How are you listening right now? - Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music?

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I just use a mix of Spotify Premium and ordinary Youtube with some sort of adblock in the Brave browser. Youtube seems better with music suggestions that Spotify. On occasion I use Youtube on, say, a work computer, all those dinky stupid ads, full of le 56% faces, are just irritating.


mix between YouTube (for finding shit), Soulseek (downloading shit), and CDs (when I have the money). Vinyl is fake and gay

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It’s a mix between Youtube and Spotify. There are some songs one has that the other doesn’t.
I also use Tunein Radio to listen to some radio stations from my home state and other countries.

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Vinyl, cassette, 8-track in my car under the dash, digital library split between two 160gb iPod classics, Bandcamp,, Apple Music. Really anything but CDs actually. 8-track is the most finicky but it sounds thicc af and ebay and estate sales have a fuckload so replacing a tape that snaps isn't too tough unless it's rare.

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I often use youtube due to better suggestions, but I use spotify premium whenever I'm not at my computer.

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Usually Spotify, but it crashes on me far too often.

Youtube's Shuffle option also rarely works for me. It'll get caught in a loop of the same 10 or so songs.


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Foobar2000, only time I go to YT or Soundcloud is to find new and interesting stuff. Never bothered with Spotify for personal use. Hate their pester ads for Premium.


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Listening to some music through my hand-me-down Sennheiser PXC-550s. I have a Fiio E17k headphone amp which I've always wanted to try, but couldn't find the cable. That cable magically made itself appear behind my bed, so I'm trying it out for the first time, bypassing all the Bluetooth and internal amplification.

The internal amp and whatnot are quite good, but man, these cans are absolutely fucking singing, and this amp is only giving these headphones a *fraction* of what it's capable of. IIRC these Sennheisers are around 40ohms or so, and supposedly the little Fiio will run up to 300 ohms. I'd really love to get some cans this amp can really chew on, because I've never really made it work for its keep. I actually bought the amp because my PC sound card had died, instead of buying a new sound card. The idea is that this thing just plugs in via USB/Coax/Toslink(I think?)/etc, so the headphone amp became the new sound card as the PC was just running it over USB. It is the single best audio decision I have ever made. I fucking love this thing, and I'd love to have it chew on some good cans with the balanced output one of these days.


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Deezer via the Freezer app.
Free lossless. 👌

Used to use local media storage, but it all got destroyed one day and fuck ripping/downloading it all again.

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Vinyl, CD, and tape are what I listen to mostly. CDs in particular are heavily discounted lately as more people either abandon physical media or switch to vinyl, I've developed a nasty discogs addiction because of it. I still have an extensive (2tb) digital library on an external drive but I haven't touched it at all over the past year because of how disorganized it is.

I also grabbed one of these puppies recently but haven't used it much. The main reason I got it is that the storage can be expanded with an SD card. Currently I have a 500gb card in but I've yet to fill it beyond like 80gb at a time. It also has a bluetooth option which is a bonus insofar that I can listen while I'm at work and not be bothered by stray wires.


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CD's played on a Naim cd5xs or failing that, qobuz and foobar playing flac files I've amassed over the years. One day I'm gonna get back into the vinyl racket but until that time, this is fine.

I use YouTube and vlc media player, although I've meant to de-Google but it's so damn convenient.