Hot tea - No cream or sugar, don't be a degenerate

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I am a stickler for two kinds, herbal and green.

Herbal tea like rasberry, mint, orange spice, etc. is great for relaxing before bed. Green tea however, is something that I only get at sushi restaurants because I am a culinary weeaboo who prefers to have unsweetened and lightly brewed pots of tea while I stuff my face full of about $50 worth of raw fish.

Speaking of raw fish, white tuna is my new mouth porn.


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I'm usually a big green tea person myself, but I need to find a new outlet for loose green. I'm trying to replace my coffee habit with green tea, so I'm drinking like 40 oz of it a day.

If anyone has any recommendations for a favorite green, I'd love to hear them!
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A nice cup of chamomile tea before I go to bed or in the mornings. It really helps me to feel calm. Black tea with lemon it's also a nice and refreshing drink if you want to drink something different than water or lemonade.


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A thread for all types of tea. What kinds are you into? Are you a loose leaf purist or do the bags work for you?

/ck/ tea Wiki for noobs-
Earl grey for drinking black.
Oolong for the same.
Irish Breakfast for brewing ridiculously strong and then drowning in cream and sugar with a full breakfast.

Lapsang souchong when I can find it. Russian Caravan as a second-best when I can't.

I've planned to learn to appreciate Darjeeling for a while, but haven't.

Ginger, peppermint, chamomile, etc. for herbal.

White tea for exquisitely flavored hot water.

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Regular black tea is great. I would be a tea purist if there was really anywhere locally that sold the leaves. It's great for milk tea if you're into that.

At work they have Bromley. We don't have a stove or teapot unless you work in therapy, so I have to resort to using the microwave. I learned not to leave the bag in, buuuut it took me three tries. It kept exploding. Apparently though, studies show that microwaving tea on a certain power for a certain time brings out both the flavor and antioxidants best.

Also, specialty teas like ginger, mint, peppermint, etc can be very good for treating certain ailments/symptoms, so I always have those on hand. Honey is also a great additive if you're feeling ill.
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Earl Grey for normal hot drinking
English Breakfast in the AM if no coffee
Plain black for sun tea (I live off that shit)
Green when I don't feel great
There are a few good herbals that also help when I am not feeling 100%
If anyone wants to kill me, (read all of you fgts) there is something that really tries to close my throat in constant comment)
When I go camping I often make some pine needle tea to impress normies, it's palatable :shrug:
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Bags are fine by me most days, but that's because I'm a lazy fuck.

I will drink just about any black tea. I typically do not like green teas. I really enjoy Yunnan and Lapsang Souchong.
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I smoke 30 times a day & most time with special tea

here is recepie - 3/4 dairy , 1/4 water, darjeilling tea with leaves , ginger, black pepper, clove, sugar. bring to boil 4 times.

I never have runny nose or sore throat ever. great stressbuster.

will recommend 200/100
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Any good green tea recipes? I'm bored of the plain green water and would like to improve the drink.


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I'm enjoying various varieties of ginger tea lately. There's the ground variety, but there are also these little packets of instant that are pretty good and sweetened.

Speaking of Darjeeling, though, anyone have any opinion of varieties of it? I keep intending to get into it, but can never really develop the palate for it.