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Well recently I got full time at my job at the grocery store. Which I'm happy for.

Still, I'm sick of having to wear masks, gets hard to breathe at times and the job can be stressful at times.

And FUCK am I lonely. I still visit my folks and dogs, but dammit, I want to find a woman in my life and be a provider.

All in all, things aren't too bad though. I know quite a lot of people have it worse due to this whole thing, and I wish you all well.

Spent the last six days getting rather off my tits. Feel better, but need to sleep. Am awake stupid early and the bish in the flat upstairs is exercising. The walls are vibrating.
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Started my new job at KFC this week. I Volta tell you after a month of working with a bunch of Mexicans who can't speak English it's soooon nice to finally have team mates I can actually understand and communicate with. Only gripes I have aye nobody's keeping communication open so I don't know what even do half the time. Not job as junior cook so for now I guess it's just to keep the chicken stocke. That and I'm not getting my first paycheck for 3 thees theirs biweekly aka only twice a month after that
Now get ready to take the orders of a bunch of Mexicans who can't speak English. Mexicans love KFC more than Blacks do.


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Now get ready to take the orders of a bunch of Mexicans who can't speak English. Mexicans love KFC more than Blacks do.
Nice try but I'm the chicken chef, I never have to deal with a single customer

Edit: also about half my trumbux is gone and I only had fun with about half it the rest was spent on stuff I need like absolutely need and I'm trying to save what's left maybe build it back up to the original 1200 when I get my first paycheck but like I said. It's bad enough like most places there's only two a month but mines gonna take an extra week to get since I need to be processed by the payroll xp
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Got a bit miserable with myself when I started thinking about what I'm going to do after Corona has gone back to China.
Other people are excited about the prospect of travel, parties, a snatch wax and mani/pedi, going to their local for a drink, family get togethers.

I can't really think of anything. I just cannot get a hard-on about the future, not even a semi.
Same stuff. I had to work through the entirety of the last summer and hoped to go to the sea this time, but thanks to the fucking lockdown I probably won't be able to and will have to work again. Fuck, originally I should've been free at home by Monday, but now I just don't know when this shit will be over.

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One of my coronavirus quarantine goals was to listen to all of the music I downloaded/bought but never listened to and I'm through all of it now but one album. Feeling good about that. I don't listen to music much at all anymore unless I'm in the car so putting effort into listening to it at home was good for me. I liked most of it, too! I was sure it would all suck haha but I was pleasantly surprised

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Not well. Not only quarantine, but also dealing with the fallout of my mother-in-law's passing. It'd be painless except for one thing. My oldest brother-in-law.

He's always been a waste of space and raised his two sons to be the same, despite Mr. Whale and their middle brother trying so hard to help raise those boys right when they all lived together. Eventually he handed his sons over to the middle brother cause he didn't want to bother to get a job. And for awhile the boys were thriving, until daddy came along with his pity party 'the whole world is against me' bullshit.

He leeched off of their mentally unstable mother like a parasite, while also not pushing for her to seek the mental help she needed. He didn't care when she went into ketoacidosis multiple times, and waited until the last minute to tell everyone that she contracted pneumonia and was coughing up blood. We rushed to the hospital as fast as we could, but Mr. Whale never got to say goodbye to his mom.

And the family drama piles up. After she died, Mr. Whale's oldest brother immediately took $2600 out of her bank, and spent another $1300 on Amazon. IMMEDIATELY. He's also partially responsible for her dying in the first place. I hope he gets corona. I fucking hate him and everything he's done to this family.

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The wind has chilled everything, despite it being summertime every other day. My allergies are the worst today. Dry throat and very congested.

It'll pass, but goddamn weather.
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Just when things seemed to be going well for my studies, one guy decides that the classes I take go on strike. Everyone fucking hates that guy now (let us study ffs!), but if you oppose him, you'll get a massive textwall email from his friends saying "how dare you hurt his feefees, he's doing the best for you uwu!"

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Exhausted but triumphant from moving out of my dorm and my big (virtual) graduation day! It was a small but meaningful celebration with drinks and Carrabba's for takeout! Only took 2 days to pack and unpack everything, and my extended family's planning a big Zoom meeting to congratulate me!

At the same time, I'm bummed about my surprise Mediterranean cruise being a bust- it would have been my mom's present to both of us as she also celebrates her birthday later in the year. We would have flown out to Barcelona and planned to visit Spain, France, England, and Italy for 2 weeks. However, we decided to break it up into mini vacations as compensation; so far we've narrowed it down to Nashville first, then St. Augustine and the Florida Keys!