How are you listening right now? - Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music?

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Akashic Retard

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Mar 19, 2021
Spotify. I really like how easy it is to get into new artists and keep track of them once I find them, keeping my master "Liked Songs" list and adding to it every time I find something new is satisfying and Spotify downloads all the songs on the list to my phone so I can listen offline as well. Just getting in the car and putting my liked songs playlist on shuffle is really easy and reminds me of the iPod days. I like seeing the listen count next to the songs as well because if I'm getting into a new artist I don't really feel like slogging through an entire album, I can just check out the most popular songs and if I like those I can dig in further. User-made playlists are also good for finding new stuff. Of course all the stuff that spotify actually recommends to me I hate.
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