HOW BECKY LOST 40 POUNDS!!!! - 9/3/19 -

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Can't wait for the salty moms on Facebook and the faggots on Reddit to flag this vidya as "harmful//hatespeech//misleading" LOL.


sighhh...another fucking SNOOZEFEST. More journal pages, addressing shade of the relationship OFF camera between Amber and Eric (and oh how she wishes WE could see it!) and a salad kit. Yuck. She said sitch-oo-AY-shun 3459.4 times in the first 3 minutes.

cut before comment of the day lol

Wants to get a polaroid type camera (I'd suggest one of the printer docks like I have--connects to smart phone etc). Whatever.

Thank you for the archive!!
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We're that low on Hamber content that now we need to side-waddle over to Necky? Recap incoming. Edit: RECAP!

HOW BECKY LOST 40 POUNDS!!!! - 9/3/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 77 of 100)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Not ready for the day yet. Her memory is not good.

- There's a cookout situation but Necky is trying to eat healthier and Hamber has a caloree situation so they won't be partaking.

- "We're going to play games." (Text Overlay: "We ended up not playing games lol") So she DOES know how to correct her LAHs she records?

- "A lot of people question our friendship." No, booboos, they talk for LOTS of time, and she WISHES she could show that content, but they DON'T vlog together. Because of "coincidences".

- Stands up to pick out eereengs and is immediately huffing and puffing as we waddle with her.

(2:16 - Deteriorating fingernail polish for you keeping track of the dates the only way you TRULY can!)

- Hoop "situation" eereengs picked up.

- HERE COMES ANOTHER DOLE SALAD MIX! Sesame Asian! (Servings per container: 4! So that's 560 calorees, 1440mg sodium - but her app says 520 and "high in fiber"?)

- Doesn't even mention which "number" of meals this is - guess she's tired of getting called out for it? Nah, just too lazy to even remember her own LAHs.

- For fuck's sake, more journaling and BeetusPaw pointing.

- Name-dropping Destiny and that relationship and the animals they had. That bitch TOOK JAX! And MOVED AWAY! And then Jax DIED!

- Hamber is unaware that phone photos/videos CAN be screenshotted/printed and BE physical "pitchers".

- Twinkie Storr's dog food. (The healthiest foods mean nothing without portion control, though. Not a lesson the HamBeast will EVER learn.) She wants dem RECOMMENDS when it comes to healthy dog food for Twinkie Storr!

GLITTER BITCH Trisha Paytas unboxing/haul/nonsense/quality-content:
- Eyeshadow palette
- A cup
- A lid for the cup
- Gloss
- Glitter (for mermaideen! Bonus close-up of the chipping nail polish!)
- Bath bomb
- Beauty blender
- Cleansing balm


- DingyBra? Is that you? Were you somehow cleaned? Or are my eyes dyeen from watching the HamBeast and this doesn't look like our old gray gal?

- "It's a big struggle." (Anything involving Hamber is a struggle of the most-immense size.)

- Necky says she has lost 40 pounds.
- Attributes this to putting off pop/soda (mostly), drinkign water, and eating better.
- Admits "you can't tell". (Sorry, screenshotters! Just take their word for it!)

Comment from "DELICIOUS SALAD & EXERCISE WITH ME" (out of 3,361): Bruce Davis - "I can't believe you finally gave good advice. You know, Amberlynn is still a human being just like us. She deserves a little common compassion on that merit alone."
Response: Thanks. Agreed.

TL;DR: Necky mostly stopped drinking pop/soda and is recently eating better. But you really can't tell she lost 40 elbees. Hamber continues eating 4-serving-size salad kits and no mention of what else she ate. SKIP.
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