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Crawling in my skin these wounds they will not hea
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I went to early voting snd stood in line with people evil eyeing each other for two hours.
The guy in front of me reminded me of the Dean from "community", he finally shamed me for only being five feet 11 inches away and radiated pure homo energy as he read his newspaper. I could almost feel Clay Aiken about to sing. Everybody is talking about Jamie.

I briefly had a thought of smashing my big gulp against the side of his head but random people kept taking photos and videos of our voting que. .I was listening to one of my asshole scifi spacewar books loudly on headphones and I finished book 3.
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I feel so extraordinary.
I'll be completely honest, the last time I posted here, everything was going alright and then it somehow came crashing down. I'm in that sort of hazy feeling of not giving a shit and not having the mental capacity to care due to everything and I won't be surprised if I get Donnie Darko'ed and have a Jet engine crash into my house.


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We paid our last respects to my uncle today. Loaded him up into a hearse then did a drive through of every significant place in his life. From the house he grew up in, to his middle and high schools, to a pizzariea he owned for a few years. Then finally the Church where he'd been baptized, made communion, was given a confirmation, married to his loving wife and finally given a last mass to welcome him home to the grace of God.

Aunt was hysterical and practically begging it to be just a bad dream (I know I was too) but we had a lunch together inspite of the covid and I'm home now...and in many ways so is he.

Knowing that it makes me feel a little better, letting go and saying goodbye is always the hardest part, but it's where the healing starts.

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Bought a bass today. I've been wanting to play an instrument for some time and I picked bass because quite a few musicians I like are bassists. Plus my sibling's offering to teach me how to play.

So far I've been learning finger placements and I'm practicing with Slayer's Angel of Death, which has a somewhat simple bassline. My left index finger hurts like hell but I'm starting to get it.

Heyyy Bubba

Crawling in my skin these wounds they will not hea
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I went cold turkey on alot of online stuff for a few days, and just went out into the world, covid or not.

I made playlists for music exactly like cassettes I'd make for road trips, took long ass bike rides, only checked the weather and did my best to pretend it was 1997.
It was pretty good.
Blah blah epiphany about how the internet has destroyed humanity, etc. The usual. Not gonna preach about it with a fedora on, but you know.


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It's Sunday. I've dreamt again, which is weird as hell.
Ive had hot dogs. Four of them.
I might eat beans later.
Heroes stay from level 3 and 4 for a couple of days.
I'm fine by the way! Rain and monsters keep me company.


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If there's ONE good thing about the "pandemic" reaction, it's that programming jobs are now all remote like I've always wanted. I spent like 20 minutes on Indeed and managed to find over 30 programming jobs I met the requirements for.

My new plan is to get a job now and wait a few months before moving out so I'll have a good safety net in case things go wrong, plus get a good enough credit score to ensure my very first non-student card is top-notch. I'm starting to feel a lot better with this new plan in place; feels like I actually managed to make some lemonade out of the scamdemic lemons.

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