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No fighting in the shop! Take it outside!
I learned the hard way that if I have to go out to buy something, it can't be during the weekend. Downtown was full of people, much more than usual, someone let the dangerhairs and genderspecials loose, and trying to find an empty bus was impossible.

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Oww, my byaaack
I've been having something of an existential...dilemma? Crisis is too strong a word. I've spent the last 5 months now in what is basically purgatory. I've technically graduated college, but it hasn't really registered because I spent the last 2 or 3 months doing it at home and I got my degree in the mail. I've been stuck in the house all that time and I've done jack shit. I would like to go out and do something with myself and get a job with my fancy degree, but with the way everything's going in my state I don't even know if that's viable. Everything's so in flux here that I'm not even sure how anyone's supposed to get employment right now, let alone maintain a social life (not that I had one to begin with).

But then I look at the people here who are clearly not doing well with everything going on and I realize that I don't feel bad. I'm bored out of my skull and I feel increasingly uncertain with where my life is going, but I can't say I'm feeling crushed by it. I feel somewhat confident I can get a job if I can just sit down and write some cover letters (honestly, the hardest part for me is trying to really sell myself because I'm a really restrained person so it's difficult for me to basically brag that I'm the one for the job). I just hope I can get some decent employment before my student loan payments start up.


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I'm a little down in the dumps today. Took a nap for a few hours after dinner but still a big depressed. Maybe its because I'm not as focus trying to finish studying for my second a+ test. Or that I can't find a IT job in the market and no one responds to me. Or we as a society might be on the verge of a second great depression. idk. I'm also kind of bored too dispite having tons of game to play and whatnot.

I feel ya @Duncan Hills Coffee
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I have a picture of a bee vagina.
I'm not even doing anymore. I haven't had actual sleep in months. My body has been running off of junk food,"exercise",and 11 hour "naps". I got a micro SD card though,so it's all kinda worth it. send help

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Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Pretty sure I injured my rotator cuff while working a few weeks ago. I've been too busy to take time off to let it heal properly. I have a big job coming up in less than two weeks and I'm worried about not completing on time.
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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
I've just watched a few videos on YouTube one on the American dream mall in new Jersey where I live and the other on the rise and fall of dead rising and I just got back from the tomb raider thread to learn the latest trilogy goes by "soy raider."

I don't wanna sound petty or bummed over bullshit. I know there's far worse things this pandemic, the people dying from it, the on going unrest leading up to another bloody election year. But it's just....2019 was a year that felt like a new beginning for so many things that seemed to be dying off. The future looked Bright for the first time in a long time. But now we're halfway through the year 2020 and it feels like everything's taken twenty steps back after one step forward.
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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Feeling a little better rent is paid Verizon is paid and my cabinets are full of hopefully enough food for two weeks till my next payday.

So long as I have a roof over my head food on the table and something to stay entertained I'll be just fine.
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I just slipped and fell on my ass while carrying my new gaming laptop.
I now have broken glasses,a broken laptop,and a broken ankle. And my ass hurts.
the laptop isn't "oshitnigger take that to a repairman" broken,it just got a small dent and some of the screen popped out
Your laptop's a ticking time bomb now, sorry. It's going to start running slow as shit in about a month and it'll eventually just not turn on.


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I've been getting my workout on 6 days a week.
The new social distancing rules and the fact that most people are still too terrified to come back means I pretty much get the gym to myself. The lockers, too. In normal times there's always old Persian dudes in the way. I'm taking shitloads of tumeric per doctor suggestion and I have that cumin funk myself.

You have to be fully masked except in the shower though.

They brought back the trainer that looks like Gina Carano and she's not too hard to be around. There are pics from the website, but...powerlevel you know.

If they added a corner where tiny labrador puppies were playing I think it could be perfect to go there right now.

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Which do you like better; ramen, or me?
Found out there's a bundle of 100+ games dedicated entirely to BLM. That's 100 games I'm never going to buy, and hundreds more devs I'm going to blacklist.
There's a growing number of people who I once trusted or liked now succumbing to this woke bullshit that it isn't even funny. Every single remotely popular person I could think of retweeted a bunch of things about BLM.

It's moved to usernames, bios. You can never avoid BLM, no matter how hard you try. I want to turn time backwards to a time where I wouldn't see 80% of people on Twitter have "Black Lives Matter" on their username. The only reason these people care in the first place is because of the George Floyd shooting. If that never happened, guess what? 80% of those people wouldn't have said a single word about BLM this year.

It's getting increasingly harder and harder to avoid this BLM shit, to the point I just want to throw my fucking computer out of the window.
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