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Having worked with many rare & wonderous chemicals for years, when protective gear was unavailable, not mission critical, and/or the wearing of such would've meant a quick death sentence from heat-stroke; evidently has left me with a much slower death. They don't know what's killing me, only that it is.

But not to worry, they'll figure it out; just like they did with agent orange, and have been doing with Gulf War syndrome.

Which means after I'm dead, and with no means of compensation for my wife & kid. And I'm not going to claim for some shit without a name now (nor can I), so that puts me in a quandary.
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Last year I whined about how it was almost my birthday and I was going to be a 22 year old virgin...well it’s almost my birthday again, time to become a 23 year old virgin. I hate myself so much. Everyone I know has fulfilling romantic and sexual relationships except me. I don’t understand why I’m so ugly and undesirable to women.
You are what you think.

Virginity isn’t really anything to be ashamed of. The only one who cares about that sort of thing is yourself. Anybody else who does care are probably not people worth having in your life.

Practice self love and self respect. You aren’t defined by your lack of romantic and sexual experience.

Trust me, I also have terrible luck with women. And I get feeling ugly and unwanted. But so long as you keep trying and building yourself as a person, you can become someone desirable. What matters most though is that you love yourself, first and foremost.

Stay strong friend.


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I'm probably doing better than ever right now. My dad came home from a few days abroad and one of the first things he did was compliment me on the weight I've lost so far! I'm gaining more confidence too and friends of the family have been saying how much more outgoing I've become. It's wonderful!

As it turns out not caring about the world or its problems and realizing the only person I can rely on for help 100% is myself is doing me a lot of good. I seriously recommend it.

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I rated multiple of your posts "agree."

Don't insult me like this.

I can't stand the sight of myself.
A very wise Master Sergeant once told me, "Use a straight razor, so if you don't like the man in the mirror, you can slit his throat."

He also told me, "I like ducks, but geese are my favorite."


I was happy, but suddenly got self aware and now feel insecure and afraid.
Also I am afraid that I can't really add to the forum, I made like 500+ posts in a month and it's all just dumb one liners and mentally ill ramblings. lol


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I don’t even have energy to go down stairs, how the fuck could I rip apart a printer?
You got the energy to eat that ice cream.
Today the doctors confirmed my suspicion. The miscoloration in my skin is quite possibly melanoma and I'm going in for surgery next week. Nothing is confirmed but they said that this type of pigmentation is very unusual for people as young as I am. I might actually have cancer.

I knew hanging out on Kiwifarms was a bad idea.
You caught it early, it's going to be fine. Even though it's scary. I know you say it in a state of shock. But it would be real fun for this sites reputation. KF did kill troons and gave one melanoma :story:
I've moved around a bit and helped w housework but I feel just as productive if I were to lay in bed all day except I'm 20x more tired because it takes the little energy I have. And then I'm up till 2 am feeling super fucking alone and want to cry but I know I'll be yelled at bc I've got parents who wake up at 4:45-5 am and I've woken them up enough with my phone being super loud trying to numb the alone feeling. No I can't get headphones, it's a fucking Iphone without the goddamn headphone jack
Because it's not your home. I hate doing stuff at my parents place too, cause it's not my own responsibility. I just do it to allow myself to be a freeloader there. Got my own place, so I mostly just visit them at Xmas.
You got bluetooth headphones.
I have for 18 years, I can't take it anymore
I'm 26, and in my case. I were pretty miserable living at my parents place. I have no friends either, and it has been that way since I was 18 or so. My point is, it's better to be completely alone, rather than having the parents in my business all the time.

How I'm doing. It's fine, I guess. Sore in my pecs after workout yesterday.
Considering buying this folding fan when I got my pay next week. I know the fags have taken over using folding fans in the west, but for god sake. I can't use my tabletop fan when I walk outside. I'm dying in this heat, it's 26+ celsius, no skies and burning sun most days.
It's pretty common i Japan to use fans, and since my habits are more alike to the Japanese. Because I basically had no friends and lived the majority of my teenage years on the internet. Basically, at this point. I'm part Japanese, and I can accuse people for being phobic for questioning it:biggrin:
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Tired and guilty about things I've done. Scared to take responsibility for anything I do. Should have stayed on my medication even though it made me a sexually numb idiot. Very often now I'm just wishing to go back in time and be an innocent child again, or wake up to find out my life didn't really happen. Thinking about whether anything's real or if we're even in control of what we do makes my head hurt and I don't like either answer to those things.