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hopefully tomorrow is a day 🤞🤞🤞
Forgot to charge my phone before bed
Forgot to put on my watch
We have to wear gloves today because someone is visiting to check the safety practices
It's hot as fuck again

Big thumbs down today.


I'm here for the chaos.
Kinda cold.
It's winter.
No work today.
Need moneys.
Considering doing some voice acting for some weeb hentai shit.

K. V. Bones

Racism Entrepreneur
Work just ended. I'm not too exhausted to edit a video and I've got food cooked and ready so I dont have to do anything today.

I'd say its pretty good.
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Troon Draugur

Stilgar of Troon. Facial Fremen-isation surgery
I can't stop fucking sperging and powerleveling in one way or another as of late. Going to get banned from the entire forum and/or halal'd at this rate, fuck.
Maybe start keeping a journal/diary to get that stuff out of your head without running the risk of getting banhammered? Works for some folk, anyway.

Troon Draugur

Stilgar of Troon. Facial Fremen-isation surgery
Doesn't work like that for me. Though I found out mixing alcohol and Xanax is a bad idea which actually explains a lot...
Notoriously so, in fact. In that case, join a specifically anonymous only board and sperg/PL there, maybe? You're alright, hate to see you get halal'd.
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Welcome to the Suck
My anxiety is up again. I just accepted into graduate school and I’m worried that I won’t do well in it. Hopefully it will ease up once class actually starts and I know what I’m in for.
Don't worry about Grad School, life is generally much chiller than in undergrad. But if you're a naturally anxious person, budget and plan for a big hit of anxiety/dread once you start nearing the end of your grad program and you start worrying about where you're going to go and what you're going to do after you graduate. Plan out well in advance your transition and you'll be less affected by (it my experience). Either way, don't worry now. Just do your best and brown-nose the profs so hard that you can smell what they ate for lunch.