How are you doing? - Kiwi Farms Wellness Check

I’m doing pretty good compared to how I usually am. I’ve been drawing again, looking up colleges, reading a bit, and may have finally figured out what I want to major in (it’s History). I’m even getting a free truck from my grandfather as late graduation gift.

I only have one problem, and that’s pain in my right hip. I’ve already seen a doctor for it, and I’m supposed to be going to physical therapy this month.

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All in all I'd say I'm doing fine, found out that a friend I met on discord has the same politics as me so I don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing. I'm planing on leaving a job that has been slowly killing me and have started to put in some pretty good time at the gym.


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Not well kiwis.
I've got medical issues and unable to work, and it's honestly starting to drive me insane. Both the medical crap and being unable to be useful. No insurance, no job. It feels like I can't keep my head above water long enough to catch a breath and I'm going in circles day in and out and I'm so horribly tired.
I'm going to swallow my pride hoping I can get accepted for neetbux, at least until I can maybe go back to the doc and see if we can figure something out.
But honestly right now that feels like it won't happen.

I've been diagnosed with the munchies favorite, fibro, tho I highly suspect there is something else. I am very ashamed of it, tbh

I don't like to being it up if I can avoid it, and try not to vent to my friends too much either. So here I am screaming into the ether.
I'm just so tired, guys.

Also I enjoy reading other people's stories and successes and downs. Reminds me the people behind the screen are human too with their own daily lives, families, etc.

Anyways, keep being cool, kiwis 👌

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Feeling extremely antisocial, not really in a bad mood though. I feel like staying in today but I'm in the mood to go out for a while tomorrow. Resting on Sunday makes me want to hit the ground running on Monday morning


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I'm still alive so there's that.
My best friend has been going through alot so i'm giving them space, My other "friend" doesn't actually talk to me much and forgot my birthday while celebrating her other friends bday which were on the same day even drew them something but all i got was a lie how they were asleep and still didn't tell me happy birthday even when i brought it up. My anxiety has been pretty bad, night terrors keep me up but overall cigarettes, jazzhop and KF have been swell.

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I am so god damn tired all the time. I've been feeling rather disassociated lately, like the movie reel is playing but no one's there to operate it.

However, I did name a new cat that came in "Kiwi", and I've been steadily suggesting cow names for the others. (Sapphire, Momo, Luna, etc). Insidiously spreading the kiwi ways.
Yeah, understand exactly. Our elderly family member fractured hip about three weeks ago, had surgery, new hip put in. Problems have developed, another surgery coming up later this week.

Otherwise, I'm okay. Could be better. Could always be worse.
I've been down that road. I'm trying to get my shit together looking for a job since I had to quit my old job about a year to take care of someone. There other kids, bu they can't be bother and to make it up they do some big family brunch out to somewhere trying to make themselves feel good when they haven't done the bare minimal.

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So it goes.
I'm too fucking old for Arthritis, right? Fucking cold-ass rain makes my body feel broken all over..My joints feel like they been run over by a tractor-trailer..

Here's a tip for all you youngsters reading this post..

Live life fucking balls out..That way you will have much better stories on why you hurt than I fucking do at 52..I have worked my whole life, I started out sitting behind a windshield as a sales rep after I left the Marines, and now I build furniture and shit my wife wants for our house.. Life goes by so fucking fast, one day you're chasing skirts and staying out all night, raising hell, etc.. to literally craving long periods of uninterrupted sleep..

My last week was a mix of things that were both good and bad.
I’ve been sick for the past week, and my brain hasn’t been 100% as far as thinking rationally, but luckily I’m still able to post on the Farms. Plus I’ve been learning to think before I speak, which I’m very good at, but I want to be able to analyze what I say before it comes out looking nonsensical.

Either way, my goal is to get some good nights sleep for the week, and get some good job prospects.