone it done a bit (:_(
No the articles are fine keep posting them I was just surprised that this happens quite a bit sorry if my post came off as trying to police. I just found it funny that after reading about the Taiwan couple I see another below that you posted as well that's all.
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La Luz Extinguido

There are no innocents
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The first one is a man who had been previously convicted of murdering his son. He gets out, finds an imbecile who has a baby then proceeds to murder the baby. What kind of metal defective hooks up with a convicted child murderer and gives hims free access to her baby???
Just another day in gangsta paradise.
Can we just kill everyone in this planet? I don't give a shit if 'innocent' people have to die, no one is innocent really!
If everyone got to this level of sanity it would be great but we know that's never gonna happen.
On purpose.

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