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For the record, this guy was likely in preschool or elementary school in 1996.
Him actually living in a group home would explain the "downstairs tard" thing for sure...
All this covid mess is turning my mom into a gigakaren. I try to stay calm, but her screechings that come out of nowhere are not helping at all.
Guess it runs in the family.
FFS, every weekend, no exceptions, some shitty neighbors throw a party DESPITE the curfew we have due to the pandemic, and don't let anyone sleep. If they catch corona and die due to their stupidity, I'm not going to miss them.
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No fighting in the shop! Take it outside!
Him actually living in a group home would explain the "downstairs tard" thing for sure...

Guess it runs in the family.
It's the lockdown that's driving everyone nuts. Before that (and the "social revolution" from october last year), I was almost mute IRL. And even then I'm much less vocal than her.
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What's a "Naruto"?
My foot injury is worsening but I finally got my hands on a brace. I understand that I shouldn't be working right now and should be resting up. But seeing as I need a source of income I will find a way to survive


...and then they'll all be sorry
Awful. Nothing in my life is any shittier than usual, but depression has hit suddenly and hard. Feel like I'm working with only 25% of my brain, and its the worst part. Used the last of my funtionality to make a Drs appointment and booked that whole day off work, they won't help but I just want to be in the system in case I suddenly get worse. Send mushrooms.

Alba gu brath
Funny thing about this lockdown, besides just endlessly run and ruin the news cycle, it's done nothing to effect me. Literal hermits are pretty much the only ones benefiting from corona-chans visit

Missing hat
Yesterday I was hanging from around 240' and clipped my front D-ring into my rappel rig, just laid into my harness and looked up at the stars for a while, Wondering if any kiwis take moments of life appreciation as a form of preventative self maintenance
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