World Horrific child abuse video shows woman smother sobbing toddler with her backside -


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Why is it that "crazy mother" stories always come from America?

(See also: the Turpin case, that abusive Arizona asshole who forced kids to act in YouTube videos, Barbara Chandler, etc.)
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I've never even been to Vienna.

I don't like this.

You couldn't pay me enough to be one of those cops or the dispatcher for that call. That poor boy is so utterly fucked from the trauma of having his own mother nearly murdering him at that age, that it's just unfair.

Fuck this world and fuck that crazy bitch.


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Can we just kill everyone in this planet? I don't give a shit if 'innocent' people have to die, no one is innocent really!
"There is no such things as innocence, only degrees of guilt."

But seriously I try to stay away from horror news as much as I can. Its not good for you mentally to constantly take in stories of humans doing some really fucked up things. I rather be ignorant about it and have it locked away in the back of my mind.

The type of sick fuck to hurt little kids is the type that proves capital punishment isn't that bad of a idea. Seriously the fact we don't streamline this process for such heinous crimes is a fucking absolute travesty.

Shit like this makes the whole "just execute the fuckers lol" mindset of nations in the past very tempting.

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